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  1. Well, if she behaves like abused or badly socialized cats in general, probably only lets people whom she trusts to touch her. Maybe begin with a friendly pat on the shoulder.
  2. Well this is a long shot... I don't think the Arbitration changes and the farming nerf have anything to do with eachother. As I understand, they nerfed the "farming squad" a way the game was originally intended to work. They changed the Arbitrations because the host dying and rage quitting lead to unwanted host migrations. Sure, nerfing how farming worked may have lead to Arbitration being the best way getting endo, but I doubt this was their goal. Just ask yourself, how would you feel if someone made you do something you don't like and criticize constantly, just to make you like it? Yeah, this would backfire pretty badly.
  3. I actually saw DE Bear himself telling someone to pm him (in case of they have further questions about a topic I can't right now). OP, just go to his profile posted above and click on the envelope icon. Btw if someone is really trolling you, I don't think there will be any negative consequences of writing to him.
  4. OP, if you don't know which frame to put the aura forma on, better just get it and save it for later use. Time may come when you really need it, better not put it on a warframe just because someone told you so.
  5. Wait, it gets funnier! Today I had a notification I haven't seen before, but it was marked as read. Clicked on it, read the page, then went back to my notifications. This time, it was marked as unread... Go figure.
  6. The cosmetics will be one of the issues if cross-save will be a thing. I don't know if the legal background allows the transfer of Tennogen in a situation like this. The platform exclusive stuff won't transfer, that's for sure. And if cross-save happens while pc is still ahead of the console versions, and new mods, cosmetics, etc. you got on pc won't show up on console until the update comes, there will be a bug that deletes all your new stuff earned on pc when you log in from your console account. Remember this, you heard this from me first!
  7. Last time I played, I decided to buy a few transmute cores from Simaris and try transmuting for Quick Thinking. Wanted one for a long time, but the drop chances are so bad transmutation seemed to be my only realistic chance at it. I wasn't even out of transmute cores (I bought 8-10?) and got Quick Thinking already, along with a mod I've never heard of before: Rapid Resilience. Decided to use up all my remaining cores to push my luck a little further, and I got another copy of Rapid Resilience! Checked the Wiki, the drop chances are rather nonexistent for that one too.
  8. I only play in PS4. Barely have time for one account, for me it would be a waste of time to play on multiple platforms. As far as I know you need that to play with others, if you don't have Live, you can only play Solo. Which is the reason I wouldn't buy an Xbox, even if cross-save will be available. These kind of aggressive sales tactics are infuriating.
  9. It's sad, but the way this peer to peer system works, it's not "safe" to run long endless missions. When I get to the point I feel a random host migration and losing my loot would cause me too much headache, I just leave. Better to be safe than sorry! Oh, and always leave with a host, unless you don't mind if the host migration fails.
  10. I'm experiencing this as well. Reading the forum from my mobile phone, just noticed. Until now when I opened the notifications menu, all of them became "read" (the text weren't bold anymore). Now they stay unread until I click on them one by one, but there's one remains unread no matter how many times opened. I guess we are looking at bugs from a new update. You can maybe post this in general feedback, but this website is created by another company, so I don't know if there will be any use of a thread like that. Just give them time, probably gets fixed soon.
  11. I doubt this can be done, but why though?
  12. I bookmarked this too, though as I look at my bookmarks seems like it's a bunch of stuff I wanted to watch then never bothered to, so I'd appreciate someone to comment the answer to the thread's title 😅
  13. Oh you can mature the kubrow puppy for free right after it hatched? Sorry for the wrong info, seems it was too long since I had a new kubrow.
  14. Your kubrow have to mature to finish the quest, maybe the game tells you to do that? If the right quest is active, I can only think of this as an explanation. The incubator tells you how many hours are left from its puppyhood, but if you're in a hurry, you can rush the counter with plats.
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