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  1. Okay, I see your point, and agree. Should have worded that differently.
  2. It all comes down to the level of enemies and also personal taste, I guess. On normal star chart missions, Khora is more than overpowered without any of the acolyte mods. I'd say if you are going to use Blood Rush, it's nice to have high combo duration though, it's better to dedicate a mod slot to Body Count or something like that (without using Naramon), than losing the combo, and you don't have to constantly stress over getting to the next enemy fast enough. I'd argue it's still highly recommend to have a good riven though. If you're using your melee exclusively as a stat stick, you just have to grab any weapon you unveiled a high disposition riven for. Such a stat stick is just too easy to make to miss out on the opportunity.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion! I know I'd probably benefit from Naramon more than the schools I have the most progression with (Unairu and Zenurik), when it comes to combo builds anyway, I'm just so lazy 😣 Also, just noticed that Exodia Triumph is also a good tool to build up combo count, if one is using a melee weapon (stat stick).
  4. Damn, I didn't notice! I guess I was too busy, getting to my goal quickly, and didn't look around. Are those billboards still up after finishing the quest?
  5. I'm using Body Count on my stat stick, and sometimes it's still difficult to keep the combo. Funny thing is, enemies die so fast it gets problematic to seek them out quickly enough. Accumulating Whipclaw, Weeping Wounds, Blood Rush, a riven and a combo duration mod (or more) are mandatory. Note that depending on how much combo duration you have, it may be impossible to keep the counter between waves of defense, interception and such (Arbitration is different). In these cases, you'll be better off with another build. E.g. I'm using a Pupacyst stat stick without combo mods (and without a riven) in Railjack missions, because those Grineer are weak to viral and corrosive, and since the Pupacyst has innate viral damage, it's possible to have both. Ramslead teams melt away in two seconds.
  6. Me too, what's happening here? I wasn't in the mood for commenting much yesterday, after royally screwing up my asynchronous video interview in the morning. On the bright side, I don't have to worry if they'll choose me for the next round. There won't be a next round! Also, began playing Horizon Zero Dawn again. When I I payed it the first time, got distracted by the Witcher 3, and despite the story was awesome, didn't finish the main quest line... I usually play only one game at a time. So this is bad news for Warframe!
  7. Other players say this used to work, but it does not anymore. Idk if the change was intentional or happened by an accidental (my bet is on the latter option), but you really can't use the tactical menu while piloting. I didn't find a way to do it at least.
  8. It's a free market, so only players decide if a price is high or low. The players who buy the prime junk probably want to sell the items bought from Baro while they're hot, because if everyone is selling those, prices will probably drop. Just a personal opinion - don't sell prime junk. It's just not worth it. I either collect the whole set, or sell my parts for ducats. Even if someone has everything in Baro's inventory, ducats are useful, you can buy primed mods from him and sell those for plat. You'll get much more.
  9. OP is doing Steel Path missions with freshly formad rank 0 equipment. A true badass!
  10. It's something you'll have live with, I guess. Those prisoners seem to be designed to serve as a purpose to collect crowns for, even after you finished in the Granum Void. And I don't think we'll get more crowns just to be able to rescue the prisoners and still have enough to farm Granum Void, that would speed up the farm (and I suppose DE wouldn't want that). I wouldn't draw such conclusion from the original post. The OP wants to save the prisoners because they feel sorry for them (this is only natural, a good game involves the player on an emotional level), but in the meantime obviously they are aware this is a videogame, no real suffering is involved - so if they prefer to spend the crowns to enter the Granum Void, they don't commit some kind of ethical crime.
  11. I'm pretty sure they were joking... Almost entirely sure.
  12. Yup. 13k pages! This must be some record!
  13. Well, what kind of explanation do you expect? We have zero idea about what Lotus actually did. Maybe Lua was there the whole time in a way. Maybe it didn't, its disappearance decimated wildlife on Earth, and it happened again when it was brought back. The Ostrons could have been protected by the Unum, and we don't know about other people living on Earth, apart from a few Grineer camps. As kgabor said, it's "void magic". Is it a lazy explanation? Sure. It's the explanation used by the game itself though.
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