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  1. I watched it in my phone too (using the Twitch app, if that matters), got my drop right away. There always seem to be some problem with them though, people are complaining a lot. The only thing you can do is to double check if your Twitch account is really linked.
  2. Yes, that's what I was trying to tell 🙂 I was in a mission, trying to write "you change it in your account settings somewhere", looks like I was in so much haste I didn't make enough sense! Anyway, I changed my email yesterday, so I'm absolutely sure you'll keep your Warframe progress. It's tied to your PSN account, not your email address.
  3. You change your account somewhere in the PlayStation settings. Changing it does not interfere with your Warframe progress, don't worry!
  4. Judging from what I've read here multiple times, Support won't help you with accidental polarity swaps / removal of forma. Even after using Umbra forma by mistake (which is waaay worse). You can open another ticket, quoting their own rules and ask them again, but I'd rather not do this. Other people have much more serious issues, and they have to wait for weeks for a reply, don't make the Support staff spend time with this (well I don't want to offend you, but let's say it) nonsense. You have plenty of forma, and sentinels literally levelling up themselves.
  5. I don't want to protect those a-hole hosts that leave early, but the game really needs an additional notification (maybe with a countdown timer like during trades) that tells them they are giving their squad a difficult time if they abort the mission. There are people who may not know. Additionally, the game could maybe "grade" users according to how trustworthy hosts they are, and choose the one who is least likely to abort, when multiple choices for the host are available. Because now that players can be revived in Arbitration, there really isn't any other explanation to this behaviour that these people are crybabies whose self-esteem got hurt when they died, and just rage quit. Once I've been in a defence when all 3 of my teammates died and we still managed to turn it around and all the others were alive a few minutes later. Another time in a survival mission I died like 3 times, and a heroic Wukong kept reviving me (there was just the two of us, the other guy quit right after he died). There really is a great chance your teammates can bring you back!
  6. Turned out way better than I expected, thank you 😂
  7. Do you want to use your Chroma by all means? According to my experience, warframe powers are the best at stopping the demoloysts. They dispel abilities after a few seconds, but this time is usually enough to kill them. For example Khora's 2nd is very good at locking them in place (she's good for other kind of Arbitrations too, because of her Venari Bodyguard augment). But a Nova is a great help too. I don't know if they are Immune to Nidus's 3rd, never tried, but he is super practical in Arbitration too, because he is able cheat death with his Undying passive.
  8. Someone please photoshop Mag on the picture!
  9. By bad, googled around a bit, seems like Clem's mission resets the same time as Nightwave now. Must be a catch-up. Well then, the first answer is the only working solution.
  10. I did, and must have really misunderstood something, because waiting for it to reset still makes sense.
  11. Well I don't know if it's a good idea... First, there are legal problems. Second, it brakes the lore. For example, I'm a big fan of Inuyasha, but I wouldn't be pleased to see him in Warframe, it just makes no sense.
  12. Or you can wait until Clem's mission resets.
  13. I heard this too, but did not dare to try it out myself. I guess it's better to guild your amps in Cetus, just to be sure.
  14. Consoles get a discount only a few times a year. I think there's a chance for Halloween, but Christmas/New year is nearly guaranteed.
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