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  1. I think they are probably gonna put queen liches in the void storms, this latest updates point in integrating more content into railjack, they are probably not done yet, i hope.
  2. if you check carefully the ping sound is caused because her elbow scratched the surface of the cliff until it slightly snag on something, is not a bullet. if that is the one you mean.
  3. Its a very peculiar thing the development of warframe, its a common critisism to DE that they dont know what they want or as you mentioned that the game lost sight of what it was, but after watching Steve talk about the game for many years, i think it may not be the case, Steve creative mind works on the world building and cool and swift action activities, so the game development has been this constant search for the next cool thing. Its probably a very valid critisism that the game does not go deep on its mechanics, but i think they never have been their primary concern and with the fast
  4. burston had an old model, gave it a more neutral appearance, you can see it appear in the hand of grinner lancers in old teaser trailers, and in the "dark sector" trailer before the game was modified to be on earth instead of space, after a couple years they refreshed the model giving it a distinct tenno look, tough the redesign with its new cartridge clash with the prime design.
  5. I like it for the simplicity orginally i used S.S.R. (sigma series railjack)
  6. sometimes prefixes mean the mode of locomotion, personally i used V.S. (void ship), you could maybe think also space bending or warping, faster than light ship or something, hope it helps.
  7. are you headshooting the targets, i feel that helps, i got 7 perfect captures in a row, good luck.
  8. i really like it, i´m not much of a fan of the other giants swords models on tennogen they look more like monster hunter-like, this seems like a slim elegant fit for the tenno.
  9. I think i´ve noticed something on this mission, the unit does not get charge if you hold it with a tenno, it has to be the warframe, maybe is that.
  10. if you could speak spanish i would definitely recommend Deuce the Gamer, somebody mentioned Pupsker i think he is a good option.
  11. I use them ocasionally, whenever I see something is short or new, when hexenon came i used them for a while, and now with Deimos that you can extract mutagen samples as an uncommon resources, it helped me get the ones left for the Hema for my solo clan
  12. ey people that like grenades, why dont you suggest it for a helminth ability, it does not make sense to equip it as a secondary as we already have grenade like throwable weapons and using from the item wheel seems uncomfortable, just make it a helminth ability that does blast plus element base off energy color or something.
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