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  1. burston had an old model, gave it a more neutral appearance, you can see it appear in the hand of grinner lancers in old teaser trailers, and in the "dark sector" trailer before the game was modified to be on earth instead of space, after a couple years they refreshed the model giving it a distinct tenno look, tough the redesign with its new cartridge clash with the prime design.

  2. ey people that like grenades, why dont you suggest it for a helminth ability, it does not make sense to equip it as a secondary  as we already have grenade like throwable weapons and using from the item wheel seems uncomfortable, just make it a helminth ability that does blast plus element base off energy color or something.

  3. I dont think it is that much of a problem,  I´d say cheese it with Ivara, the thing that usuallly gives me problems is following the footprints but is not as bad as venus, and you can do the whole process while invisible, when sons tells you just take the tranq rifle and look around, even if they get stuck a bit far, you can see them glow behind rocks or inside caves

  4. while i would also like a stance that keeps the blade in the open, i think what they did with the stances is based off the iaido technique, they are special drawing techniques that end with the sword returning to the scabbard, as can be seen in game characters like Tachibana Ukyo (samurai showdown) and Hibiki Takane (Last Blade 2).

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