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  1. I dont think you have anything to worry about, prime design follow closely to the image and theme of the original, the deluxe skins are the ones that tend to differ, they are sure to follow the iconic boy look for Nezha.

    As for the appearance of Oberon, it makes sense, they pitched Oberon as a paladin a protector, it has sort of a knightly theme, so those are not gears but battlements, that is why the deluxe took on the nature theme so strongly.

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  2. Level 70 vombalyst?, are you choosing the highest mission with Konsu and then entering the planes, I remember I went free roam, and just chase the Eidolon shooting it, and I would be able to get 60 or so cores, just killing the vombalyst that protect it, getting the first parts for the amp should not be that hard and is considerably better that the mote amp.

    As for minerals you need to get into the caves, the one in Mount Nang, should get you tons of minerals and gems. 

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  3. When Limbo was about to come out, DE made a forum where they took suggestions on its powers, they pitch him to us as a void sorceror, so in a way i think we already have a void frame, on the other hand i think you are not interpretating Vor´s power correctly, they main characteristic about the tenno is that they are immune to the corrupting effects of the void, tenno dont suffer the psychological corruption that drives them to madnes that the "corrupted" do. The ones in the towers are obviously under control of the neural sentry, part of the towers defense I supposed, unlike the enemies in fissure missions. And Vor gets his power from the Janus key, so I´d say his power is not entirely of the void if any at all.

    Limbo has a very peculiar use of the void, but he uses it nonetheless, instead of using the corrupting aspect of it, he uses the FTL travel aspect of it, the different dimension aspect of it, hence he transitions between planes, using the rift as an intermediary to pass a bit of void energy most notably on his third power.


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  4. I started playing because my brother and friends were looking something to play together, back then they told me this game had just came on steam, I chose Mag because I thouhgt she was the healing frame, been playing practically everyday ever since, i have not played very much with Mag over the years, but still she remains at the top of my most played frames.

    I´d say I keep playing because I love the design and the world, the variability of the game, without ever falling to the trap of the grind.

  5. well i remember a couple years ago people complaining that they were tired of doing the same thing over and over again, there are players who will loot all boxes and players that wont stop pressing "e" the whole mission, some players are ok with this some dont. I dont think many of the things they have made are that intrusive, and we have alternatives for some of them now.

    I dont mind that some parts of the studio takes a bit of time in doing something fun for them, while they work on the normal updates, probably helps with the sanity at the work place.

  6. the buffs from the Fragor skin and other helmets, is a relic from several years, it transform to channeling efficiency in the earlier melee changes, not sure how they plan to make them work now, probably it may have not been touch yet.

  7. I dont know if it has been mentioned earlier or if DE is considering, but i´d like to propose that you let the Railjack equip and deploy titan extractors, you could use them to help you gather loot at the end of objectives or you could deploy it mid mission to help you gather resources quickly to forge something albeit at the risk of it being destroy.

    Perphaps you could put ui elements to choose what kind of resource you command the drone to search for or do a general sweep, with is healt visible as a squad member with a button for a quick recall if it suffers damage.

  8. I don´t think it ever will, Warframe gives you the tools to absolutely decimate enemies, i´ve seen streamers radial blind a single enemy on screen. Difficulty is the measure of engagement a enemy gives you, but most warframe abilities are engagement deniers, so long as players seek for efficiency they will always shut down any engagement in the name of loot, so no matter how many tactics or weapons an enemy gains, they are always gonna be radial blinded, and weapons will pile as much damage as possible with the ideal to one shot enemies, you can see it now on RJ comments 3 shots is too slow for some players.

    Its a weird thing, veteran players say everything is made for casual new players, while new players only see hardcore grinders accomplishing anything in game, maybe DE has cater to none but the median, and that is why a lot of people are disatisfied.

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  9. The thing is, that Oberon was initially conceptualize as a Paladin, a knightly guardian, but the name kind of gave it a druid feeling, originally he did not summon grass for his hallowed ground, the thing is i believe the community has read more unto his druid/nature theme, hence DE made a satyr skin, but the prime focus more on his knightly side, Oberon prime comes with a teutonic horned helmet, a tabard and castle-like protection on his hand and feet.

  10. We do have the Nagantaka for a tenno precision crossboy, i usually equipped it to my Ivara. About gimmicks in weapons im not sure DE wants to go too hard on those, there is a treshhold in which it can become very silly, and lets not forget they try that with the tonkor, they implemented a rocket jump mechanic like the soldier in team fortress 2, but nobody used it, it kind of become meta for a while i think, they they change it, and i think nobody uses it anymore.

    That said i would like to see the remaining pump action grineer shotgun and  maybe a break action shotgun that shoots explosive stakes so you pin enemies to the walls and explode.


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