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  1. Tennobaum Wishlist Exchange!

    Merry Christmas Tenno! My Wishlist: 1. Hema 2: Forma bundle 3: Orokin Reactors and Orokin Caultysts 4: Weapon Slots or Warframe Slots 5: Armor Sets or Tennogen Syandanas That's what I want ^ Thank you to: -CM-Killer-391 for the Forma Bundle, It's really appreciated since I need forma badly! :D
  2. Tennobaum Wishlist Exchange!

    Tennobaum Wishlist: Forma Bundle, Tennogen Syandanas, Orokin Reactors and Cautlysts, and Slots for Weapons and Warframes, Limbo, and for everyone else to have a happy Tennobaum! :D Ign: Starscope5 < Hope you can find me [DE]GentleWoodingSantaClaus
  3. Tennobaum Wishlist Exchange!

    Revised Tennobaum List: I want;) Forma Bundle, Color Palettes, Tennogen Syandanas, Orokin Reactors and Cautlysts, and Slots for weapons and Warframes Ign: Starscope5 < Hope you can find me [DE]GentleWoodingSantaClaus :)
  4. Tennobaum Wishlist Exchange!

    I want Forma, Color Palettes, Orokin Reactors and Orokin Cautlysts, and Warframe Slots and Weapon Slots
  5. PC Update 19.2.0 Deploy Status 11/30/16

    While your at it, is it possible you guys could "fix" the Mastery 10 - 11 test? Sometimes the game instantely fails if I shoot a bubble and others there just isn't the time.
  6. The War Within: 19.0.7 - Valkyr Prime

    Hey on the bright side, Nova Prime parts are going to be more expensive with Nova being Vaulted.
  7. The War Within Bug [Spoliers]

    Look at this ^ This is my solution to the mentioned bug, try it, if it works tell others and give me feedbakc, Btw the Transference glitch is actually based on Frame rates, the point of this solution is to minimize your frame rates to allow optimal playing for the rest of the quest,
  8. The War Within Bug [Spoliers]

    @TheDimLocator Same I'm having similar issues. Only difference is that the screen goes completely white and music keeps playing but literally nothing (Sensored) happens. I sat there all day today, watching the white screen for when I'll get to the end of it, never came, let that sit for 4 - 5 1/2 hours. And I can't go out of Warframe and back in, 1) The esc button is disabled for some god(...) reason, and then ontop of that, you can't exit the mission, it force you back to the part you left off, so basically I wanted to have a nice relaxing Saturday of Warframe and because that happened so early in the day, screw those plans... I have pictures to prove it if needed.
  9. The War Within: Hotfix 19.0.1

    [DE] Bug - Transference t/ Warframe from Cephalon Ordis t/ Kuva :: Here's an example of that White screen glitch...
  10. The War Within: Hotfix 19.0.1

    Thanks for the release but I think there's a bug where at the ending when you use 5 for Transference, the whole screen goes white and then crashes.