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  1. Will Vauban still have all one-hand animation? This was very unique to him to have all of his abilities as one-hand cast.
  2. I have the same issure, I managed to "complete" it in survival mission on Saturn with Inaros, Amprex and Carrier (only for radar, vacuum and ammo), but when I extracted and checked Nightwave profgress from my ship it reset back to 0/150.
  3. With energy color changes update and ephemera as new cosmetic would it be possible for bullet jump mods (like Lightning Dash; Toxic Flight; Battering Maneuver; Piercing Step...) to be color changeable (to be dependent on frame's energy color)? As example: I want to make Volt in sith style (with red color energy), but Lightning Dash ruins color consistency. Another example - I made Nezha with Empyrean skin to be green guardian lion (green-blue energy) and now if I want to use Firewalker I have to change energy to "natural fire" color. Same goes to Saryn, Frost, Ember.
  4. Thanks for bringing Nora back. It would be cool eilite weekly challenge if we had "complete a tridolon (1x3) in less then 10min"
  5. Just came back from hunt after this update and I can say that Kavat tails are still not applying the chosen Energy colors and Eidolons are still affected from Magus Lockdown.
  6. Can't wait to see more about beauty and body art!
  7. Could we get "complete a tridolon (1x3) in less then 10min" as elite weekly challenge?
  8. Can defence operatives to be revived too?
  9. I understand that players have only one live and then game over, but this doesn't encourage teamwork. I wish there was/will be a bleedout state. Hm... interesting, how this will interact with vazarin focus school. Debuff in same was as index? And Why 5?
  10. With Jupiter upcoming rework, will we get Zanuka Hunter's special mission rework too? Edit: Will "Narvarr Prime Armor" set get channeling effect? I like the added option to rewatch Fortuna's intro and will Cetus have it's intro replayable too?
  11. Thank you (and for drop rates data too). Would it be possible to make more occasional updates (instead of being weekly)? Like daily?
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