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  1. thefellowone

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.5

    Will Umbra passive be affected by mods (warframe and companions) and arcanes?
  2. thefellowone

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.4

    Will Umbra passive be affected by mods and arcanes?
  3. I would say that when he is in "specter mode" mods and arcanes that we put on him should affect him, because now he is unmodded.
  4. thefellowone

    Profile Affinity Resets with Forma

    It shows how long have you been playing with specific frame.
  5. thefellowone

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.2 +

    Thank you for the quest, it was amazing!
  6. thefellowone

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

  7. Why Smoke Shadow mod doesn't work on Operative anymore?
  8. Why Teralyst's invulnerable state has been increased when he is summoned (spawns)?
  9. Why Eidolon's invulnerable phase was made longer when it spawns?
  10. thefellowone

    Coming Soon: Devstream #112!

    With melee rework is coming I have a question: Will dual-wielding (secondary and melee) be accessible to other melees, rather then just on throwing melee?
  11. thefellowone

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.5

    Hotfix! I was hunting, why did you do this to me ;-;
  12. thefellowone

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    Ash should be able to do it as well with his teleport.
  13. thefellowone

    Ongoing Sanctuary Onslaught Recalibration

    Will host migration be fixed next?
  14. thefellowone

    Sanctuary Onslaught: Difficulty Changes!

    I KNEW IT! I felt like sortie last mission was tougher than 30 min in this new game mode.