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  1. Yeah that sounds very strange, it could very much be an isolated issue
  2. Uhm, I don't see the problem, help, explain please? My Khora has negative strength and I hit for 100k's with a combo count of 3 with my Dakra Prime, dead enemy is dead, so why worry?
  3. Mag has a lot of Problems, like Magnetize not doing it's job sometimes.
  4. Bump - I really like to run Ani (Steel Path) with my Khora (*cough* Ani doesn't have Nullifiers at all *cough*) and my beloved Serena (Smeeta Kavat) just goes berserk and runs away like Flash to the next enemy, Hulk-Huggs it and dies, then teleports behind me like a smart boy, gets revived and repeat.
  5. Hey there! I hope I'm in the correct topic for this, just some nice bugs.. I-i mean .. features I found while playing around in the simulacrum! So, as the title suggests, it's about Mag. Mag is nice, I like Mag, I really do, I would like her even more, if she worked properly for me. 🙃 Well, let's get into it, or out of it .. uh yeah that line will make a whole lot more sense soonTM. I played around in the simulacrum as mentioned, and I was using Mag, and her Magnetize, it seemed fine,... for as long as there was no projectile inside her bubble.. Once I shot inside w
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