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  1. I'll say this: I turned the thing on and began streaming on Discord. Went through a few missions, movement was a bit slowed down but I figured it was due to loading because going a 2nd time through the same area worked better. Then I left the computer that way (still streaming) and went to sleep. Went to work, came back home, continued to play and was crushed by a pink (?!) screen of death. Upon every startup I'd get the same pink screen with different errors and memory dumps. I'm now in the process of reinstalling Windows and I'm not turning this feature on again... old graphics look just fin
  2. +10 to this... it's especially annoying after a Profit Taker round and you realize at the end of the mission you didn't get any loot...
  3. I second this. It didn't do this before the last patch. It does this for any warframe as far as I can tell... what happens is I run, but my frame moves one step at a time; anywhere in the game. Sometimes it fixes itself, but soon after it happens again. It's not FPS related, key bindings are untouched.. I don't know what it is but it's annoying. EDIT: it also happens in archwing.
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