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  1. so the crit stats on my melee rivens are obsolite now compared to the true steel mods
  2. this vauban rework is good and meh at the same time,i suggest the removal of minelayer and adding a robotic pet,sentinel,moa,zanuka,spider,shield osprey...etc...just like khora,photon strike is cool but is also usseless ,low range,and why do i want to use it if my weapons can do more damage,aply status etc...it cost to much energy for unefective results,just fireworks,so for my playstyle i just use bastille/vortex and tesla nervos,make the armor buff from bastille last longer by default and lower casting cost to 50 just like saryn 4 so will be more easy to manage the armor buff from bastille
  3. after this hotfix vauban is now much better to use,but in my opinion minelayer is not usefull at all,it was much better a bounce pad that gives buffs,25%movement speed,25%damage,25%ammo max or 25%shield recharge etc...bounce was a fun abilitie so if u add some buff to it can make vauban even better and fun as allways,the rework is great but minelayer is not something im going to use
  4. this melee changes are a joke for example the twin basolk now does fisical damade in weapon that can be modded to 100% status is not good,plus condition overload nerfed to the ground,now takes to long to kill lvl 100+ enemys,im not sure but is the stealth multiplier gone?ember rework is ok,vauban is meh,grendel is a well done warframe,kuva leeches are grindy but is cool,the update is great and thank you for that but melee is almost usseless,its playable not usseless but i dont now what to say,make melee great again
  5. the only thing that i agree is that chaneling is not used by players ,consumes energy,and its not fluid to use my concern is that heavy atacks,slam atack,lifted status,is just a similar mechanic as the chaneling system,melee feels better wen its simple,building a combo to spend in 1 single atack just feels stupid in a game that you have to kill hordes of enemys as fast as you can,ever if the combo builds much faster is not a thing that im going to do,the range and damage buffs are welcome,also the improved information about melee weapons stats its preaty good
  6. it all sounds a ton of crap to me,nerfing maiming stike and condition overload ,the guy that loves heavy atacks in digital extremes must be sacked,the same aplies to the guys that allways do the rebalancing-nerfing,no 1 cares about balance all the players want is to have fun and just obliterate everything,i remenber the old meele system in warframe and heavy atacks and other stuff realy suck,why chance something that is good? theres no other stuff for u devs to work on?or maybe devs like to create bad reactions from the comunity?how can i have fun if most things that i liked in warframe are gone,i like cheese,do you guys like cheese?warframe does not make cheese anymore,just post the full rework and the actual numbers and dont say its in testing,becouse its a lie,so thank you and a bucket full of rotten cheese to every 1in DE
  7. your mission is to decorate a room,all you have to do is build a prod crewman,after the job is complete you will get 1000 platinum reward,profetional-creative people only,if interested you can also pm me ingame
  8. im still looking to join a alliance,small group of clans is prefered
  9. what do i think about vauban rework so far?1 abilitie shoud not stick to enemys but shoud follow vauban and vauban can stick them to alies ,pets included,second abilitie must be only one thing is not pratical to switch in a fast paced game,becouse while you doing that you can just die unlike other frames that use similar abilities,i sugest just leaving bastille and vortex as seperate abilities,and the grenade thing moves to second abilitie ,i want a warframe that is practical-powerfull at the same time,i dont want unessesary stuff that is not going to be used,sometimes less is more,forgive me for my bad english but im sure yall understand
  10. clan name PROD GUILD is looking to join alliance,small group of ghost,shadow clans prefered,also european,english speaking prefered,no unessessary rules,just send invite,god bless
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