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  1. Being a Valkyr main i could be biased, but here goes. I find Valkyr to be very nice, with understandable abilities that are easy to grasp their purpose, unlike some other frames that one can't even grasp after reading up on them. All her powers are useful, unlike some frames and i disagree with those who claim she's only got useless powers apart from hysteria. Ripline, I used to not bother about her no1, but lately i've seen the usefulness of it as a parkour tool. And for that job it's amazing. Want just a bit more length to your glide, bullet-jump, double-jump, glide? Toss in a ripline and soar for a bit more. I can pass the entire space of the massive open areas on the ropalyst level in one jump this way. As a combat power it isn't much to look at though. Like most of the ones, so nothing special there. Warcry is AMAZING. The feel of psychotic rage from that sound-file is so satisfying and i always felt that it should be her hysteria voice. Until i realized i can recast warcry while berzerk and totally convey how i feel to all my enemies all the time. This buff is not to take lightly and can become meme levels of hilarious with a volt and a wisp in the team. Paralysis is ok, it is saved a lot by being basically free. If it'd cost any real amount of energy (25+) it'd not be worth it. But now it's a free-cast stun ability, what's not to like? Super useful if you have a nightwave challenge and need some finishers, or just feel like stunning some fools. But out of her abilities it's probably her worst, but that doesn't make it bad. Hysteria is the workhorse ability of Valkyr, no questions asked. It is a real powerhouse and to claim otherwise is foolish. Together with warcry this ability annihilates any opposition below level 70 in one hits and those above take just a few hits anyway usually. Oh and those hits come fast. Her only weakness here is her short range, but then again giving her more range would make her op so she's fine like this. So i don't see how her abilities are useless and only Hysteria is good. With some builds it's better to focus more on warcry and only use 4 to heal. Which i do from time to time if i have a nice melee weapon. I remember when valkyr was coming out and i wrote what i wanted to see in the design council thread for her and while DE of course didn't go for my build, they got the same feel i wanted from my build so that was amazing. As for Enkou, i'm gonna give my opinions on your build. Aggressive fury. The name is a bit funny, don't like it. Just go with Fury or Rage or something. vs Nimble it's a better passive. At its worst it gives basically the same bonus as nimble but with possible bonuses and it fits her theme. However i think hard landing immunity should be here, not in ripline. Good passive. Ripline. I'm not liking the way you are describing it, sounds more like a tarzan swing rope than anything. I'd not like ripline to do that. I'm also very sceptical about the recasting thing. Why not just keep it as it is? Since single casting it with your suggestion is just a crappy single stun, her old 3 is just better. Jump in and stun them all. Plus recasting costs more energy and i simply don't like your suggestion. "Holding down the ability will lunge Valkyr forward towards her hooked target" Oh NOW WE'RE TALKING!!! This should be added. Trauma. Why the energy cost? Just to add a pointless Augment? I'm sceptical. It's basically her old 3 but with a highlight mechanic, but it now costs energy, which can be mitigated with a pointless Augment. If it wasn't obvious i'm not a fan of your suggestion. The swinging the enemy around thing is funny though, i like that one. Instead of having the duration based on corpses it should be based on rage. Since if more enemies are corpses it means she has less reasons to be so focused and rage-filled. I think it's more thematic with the psychotic revenge theme to have its duration from her rage level. Warcry. Why did you change positions of her 2 and 3? I quote Hek "This is unacceptable!!!" Jokes aside there's no need to change these around and it just messes with people's muscle memory. No like. Looking over the stats you suggested it's almost identical, just a complete removal of armour buff and basically everything else the same. Just as a note, the addition of finisher speed and channeling efficiency is not worth the loss of armour buff, even at 25 energy lower. Sure you might feel armour has no value and i can agree to an extent. Armour isn't overly great. But the main reason for Warcry has always been attack speed. To be honest i didn't even know it gave armour, which just makes it more amazing. And finisher speed and channeling efficiency aren't great buffs, i myself never use channeling and her finishers are fast enough as it is. I'd say give a 10%/15%/20%/25% damage buff instead and bump the cost back up to 75. While i'd love for her warcry to be cheaper, it's great, dunno if it is 75 base cost great but it's great. So perhaps 60 cost. No armour, retain speed buff and add damage. Or crit chance. That'd fit with her rampage like theme. Hysteria. Since i like hysteria like it is i like your suggestion. The rage bonus is very potent so overall it's a buff. So something i'd like to add from my old design council post. Probably a modifier on her Paralysis power, or your Trauma. WHICH SHOULD BE No3 ! >: ( Under certain circumstances, let's say when in hysteria and her rage meter is on >100% on top of her Paralysis doing paralysis, the target you are looking at, needs to be within let's say 3m, modified by range augments, is assaulted by valkyr. (The target cannot be a boss, nor a capture target and some other problem targets.) Valkyr latches on to the targets shoulders, unleashes a flurry of rage filled attacks, with a nice psychotic roar obviously, and she shreds the target in a matter of 1-2 seconds, let's say 1,5. Leaving only bloody bits and preferably tossing some chunks like a leg or arm at her remaining foes, doing 1 damage. This would lower her rage a decent bit. This one is useful for taking out those annoying heavies. See a grineer heavy gunner you prefer not to see? Ripline in with holding the ripline, press 3 while looking at the gunner and see Valkyr with a roar lunge on top of the gunner (who should be flailing in panic) and rip her to shreds leaving blood and gore behind. That's what i want Valkyr to be, murderous rampage. Blood and gore! Overall your ideas have been decent Enkou. Not too shabby.
  2. I realized i misspelled witticism after i heard Ordis say it again. I hope you can live your life through these hardships, for i will suffer eternally for it. As for Ordis lines following quests one have done, that sounds like an excellent idea Loza03.
  3. Did i enjoy your wittyscism? Yes! But i'll keep it simple, i enjoyed it, but please add more lines! I'm one that actually like Ordis, many don't and just want him to shut up. But i like him but after a bunch of hours (like 700h or so ingame) i've begun to get a bit tired of some of his lines. Once i saw a great suggestion that Ordis should be able to tell tutorial stuff. And i think it would be great if Ordis just had a few more responses to things. So get together that voice team and crank out a few more lines.
  4. Also don't worry too much about the best builds to begin with. Or "the importance of mastery rank" or how high is needed to reach some content. Just figure out your first warframe max it out and try to fill all the slots with mods. 844448 had a good idea. Just finish the first stuff and get hold of some basic, but crucial mods. One thing i find useful is to look up stuff in the wiki. Just avoid spoilers. Speaking of spoilers, the main story missions are worth doing. SO WORTH DOING. Both for story but also awesome powers and weapons. Otherwise have fun, i think some have forgotten that part.
  5. This, this is a great idea. As for the buffs themselves i will give each a thought. Trying to be objective about them. Primal Forces: Triple elemental damage for 60 seconds This one has potential, but not all builds are elemental builds, so while it will potentially be awesome, it can also be a blank lottery scratch and most of all, you probably won't notice this power if you are elbow deep in enemies. Heavenly Cloak: Invisibility for 30 seconds This one will be noticed for sure, but two questions. Will the invisibility stop for some circumstances? Like attacks or damage? Will the clone be invisible? I'd say the clone should also be invisible for the duration. Cosmic Armour: Invulnerable for 30 seconds This one is powerful, probably the best. It should have some sort of good particle effect/coat on Wukong though. Monkey Luck: Extra loot drops for 60 seconds This one is fun but is it really any good? Extra also sounds veeeery vague. How much extra? 10%? 100%? 1000%? Every enemy killed automatically trigger loot drop? Will it be their usual loot or from a special Wukong drops list? I'd say it should be a lot, probably even automatic loot drop. It should also be from their usual list to make wukong potentially good for farming stuff. This will also need a good effect to show it is active, i suggest a nice constant drumroll with sparks that swirl happily around, yellow as standard. Perhaps coin plinking sounds thrown in. Sly Alchemy: Orbs 4x more effective for 60 seconds This one honestly feel Meh. On its own it feels like the biggest blank of them all. Sure one likes a lot of energy, but after 2-3 orbs energy is full and you already get up with a lot of HP so the health orb will be redundant as well. I'd say give some weird effect on picking up orbs. Perhaps make it so that running over orbs (not even picking them up for extra mayhem) triggers a bomb with decent, perhaps 5 meter radius blast with random status effects on enemies hit. Perhaps even having random effect on every enemy but probably easier to give each blast an effect, but every enemy is funnier. It should be a sound, not the same as monkey luck when this effect is active. Perhaps a bubbly sound? A problem i have with some warframes is that you don't know what your powers do. I know i can read them but not in mission and a lot of powers are really out there so one needs more than mastery rank on the frame to really get a feel for it. So i'd like to mitigate the feel i have when trying a new frame and using a power, that it goes all. "Poof, i used a power. The enemy now has a particle effect..... perhaps i get a symbol on my UI but i will probably miss that, not missing that will net me a symbol..... what does that symbol mean? It's probably a buff..... neat?" With these potential new powers, wukong will be easier to figure out what the powers do through experimentation, which is how i learn new frames since i happily forget to read the ability descriptions and if i read them i forget them within seconds. With that in mind i can describe what i felt with wukongs powers the first time i used them. 1. Crappy bolt power. Useless. 2. I'm a cloud now.... neat? Honestly his funniest power. I liked it a lot. 3. I read its some sort of invurnerability..... well it's useless since it costs too much. Never use. 4. Large whacky stick. I use to whack enemies! WHACK WHACK :D! What i would feel with new set. 1. "This is getting out of hand, now there's two of them!" It would be fun. 2. Same as before. 3. Some sort of boost? It doesn't seem to do anything. Meh, never use. 4. Long whacky stick. I WHACK WHACK WHACK!!! :D!
  6. I'm gonna put my opinions on this. Haven't played Wukong much but i've mastery ranked him and some more. Power 1. Good riddance, the crappy bolt spell was worthless and just to fill a power slot, this power seems more fun and interesting. Power 2. The cloud was freakishly slow, so a speed buff is welcome. The other things mostly feel like things that was forgotten initially and/or new objects and tilesets interact in unexpected ways. Power 3. I barely used it before. Apparently it's wukongs best ability but i never used it. Mostly since it ATE energy. I am a bit 'eh' on the whole timing abilities to soak damage idea, but some people like such abilities so this ability simply isn't for me. Power 4. I like running around with the silly staff and whack people, but it had very little range and doesn't do much damage anymore. So the longer range and better damage scaling sounds good to me. Passive. I am cloven on the passive. On one hand it is a fun ability which adds survivability without adding invulnerability. So that's a good thing. On the other, a passive that is activated only when you die. Seems counter intuitive, especially since Wukong will have decent defensive stats and an immortality power. So if one builds even a decent build one will be difficult to take down with Wukong, which works against the whole getting buffs from dying. But the passive isn't really meant to be the dealbreaker of the frame so i won't diss it completely like some other. I however think DE should consider the power again and decide upon changing it or not. The old passive was crappy in comparrisson to this though, so this one is way more interesting. Augments. Sadly i didn't get into the augments so i have no worthwhile input on them. One thing i am a bit iffy on is the whole toggle ability idea. Many toggled abilities are just not worth it because of their high cost and those that are worth it often suffer compared to other frames who just have activate abilities. Not to mention how much better a gun can be compared to Wukong trying to smash his enemies with his staff.
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