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  1. I never said that i was struggling, it's annoying to see your big chroma taking the screen, and it will be good option for the people that want to play it in first person and the the ancient dragging you will be good and "terrifying" thing jaja I think you don't play to much first person shooter they have the grabbing from ledges and pulling up, knock downs, abilities oh boy they are ton of game with that mecanic in first person the melee will just we no need to see the animation just looking where you aiming at, like all the first person shooter with melee stances. Yeah it will be a hard work for DE but the game will have different "taste", and tasting new things never it's a bad idea... and maybe new people will play warframe to try that function
  2. Thanks mate it's only optional not forcing anybody, i have a lot contacts they told me the same thing about the idea, and some friends that doesn't like third person and i want them to play warframe but they don't like the third person stuff so i decided to do this post
  3. i passed that game like 3 times ajajaj very fun game
  4. I never said i didn't like that i said SOME frames are obstructing all the screen and it will be good to ADD a option like other games with that option You can see your "AMAZING" fashion frame just swapping to third person with a keybind and that's all like other games, but if you don't like it just don't swap to FP It's a option not forcing you to play in FP It's not that difficult to understand
  5. ah perhaps you didn't do the quest of cephalon simaris with the scanner, that's why it's impossible for you mate In that mission i was aiming with the scanner all the time for following the trace of the subject , doing the bullet jump all over the map with no problems
  6. Did you know that your abilities has a timer or a indicator on you hud? And no it not be atrocious in warframe i played games faster than warframe or similar with FP and feels great I played warframe like 4 years i quit and played other games and those game where fast like Warframe, and i really like how it feel the FP with the jet speed you had flying and jumping wall to wall You can see titanfall pvp or tribes ascend or CS Surf
  7. No, i like the third person, but in some big frames like chroma when you aim he takes all the screen and you can't see what's next to you and that's very annoying I play this game like 4 years i didn't complain about the camera but when i played titanfalls game, Tribes ascend and CS surf i like the feeling of the camera and those games are faster than warframe tho I think you didn't get the point einstein, i said it will be great is they add a OPTION not to change it to fps yeah i played tribes ascend But CS Surf and titan fall games only has first person and they are pretty fast
  8. I do not know if it happened to you, that sometimes with big vultuous warframe (chroma) that cover half of the screen and more when you aiming, obstructing the sight of the enemies that you have in front side and it is annoying, sometimes i need turn my camera from time to time, which is a time-killer ift they can add a FP option it will be great. "But what about bullet jumping?" When you play Loki perma invisibilty (with black energy) you can't see him and feels like FP and i love it you feel you going really fast, doesn't obstruct the whole screen Most of the people that only played 3rd person games that tend to bring the same puking/motion-sickness issue, is because they believe the camera would be attached to the head of the character, and it'd roll with it. Lmfao I'd literally die of vomit, even if I played fps games with high mobility. But it won't be like that: thus for the purposes of gameplay, it stays fixed within a certain position of your character. Whenever you roll, bullet-jump, etc, you'd still be able to move your camera to see your surroundings just like you could in 3rd person. (Unreal Tournament back in 1999 even had the dodge feature, which is a roll to the sides, but the player would never see the camera rolling), see Tribes acend, titan fall2, CS surf like those game are fast. Just DE need to change nothing but remove the character model and zoom a little, nothing breaks and ppl who want 1st person get "nearly" 1st person EASY even if it is not implemented very well, extra options are never a bad thing
  9. I'd like they could change or buff channeling on some weapons or do a cool effect LIke see the Ether weapons they look good but are garbage look the stats S#&$ty crit and status , they look like bad ass energy weapons, if they could buff those ether weapons with the channel mode, like ignoring % armour or doing x2 o x3 damage, or giving other effect like burning or melting flesh idunno And the combos in personal don't like it, when you have like 1.8 attack speed it's difficult to do the pause combo , i'd rather change is for a keybind or something like that
  10. yeah they look like 16 or 18
  11. they have like 100 years dude and the voice are from adult men, what do you mean?
  12. So female op. are getting new hairstyles but when for men? like the appearance of the operator looks to feminine and the "male" faces doesn't help a lot, it will be great if they added more hairstyles for men or a beard something like that. Or if it's to hard well i think a redesign of the body will be great to, more a bit more taller or a bit athletic idunno xd I don't like how masculine operators they look to weird xD
  13. When will add hair style for men?😓 if it's possible beards that will be cool
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