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  1. I support reworking Nekros to not be farming based. DE has recently added several resources in which no loot frame can augment or increase. If DE continues to added more resources that can't be affected by drop-rate abilities, I see no point in having a frame that can't do more then survive on the battlefield.
  2. Another quick side note. Please change the mesh on nekros' shadows to a more custom one to make them more recognizable. I get several complaints about being unable to determine friend from for. I have tryed several different colors but in the end it doesn't seem to matter.
  3. I agree that nekros has not lived up to the terror he could be. I hope my suggestions help. My thoughts about nekros' passive... The passive compared to other frames does a decent amount but I honestly would like it to include a soul counter telling the player how many souls have been harvested. Maybe even put it as senergy with his other skills. Soul punch... I used this ability more as a meme skill, but I do enjoy the consept, Nichivo had a really good idea in turning it to make a shadow. Make it do regular soul punch but when held make a shadow on selected target. It is a single target ability anyway so I don't see the problem. Itd make up for its lack of damage. And the cap can still be 7 shadows. Terrify... Many of my friends complain about this ability. Having enemies run away at mock 5 doesn't really help. I'd like the ability to do more, but if nothing else if the ability at least damaged the enemy as it runs away, then the short armor strip would be fine to me. Desicreate... I honestly agree that despoil should cost health at base and have the augment do something else. At one point I recommended the augment just house the looting mechanic like all other frames and let nekros' skill just drop health and souls to harvest. Keeps loot and doesn't really affect builds. Just gives an alternative other then having to be the designated looter frame. Shadows of the dead... To me this ability lacks every reason to press the button to use it without an augment. And even with it I find it lacking. Yes the survivability it great, but the U.I. simply dont do damage for the cost. Not to mention the shadows have to many other problems like taking up spawn rate on the enemies. If the first would be reworked to summon shadows then I see no point in it being a fourth ability. I know many of my friends wanted Nekros to have an exalted scythe. Maybe have it use the souls as a battery similar to nidus' or baruke. As for the amount I doute itd be hard to make it like nidus' passive. If killed soul stacks get consumed. Back to the problem with nekros' fourth. To me I dont think the ability can get any better as it is. The reason being is that DE doesn't want the game to play itself. If shadows get buffed, DE runs the risk of the game playing the game for the player. I have actually just started summoning the shadows to get food while in a mission. Granted I'm not gone for a very long time but the fact remains I can basically leave the controls for a good 2 minutes and still have time to spare before shadows stop helping me with aggro. Not to mention Oberon players practically shut off their ability to heal most of the time because of the drain by shadows. It not alot but its enough that they don't wanna deal with it. Out of all the abilities to me the fourth seems most likely to go and just be converted to the 1st ability as an add-on skill. I could be wrong, but that's how it feels to me. Please keep suggesting possible changes for Nekros! Just not passive desecrate...
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