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  1. Necramechs not gaining experience, I leveled up until I hit level 3 with my mech. Since then, I would do regular missions or explore in the open world to farm for exp. However, after I finish, the end of mission screen shows that I have not once leveled up my necramech at all even when I clearly saw that I did in the mission. Also, I don't know if this was intentional but I keep having to upgrade every time I summon the mech to use each of his abilities. Is that a bug or not, nonetheless, please fix.
  2. During the Heart of Deimos demo, I noticed a void-like space on the star chart named "Sanctuary". Could that possibly be the new space for the expired derelict or something else?
  3. Like Cetus and Fortuna, every now and then, they have mini events like (fighting off ghouls on plains of eidolon or sealing fissures on orb vallis). What if they added the plague star to the heart of deimos as a event in the infested open world, where you mow down huge hoards of infested enemies through any means necessary. I feel it would be a missed opportunity and a really fun time.
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