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  1. Hi, since the rework Quick Thinking dosen't work on Wukong\Wukong prime. I don't know if its intentional but i don't think so. Thanks.
  2. After a lot of playing i gotta say, the experience now is way more immersive than it was before. The fact that we can meele+ combining secondary/primary is awesome. I feel myself more able to not be only a meele player but a meele player which can now rely on his fire power too when it comes to the right situation. This is way better for the overall experience, cause all the gameplay basically gained a lots of variants now compared to just meele. I struggled at the beginning to channeling being a toggle button, and even now i feel unsafe when im in need to channel to gain health back because of the new system, but the overall improvements way outweigh the new difficulties. The only thing i would like to point out is, we really need to get rid of the 'spin to win' mechanic, now more than ever: seems a little weird\out of context the fact that now we can vary our gameplay and shooting/meeleing at the same time only to be constantly outclassed\deprived of enemies to kill by someone which uses macros and spins around the map the entire mission. Youre creating a brand new system where the ability to combine actions is a pleasure and is rewarded like it should be, let's please get rid for good of something that deprives a player which tries to be creative in favor of a 'press this all the time to win' system. Thanks for your great work!!!
  3. The new channeling system makes surviving with life strike difficult. Once you toggle it on you 'life strike', then you have to aim or toggle again to turn it off. Then you got hurt and you have to do this all over again. It's a complex mechanic which is far less effective than the old system ( i need life, i press a button for one millisec, i heal, i'm good). It would be nice to have an option to turn the 'channeling toggle' into a normal button like it was before.
  4. Hi, i just saw the new daily\weekly challenges, and i was thinking: can we PLEASE avoid farming related challenges? I mean we're here to have fun, it's a fight game. Please, just avoid boring things, Lua spies and orokin vaults included! Let us enjoy figthing instead, like killing bosses with only one weapon equipped or i dunno the other 3000 things you can do in fighting. Thanks for you hard work.
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