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  1. Thanks for fixing the wrist-mounted weapons. I thought I was losing it.
  2. Nice changes to the UI. A lot easier to read now, at least for me. Thanks
  3. Could be due to being mobile. Twitch on PC worked fine. Got 5 over 3.5 streams.
  4. You know what's going to happen here. The first drop on Tuesday under the new protocols of course won't work and the user base will be upset. It's like watching a slow motion car crash.
  5. Looks like one of the missions has been changed to Exterminate so should work now I would expect.
  6. Sorry for the followup but the animals must all be different types. If 2 are the same only one counts regardless of where caught. I can't remember the types but if you catch the same Kubrodon variety twice it only counts once. Update: This maybe broken? I just did the mission and got 2 Spotted Bolarola and it counted them both so I don't know how it's deciding what to count and what not to now. Anyway, what I can suggest is if all else fails get some pheromone (300 standing at The Business) for one animal and try to force it to be different.
  7. Just to check, Are you sure they are all different? I thought I had the issue before but it looked like I had repeated a capture I'd done already. If they are all different then definitely a glitch.
  8. Yup, Same issue. My guess is that since the 2 missions are identical the programme can't resolve which is which so like any good db it ignores it. Should log the error though in maintenance logs. Well, I guess I've been retired from my old IT job too long, I'm analysing this now. 😁
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