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  1. Thanks for the NW increase... been stuck at 60 for a while and it was annoying.
  2. This bug is annoying but not game breaking. I've had the problem since Disruptions started. About half the time, most notably in Syndicate missions, when doing a Disruption, around 13 enemies (usually exactly this number) spawn and then nobody. From that point on you have no chance to get any key drops and you have to abort the mission. Not sure what's doing it but maybe you could take a look if you have the time and fix it please? It is really annoying.
  3. Why are there now boxes attached to the side of all the orbiter machines? Happened in the last Hotfix.
  4. I love the new 'distressed' look in the orbiter paintjob. Reminds me of a factory I worked in when I was going to school.
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