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    [PC] Update 23: General Bug Report Megathread

    While using a Steam Controller the usual menu does not pop up when I try to click on a name in my friend's list or recent players list.
  2. JackOLaughter

    Affinity Challenge (Pistol Kills) didn't work

    I get this one fairly regularly. It happened last night during the sortie on the defense mission with my LImbo and his secura dual cestra.
  3. JackOLaughter

    [PC] Update 23: General Bug Report Megathread

    I couldn't select Leave Squad, Show Profile, or any of the team options while using a Steam controller. I could highlight them but the A button did nothing. I got it to work by chance it seems one time when I set the A button to Select and the Legacy option of a Left Mouse click but I couldn't get it to work reliably.
  4. JackOLaughter

    Onslaught : do not quit a game (especially as host)

    Yeah, just had our host bail without warning after 8 stages and I got stuck in host migration until it timed us out. When it was over it wouldn't say I got any mission rewards and my controls only let me navigate windows so I had to restart the game. When I got back I looked and I had gained nothing I didn't have going in to the mission.