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  1. I think it should stay as is I really don't see the issue, its a mechanic unique to a location it makes sense. As far as people not being able to farm it sometimes that shouldn't be DE's problem it's no different than a player not being able to get on for an event, you can easily find the cycle online if you really want to only get on for eidolons. DE shouldn't change an entire fight and mechanic to fit peoples schedules when it comes up plenty often enough. Also I think part of the reason it is that way is so that the arcane market doesn't get too over saturated or so that arcanes keep some semblance of worth.
  2. What do you do in warframe when you have what you want? I have a favorite weapons and little interest in using others and if I do wanna use others it's ones I have already because the gameplay doesn't hardcore change between weapons. I have most frames or a version of most frames so I either own the prime or base frame . Farming prime weapons is kinda just meh for me cause I don't really care for all of them. What should I do I'm a long time player I hopped back on after a short break and I still don't have the desire to really do anything. Any ideas?
  3. Are they still handing out stuff like should I just wait longer cause I watched/had the stream open with the volume on for a bit so I thought I'd get it by now, cause I got the relay armor set.
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