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  1. Don't even have to read this post to say you opened up yourself to a bunch of pvp haters, good luck.
  2. resource sinks don't exist in warframe that is probably part of the problem.
  3. DE would have had less trouble executing the melee changes if they did it all at once rather than releasing one part and then having us wait months for the rest.
  4. Just wanna say I hope everyone here keeps this same energy even after we get our updates because warframe has been slow with it's updates before railjack and people just let it happen. With DE not having release dates we have nothing to hold them to so the only thing we can honestly do is make it clear content is either in the game or it's not.
  5. Honestly don't do that yourself trying to guess how long things will take will only make this game that much more rage inducing since the devs don't even give dates meaning they have no deadlines for the player base to hold them to.
  6. This literally sounds like a problem for the devs to fix, it's not the players jobs to nerf themselves to make content seem better when it's not.
  7. Dude duviri probably wont come out till like 2021 with how long they take to make things and on top of that no one really even knows what it is other than an operator up age.
  8. Me and you both know that's not happening. What they will do is give us the other parts of railjack and then probably drop it like the open worlds.
  9. To start, i'm on your side man but now is not the time to bring it up. They are working on railjack and while they are taking their sweet time they've kinda already proven nothing else will come before that so what you should do is wait for railjack and once railjack comes out keep this same energy you have right now. Because once content comes out the community tends to forget that DE have been taking forever to release anything so honestly you wanna get them to start something small and new really fast after railjack.
  10. I don't use augment mods for frames often so I don't know the answer for new frames but how long does it take before DE gives them augments cause i'm kinda interested in wisp.
  11. Games been stale where ya been. Also they say we're getting something sometime this month but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was just them dropping Grendel and calling it a day.
  12. Yeah in solo's I can see more fails in this game but sadly the game is played in squads.
  13. Downed and failing are two different things for me since we have 4 likes and 6 with arcanes.
  14. Kinda as the title said when was the last time you actually failed a mission cause I honestly don't see it happen except in maybe spy missions and I think that says so much about the difficulty of this game.
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