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  1. Impossible to achieve with the number of abilities. Too many things would invalidate what ever they make.
  2. just to be clear I don't expect every boss fight to be this I just like that it's not just, DO MORE DAMAGE.
  3. It was a well done fight, visually it was amazing and mechanics wise while it wasn't complicated it was good and a step in the right direction for boss fights. Some feedback I would give for future fights of this type would be, in the damage phase where we can hit him he should be more sporadic, the difficulty should have ramped up a bit by maybe having him jump around a lot faster. So instead of teleporting to a corner and then back to the center maybe have him rapidly go from on corner back to the center and then to another corner and take a shot. Or have him swing his sword faster or do les
  4. Actual question I want some opinions on this , because to me I feel like there are very few nodes in this game that I will go to unless the game drags me there for like a sortie mission and if you were to drag me to a node in warframe and ask me what node I'm on or even what planet it is, I would have nothing to say cause I'd have no clue. Outside of maybe an earth node because that's one of the more memorable layouts I guess. I haven't finished steel path but all I've realized is there is so much filler in every planet with each node having near no unique reason to go there once you've finish
  5. nvm first comment after yours proved your point.
  6. The steel path should be looked at a little more rather than just have it be harder missions for minimal extra reward maybe have it spread to more things in the game, like we should have steel path fissure missions, same relic types but higher level enemies and instead of picking one reward at the end you get to pick two. They could either have everyone bring two relics or they could have everyone still only bring one but you get to pick two items. An amendment I would make to the current relic system in order to prevent the steel path mode from just being the go to for people who cant handle
  7. I want there to be items players can earn through doing hard things like surviving for 2 hours in a steel path mot survival or something. I want these things to be kinda like the prodman challenge in the index. Maybe reward speed on the lua spy like have it so if someone or a group finishes in like under 5 minutes the get an exclusive item from that zone. I feel like waframe needs just a few more goals like that and I would want them to be widely known. Doesn't need to be gear affecting but everything is kinda rng based atm and while that's what ever nothing feels special, at one point DE stev
  8. Harrow, wisp, loki, ivara, and nezha. Anything else I use is for specific jobs but those are the frames that I actually like.
  9. Loki's kit is weak that's why you don't see him in spy and while he technically has the longest base duration for invis skills flat out, he's only competing with ash who has a faster cast time. Ivara has a channel and Octavia has a longer invis than loki when modded and never has to leave it since her ability is refreshable so Loki isn't even the best at being a stealth frame. As far as his disarm while it's a good enemy de buff it's not useful because it's not where the game is at, a dead enemy is better than a controlled on and if the enemies cant see you then what does it really matter if t
  10. Warframe needs like actual holiday events that aren't just re runs, silly non lure affecting holiday events. They would be cool, it would be what maybe 2- events a year?
  11. It's like that cause it's a really big ship, what did you expect, also not having a railjack built doesn't prevent you from joining railjack missions so it's not like you're really locked off from the content.
  12. they need the stuff from nightwave more than the people who have been playing. Also operators get spoiled on the daily by people just using them.
  13. Redeemer prime exist for all the situations where the stropha isnt the best choice
  14. They kinda did by increasing the amount of rep you can gain for all MRs in the game.
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