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  1. For anyone that has no problem using her in motion or with crouching she is just an upgrade no other way to see it.
  2. Lol NOW everyone cares about loki not like I started saying he was gonna fall off when octavia came in and basically became a better him.
  3. Sir look at the rest of the game when has anything ever been balanced in a timely manner 👀
  4. So if our avionics will cross over doesn't that mean any railjack can have like 12 active abilities. Did they expand on how this would work I'm going off the main website. I feel like people kind knew the risk when going into a random squad rather than brining their own railjack. Thoughts?
  5. Haven't kept with any news for a while can anyone tell me what the ETA for the next update is that would be great thanks.
  6. Nothings wrong with her though she's busted as is any buff they give would be unnecessary and if they did anything perceived as a neft people would have lost their minds
  7. Stuff like this is why this game will never have challenging content. Cooldowns seem like the smartest way they could balance the game at this point without just nerfing all the abilities.
  8. Not the developer made market the trade chat. The prices the devs set are whatever.
  9. Like are prices good. I feel warframe sets are all like 40p at best now when they use to go for like 300 maybe yet we're seeing people charge 1k+ for rivens. While arcanes have stayed decently steady I have to question how long that will last as we get more events that allow us to farm them easy. Like is the in game economy doing well if not why and how would you fix if yes idk say something funny I guess.
  10. S.Dust

    Orphix spawns

    Events ok the only thing that would make it better is less downtime, there's a lot of time spent just waiting for the next orphix to be spawned. Sometimes the game spawns a second one as you're close to finishing one and the mission gets intense as the bar gets a little close and moves faster, that intense feeling is good but missing from the majority of the event since more often it just spawns one then you kill it and wait like a minute for another to spawn while you twiddle your thums.
  11. I feel like DE is a little too concerned with whether or not they can put mechs into regular missions and not concerned enough about whether or not they should. We see them make things or do things and often times I just sit here and go why and the answer always seems to be the rule of cool. I mean cool mechs can work in regular missions but do they fill a purpose that anything else doesn't, this event might have created a niche purpose for them but this event wont last forever. It's either gonna end up being more power we don't need or a useless addition. I also feel like they're way too conc
  12. They have no reason to change her, the only changes they could make to her would be nerfs because as is she's currently the strongest frame arguably. Everyone knows she's op but none of us need that amount of power and honestly that much power isn't fun to have.
  13. Even IF we're in a drought no one cares the games either gonna release something good or it wont none of us have the energy to push and hope for good things anymore, whatever happens happens nothing we say has or ever will do anything.
  14. your movie complaint wont cause a potential change that affects how other people enjoy the movie. look at your title.
  15. Are you really coming on here and trying to make a balance post like the games balance makes sense in any way. If you hate it don't use it, you can't complain about glaives being op unless you're ready to start making post to balance everything else out, otherwise you're just trying to ruin peoples fun.
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