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  1. Sorry to tell you dude but warfames never respected rarity so there is no reason for them to start now. Not gonna say they couldn't have done things better but we have a community that feels like they should have everything. Nothing in warframe can just be cool to have anymore or else you're a special snowflake. I will say I didn't have the mod or care about getting it due to its insane rarity and plat cost prior to barro, I did pick on up for myself just to have it but it's what ever the mod itself isn't really worth anyone's time its rarity was the only thing it had going for it.
  2. Hello old friends its been a while since I've posted ready for a dumpster fire 😄 OK so it's about time warframe upgrades its relic system (or many of its game modes if I'm being honest), currently void fissure missions open up at random and it's dumb because we have people going into endless missions to open one relic while some people are there to stay, while yes you could get a group for opening relics the point is that it could be solved by just making sure there is always one endless and one non endless mission available per relic type always. Second thing that needs to be changed is the way we open our relics I'm sorry but getting punished for finishing a game mode before the stupid enemies decide to drop 10 reactant is just the most annoying thing ever, this shows in disruption, while ideally everyone would take one conduit and deal with it themselves and speed it up and open relics at a really nice pace here is what really happens. Everyone does the conduits one by one because void fissures are concentrated around the main chunk of players because that's just how enemy spawns work in this game and if you choose to try and speed things up more then likely you'll end up finishing the mission before you get 10 and will have wasted your time, I know that yes slowing down solves the problem but the whole point is that the game punishes you for trying to be efficient. If relic openings were just based on how fast we could actually finish an objective things would be so much faster, but then DE would have to come up with some way to give out void traces.
  3. The problem is less that it's time consuming and more so the fact that's it's repetitive and you never feel like you're making any progress.my I trinsics are at 6,5,5,5 and I honestly don't care enough to play and continue. It boring and I don't even have enough resources to get better weapons for my ship. It sucks and isn't fun.
  4. Ha no because in almost every game where this feature exist it's abused.
  5. Dude the UI in warframe isn't great because it all about style over usability so no point in saying anything because they wont take our input.
  6. Only so much data they can get from internal testing, maybe these are bugs that only would show up when it's released on a large scale. Idk I'm just playing devil's advocate.
  7. So they just took valkyrs ability that no one cares about and put it on an archwing and expected us to care? They literally don't realize that they are just setting up the amesha to be the best archwing or the modular ones when they come out.
  8. If the problem is the ammount they have to balance then lower the amount that simple how is that a bad suggestion. Not everyone weapon in the game deserves be playable in pvp.
  9. Real talk it's less that PVP sucks and more than DE suck at upkeep they seem to release a lot of things that ideally would be updates every few months but they never do they release content and leave it in its initial state slowly letting it rot. Example being any of the open worlds would benefit from more things being added to them over time even if it's over a long period of time, what they add would be up to them. DE just suck at upkeep like I can almost completely say the kuva lich system will die out purely because everyone gets one of each weapon and calls it a day, you would think an easy solve would be add more weapons but I highly doubt they will ever do that because they're not good with upkeep.
  10. That is an easy fix but I already know DE wont take the suggestion. They only need to really balance frames as far as weapons go just add limitations like only let certain weapons in, they already don't alow custom weapons it would be no different than that. maybe they only have two of each weapon type so two snipers, two assault riffles, etc. They could even do the reverse and limit frames and balance weapons, everyone gets a starter frames.
  11. If I don't see proof I don't believe you especially since you could have just reported these people since warframe actually takes this stuff seriously. There is an option to only queue with friends/clan members. Also I do understand how it could be interpreted as cheating but again just report people if they do too far. I honestly don't believe most of this post but hey good luck with whatever. Edit: you play on console nvm maybe this actually happened. PC doesn't have this problem.
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