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  1. Unfortunately in the hindsight, I don't work for DE nor have comprehensive stats for it that exist before me in front of my desk where the grind is endless and RNG is my cruel mistress. If the player wishes to skip the progression by paying and winning the game easily, you do realize the obvious fact, no mind will love to stick is the simple rule in the textbook which is a given fact as a dopamine in their brains being registered and shall keep seeking new content in order to get attracted. Essentially, here are the following thoughts of new players and vets will quit at any junction in this game according to my opinion :- If you give everything for free, like a father who gives to the child who never works hard, they will definitely quit at any junction in order to skip challenges be in any context of a human life. Literally, spoiled minds can never appreciate anybody's work and process behind it unless the kindness is brought to halt and Devs will face endless misery of creating new content for each update rather patching the previous ones in order to satiate every players mind. Hence, the community stays divided and starts playing spartans to conquer over here or in-game for that matter. In a nutshell, kindness is your enemy and don't go overboard with it, please. Excessive payment wall like booster packages is fruitful to company in terms of microtranscations as we all deliciously love food arriving from branded fast food corner in a single purchase which serves as another dopamine factor of any player's brain and brag about it to other players after joining the random public session. Seriously, are these kind of players trying to assist with salty thoughts placed towards rest of squad members, just because you bought a booster or received it for free from the sortie rewards.This point of this thinking is still bizarre apart for obvious point unless you wish for everyone to reciprocate on each statement I came across during my grind in all years of playing with randoms especially new players talk like I won a biggest lottery of my life and waiting for me to respond in false positive manner - "Hey, it's awesome to have your booster and will assist during our grind, join in, please". The cold reality truth of being vet is that we want to you to join in our squad in order to improve the drop rate that is set by game design regardless your booster and I don't try to objectify in any angles like a PvP player does for K/D in a match. The biggest spicy talks has been all about grind for both new players and vets as we rock in the same boat yet for some odd reason, we are united on this part. Sadly, DE turns a blind eye while drinking their wine having smug faces on the camera during a livestream. Is this some of canadian trait or culture, I prefer not to delve into this anymore over the years and remain stoic as usual nor have a choice in this matter to begin with. DE loves to hear you out, if you're a star studded or a mini celebrity on the social media. If not, they are completely dismissive about giving any response to any individual unless your post gets rated hot in order to get their attention. Ultimately, what is the point being vocal on the forums since our opinions doesn't matter to them in the end. In all cases, I can never speak to a human being who shut their minds towards me and placed a wall of ignorance in front of my eyes. The developers of this game has been on the following corroded path by bringing in, the true gambling factor such as riven mods which is no different from loot boxes which has made it worst in terms of grinding factors rather to focus on curtailing it anytime soon. However, the choice we have in our hands is that either accept or leave it. In conclusion, as I speak here from my experience and knowing the DE over the years, they couldn't care less of an individual being vocal in any format, they will dismiss it at their discretion. As they say, give them a cake of grofit, people will listen. If not, nobody cares in the end is the cold reality we live in this world. P.S. I do sincerely apologize as my above points may have crucified and not a vent rather speaking my genuine experiences as individual player out here in this forums.
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