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I'm the main warlord and co-founder along with my clan mate of Private Ghost clan named "Aces Of Razgriz".  Apart from it, my hobbies include YouTuber, Casual Gamer, love watching anime and Formula One spectator. 

Feel free to visit my official YouTube Channel to check out my gaming videos  - "https://www.youtube.com/user/IIBlackKnightII"

An old veteran player returned in 2017 after I left in Dec 2015, literally speaking, I had an only 1-year gap in Warframe. 

Feel free to connect with me on other social platforms as mentioned below:-

P.S. As for my gaming experience, Been around since SEGA (Cartridge) system, PC (2D games till date), Nintendo (Handheld User only) i.e. Gameboy till 3DS XL, PS: PS1 till PS4 & iPhone App Game user as well. 

Cheers, Relax & Enjoy Life. :highfive:


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