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  1. After playing Warframe since 2014, I am done. I have never written a forum post before and this will be my only one. For the thousands of hours I've played warframe, I am finally giving up on DE to do the right thing. There is no sustainable content, and the vet community is completely forgotten. They are more focused on new player turnaround than keeping long term vets like my self. I have spent hundreds on the game, bought every single prime accessories since nova prime to show support. There are many players like myself who have done nothing buy try to support de. The issue is that players like myself and other vets aren't easily entertained with new cosmetics or ui changes. The things we are looking for actually requires work from de. the last bit of actual content that was released into the game was the Jovian Concord, If you can actually call that an update. It was just a re-skin of Jupiter. before that was Fortuna. New frames aren't content de. New weapons that are basically the same as any other in the class aren't either. I know that de will try to push out some half assed content before they go on "break" at the end of the year. What kind of break do you even need? What have you accomplished with your 300 plus employees this year to that cant be described as more of a hotfix. The game has been steadily dying since the Specters of the rail update. i have nothing else to do in the game with raids and void towers removed. (farmed all frames, 100's of forma invested, 90 great-groll rivens, thousands of plat). I dont even want to help new players anymore. they either demand free mods or think the game should take 10 hours to "complete". De you took the game from a tactical ninja shooter where your build set up and diversity mattered, to an ability spam fiesta horde shooter with no direction. It is way too easy to farm primes. that market is screwed thanks to your relic idea. you release vaulted frames too often, again ruining the market for primes, and since you dont change rivens as often as they should, that market is over-inflated. The fact that you dont want to change riven dispositions due to people's plat investment is beyond me (looking at the kohm). Ive spent thousands on rivens just to have them nerfed but farmed different ones to resell (no sweat off my sack). Hell, back in the day i spent 1300 plat to buy Frost prime due to him being vaulted without guarantee of his return . Didnt care about the price. i farmed my prime junk, sold my corrupted mods. and bought a little plat that i came up short for it. in short, you've completely removed more sustainable content than introduced (dark sectors, void towers, and raids). There is no difficulty to the game with logical game sense. The game was great pre-specters of the rail and now its just a shell of its former self. The drip feed of content and promises is over. Have fun watching your dream die as your community support comes from people more focused on captura, fashion, and cringy cosplay at tennocon.
  2. De dug themselves a hole adding in rivens to the the game. there were no rivens back during void towers..... and we still managed to go for several hours in a survival and defence. just a new plat sink since they destroyed the prime market.
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