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  1. Nidus farm is objectively the second worst warframe farm in the whole game (Khora wins the first place): gameplay is not different from the same shallow basic mission types, making it repetitive and monotonous already after the first run; all Nidus parts drop from the same C rotation of the same mission, killing the concept of variety; drop chances are too low for the total time needed to arrive at C rotation, compared to all other warframe farms (except Khora) I agree that a more than generous increase in drop chance is needed, same for Khora.
  2. all of the ones that are either Exterminate or ones that are about walking between points and standing there waiting for a Timer. I don't get if this is sarcasm, since you're grouping the majority of the existing game-modes here. But what you list is the true case for me too. I basically despise anything that dumbs down gameplay to a mere jump and shoot at anything that moves.
  3. riven links in trade chat broken after hotfix necramech mods at 2% after a 10% drop chance is still dishonest to player time, especially considering the shallow, boring, repetitive and non innovative nature of isolation bounties. After 8 years of development you can surely come up with something better than shooting at enemies in a circle, disruption is one example.
  4. I think that's the bottleneck. You should not wait for the spores to kill the enemies, it's miasma that does the job, taking advantage of the 4x multiplier on infected enemies. Cast miasma as much as you can to clear enemies and make others spawn faster. Use zenurik for energy.
  5. How do you use Saryn? She's not as straightforward as Volt press4towin. What i do: 1) cast spore on a enemy 2) pop spore with AoE weapon to spread them to as many enemy as possible (between 20 and 30) 3) cast miasma to kill 4) repeat: a) go back to 1 if you killed them all b) search for an infected enemy still alive and pop its spores to the newly spawned
  6. The recent proposal that we got to re-farm frames for the Helmint just reminded us how obscene and disrespectful of our time is the grind for some of them: Khora and Nidus on top, slightly less Harrow and Octavia. Reworking their RNG is an act of honesty toward both old and new players: toward high MR players that already mastered them and are looking for helmint, but also for every other new player that is now facing a massively bigger content amount as compared to what Warframe was when these frames were introduced.
  7. Quest: It was a good experience, okayihs story, featuring good characters with interestingly peculiar personalities. The open world design: Exactly how i imagined an infested open world. Aesthetically awesome. The fact that it's not so big and filled with things gives the idea that it's rich and vibrant in vitality. Nice the idea of the altars for a chance at uncommon resources. New enemies are cool but i feel only the jugulus are introducing something different in attack dynamics. Syndicates: With the exception of conservation revenues (review a couple of paragraphs below), the overa
  8. In Equipment > Arsenal > Warframe abilities now you should show the abilities per loadout. It's difficult to remember which loadout has which ability, especially if you infuse multiple ones on the same warframe. To see that now you need to change loadout > go back to abilities and check > go back to loadout and change it > go back to abilities and check > etc
  9. Objective markers (for excavators, sabotage objectives and consoles) often keep lingering on the screen even after objective completion. This is creating a mess on the screen that is particularly confusing during axcavation missions, where 4-5 false markers can be present on the screen. The bug is persisting since about 1 year and a half. Since such a bad mess on the screen should have been easily noticed by the community, the problem seems to be restricted only to few players (i found other people signaling the same issue). Problem happens both as a host and as a client Example
  10. Update notes hint that there will be another update (not a hotfix) to Deimos soonTM. Likely, as happened to Fortuna, i think that a boss fight will be released. And, likely, mods will be dropping there too. But like you i hope the drop chances will be honest this time.
  11. What a romantic why to say that now you wish me to suffer as much as you did. And throw away any concept of game balance evolution toward a better user enjoyment. Should we also start a third world war to compensate for the suffering of our grandfathers? A rebalance of cost requirements as we ask won't affect in any way the difficulty that you perceive while playing the game. It will only affect our perception. We have to gain, you nothing to loose. Your lack of understanding of this makes me think that you're only driven by irrational resentment toward who had it better than you.
  12. Using efficient looting frames also means vastly reducing gear and mission diversity. Gear diversity accounts for almost the totality of the content this game has to offer, looking at how shallow and trivial the gameplay portion is (the mission objective difficulty). Shifting the game economy toward the necessity of looting frames doesn't seem to me a good direction when fun is supposed to be the aim of a game. Also, looting frames are more like a bandaid to answer to a tedium problem rather than an offer for thoughtful efficiency. I really don't see any difficulty involved in discovering
  13. Since when gathering millions of resources is considered difficult? It's just tedious. This is a game, not a job. Asking a reasonable access to the new content has nothing to do with lowering its difficulty. Then you're selectively dismissing the valid ones that actually exist, for the sake of dramatizing or generating the overall comic effect of your post.
  14. Feeding costs regarding Railjack resources and other rares (especially thermia) are insanely exaggerated, should be toned down to 1/5 at least. This from a player with thousands of hours, many of them with a resource booster active. One single click of fresnels or titanium burned 1/5 of my overall stockpile. And this from a player that playtested Railjack for you from day 1 up to all intrinsics to 10. Cannot imagine the reaction from a normal player. Resource consumption and the associated grind is not even among the secretion categories: bile, required almost everywere, requires outrageo
  15. Grandma token buy option is refreshed every 4/5 hours, you are basically never in a situation in which it's difficult to buy them. If yuo have 10 mother tokens is always the best practive to invest in grandma and then convert, even better if you have also father/etc. On the long run you spare time and bounty runs. you'll be plenty of points for grandma oddities too. Also, you get done with basic bounties (for which you have no other useful rewards) pretty much soon and you most likely proceed with isolation bounties only, which provide less tokens than a high rank bounty. it's a question
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