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  1. The moment you buy it the counter starts and it goes to 2d 23h 59m 59s. The game HUD floors the remaining time to display it, that's why you see 2d, but you have also the 23h 59m missing, don't worry
  2. As per title, very simply, it does not work at all. The discharge only hits the enemies directly affected by the heavy attack swoop, and only causing an electric damage of 1 (instead of 80% of weapon damage). No amount of electricity is discharged on any of the surrounding enemies. Tested in simulacrum with tightly packed enemies, using a pure corrosive build, with all of the machete stances and without.
  3. The problem you describe started to happen from Hotfix 29.6.5 Apparently fixing one problem caused another
  4. How easy was it to understand the new Operation and what you have to do to succeed? Easy. Everything is pretty straightforward, to the point of being quite banal. How was using a Necramech in a “normal” tileset? Worst than a warframe in every sigle gameplay aspect. Only pros are sound effects. Did you have any difficulty finding or using a deactivated Necramech? Not difficult at all. In fact their ease of access is detrimental, due to the painfully slow awakening animation and the fact that it cannot be cancelled if done by mistake How did
  5. The green exit marker still bugs out at mission completion and: either it doesn't appear at all or it is placed directly on the extraction instead of each room's path to extraction, making its search in multi-branched maps a frustrating guess work (happened again just now in an event mission, full team of 4 people, no apparent lag/high ping, no host migration) This is appening since i joined, 4 years ago, and most probably since game creation. Any plans on a Waypoints 2.0 or Waypoints Revised to fix this and many other disturbing UI problems, like i.e the indefinite permanence
  6. Nice changes, i only hope that the 3h rotation won't be too limiting. Thx for listening to our prayers.
  7. We are not talking about 1h+ Steel Path. ESO 8th wave is easy enough to deal with one less melee mod + you are not actually killing with the weapon but with spores + miasma
  8. Saryn ok, but if you have any survaivability issue just equip Healing Return on whichever melee weapon you want, without limiting yourself to that specific primary + melee loadout
  9. Refer to the wiki to see which missions provide which parts https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Ivara An alternative is to buy Ivara Prime component from the market, just post a WTB (want to buy) statement and wait for offers. You can have an idea on warframe.market for fair prices Not triggering the alarms in not a prerequisite for obtaining the parts, afaik. Ivara drops are on rotation C, which only requires 3 succesfull hacks, they don't need to be alarm-less.
  10. I know that the actual structure clear iso > do arcana makes logical sense. And i know that the isolation room is a bonus objective we can skip. Our critic is from the point of view of required gameplay time, which results excessive.
  11. de-coupling arcana vaults from iso vaults completion when?
  12. Just hit the necramech in the shoulders and the back weak spots. To face their back now you need to actively circumvent them (easy using any frame with invisibility) or make them turn around (using decoys i.e. loki's decoy, wisp's Wil-O-Wisp, saryn's molt, gara's spectrorage). I tried solo all of them and they work. Octavia still rocks with her perma-invisibility (T1 + T2 + T3 + T3 bonus Loid escort in 24 min with room for a lot of improvement). When behind, hit like a truck with your highest DPS crit-based weapons. Stropha still works wonders on them (just mind that Bonewidow's back hit
  13. Catabolyst's grenade is definitely not an intelligent design: it self-staggers in the middle of the reloading animation, cancelling it and asking for a complete repeat. The short range of the weapon (in both the beam and the grenade) makes it only useful in close combat, were self-stagger is very difficult to avoid, especially in crowded situations (in Warframe: always). Just remove the grenade self-stagger, as you should have done in dozens of other weapons that never had self-damage before. If you are really stubborn on keeping the self-stagger, at least make the grenade throw at the end of
  14. What about acolytes guarding extraction of non-endless missions, and you have to defeat them to unlock extract?
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