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  1. Ambassador is both an atrocious grind (boring low level and unrewarding) and a sadly underwhelming weapons, i don't rememeber a weapon release so bad since the times of the hema, and yourself recognized that as an error....it needs a substantial buff and the possibility to be farmed in more engaging content like Steel Path or REAL railjack content (not a 2 min railjack introduction to a 20 min snoozefest)
  2. I will just patiently wait for the vendor to have each weapon with a minimum 54.6 elemental % to buy them as less as possible (was already lucky with the Grigori on the first week). I'm sure that by the time i have all 4weapons a new/revised source of holokeys will be out, to buy the final desired element. Just don't play and buy content on release, in warframe is NEVER worth it, early adopter workload is ALWAYS calibrated as unsustainable and frustrating. Look at who farmed and maxed Kuva weapons before, and now has a 16/19 chance of not getting anything useful from a larvling spawn.
  3. But indeed for console players like you i don't think that's possible, so an official tool from DE would come in handy
  4. I advise against this, the EE.log contains your email address and probably other personal info
  5. You can already do that manually by checking your EE.log file. It's a file located in your folder Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Warframe\. You can open it with a text editor and then just ctrl+F "SevnWolf was killed" and go to the last entry you find
  6. Kahl 175 once shot down a corpus stanchion by pointing his finger and yelling "BANG!"
  7. The thread should be moved to feedback. There is a clear gameplay problem recognized with wide consensus and multiple suggestions to tackle it, doesn't seem a matter of general discussion anymore.
  8. I also wish for Cephalon Cy and space mom to stop obstructing the reactor core temperature status UI in volatile (and many other mission specific UI elements).
  9. Since you are looking at Ambassador can you also change the drop chance and make it somehow humanly acceptable? The expected time to get 3 x 8% + 1 x 16% rotation C in four different survivals with a forced Railjack intro is making that weapon one of the most frustrating and inexplicably dishonest grinds of the entire game. Seriously, what were the devs thinking when gating that average gun behind such an absurd grind? That players will get so annoyed that they will buy it for platinum? Why such a dishonest anti-consumer practice?
  10. No grind should be so bas as the ambassador, the proposed drop chance is plain dishonestry from the devs
  11. Make ambassador an honest drop chance please, currently it is among the most disgustingly dishonest farms of the game
  12. This is the wording from DE from another part of the official patch notes: "ephemera seized from a converted or vanquised Sister"
  13. So let's assume i decide to engage in the Sisters hunt now, collect all the Tenet weapons and max them. Then in 9 months you decide to add new exclusive Tenet weapons and the only choice for me is to rinse and repeat granum void, aborting every time one of the old and already maxed weapons appear, wasting considerably more time than a Cassini run AND a granum coin that i have to refarm. Let also assume that i'm masochist enough to endure this clown design, then 6 months after you release 3 other last Tenet weapons (like you just did with the kuva ones) and i have to endure this same BS with an even more frustrating chance for the new weapons....isn't it better to just don't play this content and come back in 2023 when i can farm all of them? We need a way to influence kuva/tenet weapon type occurence. Let it be a chance if you can't stand the concept of a deterministic outcome, it would still be better than no influence at all. As it is now, i repeat, it just suggests me not to engage in the Sisters for a looong time
  14. Equip all of the + enemy radar mods that you can, this will help you a lot in finding those little bugged enemies lingering in hidden places
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