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  1. Thank you for the update Fixed also for the rest of the game? It's been years that markers for sabotage consoles, sabotage destructibles and completed excavators are lingering indefinitely on screen after objective completion. It's not an occasional problem, every single excavation mission i do accumulates 2-3 lingering markers from completed excavators!
  2. The plexus / avionics -> mods changes seem good ideas to simplify the experience, to connect the base game with Railjack and to avoid those griefing problems from players wasting resources. The dirac -> endo seems a good idea to connect the base game economy with the Railjack one. Regarding Intrinsics 2.0 i hope you seriously revise Gunnery rank 10. It was as much as contested as Piloting rank 10, yet you decided to keep it and slightly change it in what i think will be an ever worst version. I sincerely don't want a pointer auto-snapping, and i don't think an added weapon heating c
  3. Khora is the worst warframe farm of the whole game, so if you can't stand RNG but have limited plat go for her. Protea farm can be cheesed with mesa in solo (~5 min per attempt counting granum coin farm), and drop chance / time to invest is muuuch more favourable.
  4. Since Steel Path i bound melee attack to mouse wheel scrolling (with clicky spin). Spamming melee by rolling the wheel requires much less finger effort, and the clicky spin still allows you to execute precise/timed single swings (as pressing E once). I hope this can help
  5. Since hotfix 29.5.9 you don't need to repeat isolation vaults to unlock arcana bounties, doing iso vaults once will unlock arcanas forever. So, luckily "pre-bounty bounty gating" doesn't exist anymore. For completing the bonus objectives i suggest to go solo or ask for a serious group in recruit chat, never rely on randoms.
  6. It's already implemented, you click on ESC > leave squad. You will be put in a new instance, alone, and able to extract (or finish the bounty) without loosing your progress or what you already got awarded.
  7. In long survivals you cannot rely on support towers only, you need support capsules too: support capsules are a drop from dead enemies, you need to take advantage of this by killing as many as possible. Also, warframes with looting abilites help a lot generating more drops (Khora's Pilfering Strangledome, Ivara's Prowl, Atlas's  Ore Gaze, Nekros's Desecrate, Chesa Kubrow's  Retrieve, Hydroid's  Pilfering Swarm). Also, this thread should be moved to "players helping players", this is not feedback
  8. When an Arcana isolation bounty is finished a green exit marker is supposed to be placed on the esophages for a quick return to the surface. This is NOT happening since months, NO exit marker is shown at bounty completion, we either have to find esophages by ourself or crawl back for the entire length of the tunnels
  9. I see your point. I'm wishing for content with that playstyle that you promote in mind. But as others rightfully stated, the mindless one button playstyle is still the preferred one by a sensible portion of the population of this game and it's not right to take it away from them. Regarding the proposition for a rework, i don't know where you draw the line to define the "base game" from the rest, but i would not rework the base starchart mission. Some of them are pathetic, i know, but they offer an easy tutorial for the first time runners and fast efficient farming, which is sadly an overw
  10. Oooh, right, i forgot to mention pet survaivability through some other strict warframe interactions: ultra tankiness, invisibility, revolving your whole game on spamming melee. If it was not for the fact that we started talking about nechramech interactions...remember OP's mainline "mechs and pets DO NOT go together" ?
  11. Nope, you conveniently twisted again my position to make it appear as a categorical and wrong conclusion, and you are creatively making up an impression in your mind where i have "unsurmontable" problems with pet survaivability, because that's the only way in which you can attack it. You can continue to use your dishonest rhetoric tricks, the thread is here to show it only at your own embarrassasment. You and others have indicated that there are ways to have pets survive during high level missions. I never categorically rebutted this. I said that excessive susceptibility of companions to
  12. You already established multiple times how we have "choices" if we want our pets to stay, we already established multiple times how these choices are forced, limited and bad game design in general. The fact that the choice you defend is now present in the game design does not make it automatically good design. You felt back in a circular argument by just repeating your mantra without disproving our critics. Try again. To my critics, other people rightfully included also AI faulty behavior, pathing issues and the fact that even pet resurrection is useless if then they stay alive only for s
  13. No please, i'm really curious to see you climbing another mirror
  14. "It forces us to accept the diversity, and find ways to meet our goals" -> if it forces us it's not a choice, it's a necessity. You can call it "wise choice" or "optimal choice", to dress it as to give it the appearance of choice, but it is indeed only a constraint deduction: you cannot really choose if the only useful choice is the best choice...which leads to everyone needing to use the same optimal tool...which ironically backfires in becoming "What you're advocating, I see as a homogenisation" ...homogenisation! Don't you see your contradiction in this? You defend what's actually causin
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