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  1. I agree with this, in a free to play game RNG needs to remain as the basis for player retention and monetization from player frustration. However i don't see how the two systems couldn't live togheter (they actually do, for example the tri-eidolon hunt revenue pace is about skill in a limited alloted time). Some more skill-based revenues would alleviate the sensation of being a hamster in a wheel. It's about finding the right balance in the accessibility/frequency of the reward (which in the case of the tri-eidolon is the 50 min time limit). Sadly, OP just invokes for a generic "we need skill based rewards", as in dozens of other different threads, without providing any concrete example.
  2. And last 3 words are "your impressive skills". Your ≠ my. "Your" as for a generic warframe player. The whole post is about "you" generic warframe player, not myself. He even admitted The post is about an incentive to self-improvement. You are not as skilled in reading as you think you are.
  3. Can you point the text part where OP accounts for himself as skillfull?
  4. "Apes! Together! Strong!" Great faith in human idiocy I have. My aim was to make an auto-ironic Star Wars meme, i'm sorry you didn't get it, maybe i'm too old for giving out these references. I was expecting you to answer with something on the line "Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways...blablabla [gets chocked]".
  5. With someone that doesn't make any effort to better explain the details of the situation (how are we supposed to know that it's not your first time?) in the main post we feel the need to ask for every possible evenience. Case A) you didn't destroy the syphon by shooting with operator amp/void blast/void dash at the 4 incoming kuva clouds > learn how to do a kuva syphon/flood mission Case B) Kuva syphon was glithced. Sometimes happens that the kuva syphon appears with no braids to destroy and no kuva clouds are coming > just abort and repeat the mission Case C) You repeated the kuva flood mission a second time (after obtaining kuva reward) by joining a team that didn't complete the mission before > DE patched this exploit in order not to allow to gain kuva from the same flood mission many times: only first time will yield kuva.
  6. Don't be too proud of this technological witticism you've constructed. The ability to belittle a comment is insignificant next to the power of the Force…of us complaining togheter. I find your lack of faith disturbing.
  7. Any consideration on compensating the players for the hundreds of hours wasted in riven/kuva farming (or plat spent) for a balancing problem that you developers caused in the first place?
  8. and - a direct access from the orbiter - possibility to change operator amp - a big flat area without holes
  9. And here we are, voicing our opinion because we hate the season pass concept, and because it has never been a part of Warframe before. You are not demonstrating your point. Grinding = repeating the same things to exhaustion, corroding the fun element. Most of the challenges are nothing but the very same low level missions we have been doing from the beginning of the game, over and over. For veterans the feeling is even worst because they already have all the possible reward from those. Tired of low level, unoriginal, uninspired invasions, bounties, animal conservations, etc, repeating them again IS a grind. The catch up could have been a nice way to select only what we sincerely enjoyed to do, instead DE put two insensate grind walls to our enjoyment: i) do all the week challenges; ii) finish this block of 3 before accessing another block of 3.
  10. I would do the challenges i'm interest in (= enjoying the game) and skipping all the boring chores (= skipping grind). Same standings x week, no grind, no pointless repetition of useless missions.
  11. The proposed catch-up mechanic goes against the degrindification point. To access missed challenges we have to grind to finish all of the currently active challenges. This is contradiction of intents.
  12. The proposed catch-up mechanic goes against the degrindification point. To access missed challenges we have to grind to finish all of the currently active challenges. This is contradiction of intents.
  13. Ropalolyst fight bug: using operator void dash instead of Warframe bullet jump to get on the head of the Ropalolyst cause him to become stuck forever at the moment of drop off.
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