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  1. And here we are, voicing our opinion because we hate the season pass concept, and because it has never been a part of Warframe before. You are not demonstrating your point. Grinding = repeating the same things to exhaustion, corroding the fun element. Most of the challenges are nothing but the very same low level missions we have been doing from the beginning of the game, over and over. For veterans the feeling is even worst because they already have all the possible reward from those. Tired of low level, unoriginal, uninspired invasions, bounties, animal conservations, etc, repeating them again IS a grind. The catch up could have been a nice way to select only what we sincerely enjoyed to do, instead DE put two insensate grind walls to our enjoyment: i) do all the week challenges; ii) finish this block of 3 before accessing another block of 3.
  2. I would do the challenges i'm interest in (= enjoying the game) and skipping all the boring chores (= skipping grind). Same standings x week, no grind, no pointless repetition of useless missions.
  3. The proposed catch-up mechanic goes against the degrindification point. To access missed challenges we have to grind to finish all of the currently active challenges. This is contradiction of intents.
  4. For me it took 32 runs (after the update that increased the chance to 10%) to drop a single ephemera from the exploiter. This means the 96° percentile for luck on an empirical distribution function...
  5. The new UI on relics, like all UI updates of the last year, contains straightforward downgrades of functionality over dubious aesthetic improvements. relic refinement: once a relic is refined the menu resets the selection, so if i want to refine a second one i have to click my way again through the list owned and non owned just creates a mess in the relic list reward selection: the rarity indicator is awfully unclear, 3 little strips of bronze/argent/gold color not easily distinguishable the mouse cursor paints in gold color the name of the whatever selected reward, confusing even more as if it was a rare reward missing the name of who obtained what, it's impossible to distinguish who donated void traces to whom. And you even increased this amount as if it was something important! i cannot see anymore how many of those reward i already have without moving the cursor on each single reward. What's the sense of this? Before i could see that directly relic link in chat: i click a relic name linked in chat to see the possible rewards and...again with this STUPID trend of masking information behind the need of moving the cursor over the selected relic, despite having half of the screen completely empty. Before it was a simple ready information. This was the same problem introduced with the sacrifice quest UI "improvemet", on the in mission ESC menu > top-right list of team members. Is the UI responsible team doing this to deliberately annoy us or they really don't play the game they them self develop?
  6. The proposed catch-up mechanic goes against the degrindification point. To access missed challenges we have to grind to finish all of the currently active challenges. This is contradiction of intents.
  7. Ropalolyst fight bug: using operator void dash instead of Warframe bullet jump to get on the head of the Ropalolyst cause him to become stuck forever at the moment of drop off.
  8. But here we are, with tons of people raging and debating about the time consumption and limit to obtain that forma, so apparently for players it is important, irregardless of what you personally think. You don't care about it? Fine. Other players do. Feeling of completion, min-maxing, whatever they want. I explained the difference, i'll repeat it here since you didn't have the patience to read. The weapon is una tantum, once you got one there i no need for a second. Of formas you'll preferably want many -> as many as possible. And since there will be a hard cap of formas x player, there will be unhappy players unable to reach that hard cap if there is no catch up mechanic (IF this is the current reality). And existing in game is existing in game, and as such people will want it, for how little the difference may be (according to you), overkill or not. Again, feeling of completion, min-maxing, whatever they want. Maybe these most people are waiting for a 2nd or 3rd forma before doing their build? DE put it there for people to take it but, not to snob i. My post was there to point out that, for now, the system seems exclusive for who comes late, instead of giving equal opportunity like it has always been.
  9. Buses and schedules, in my experience of 2 and 1/2 years (and i admit i'm ignorant about how it was before) were not a part of Warframe. I continued to play warframe till now because, no matter breaks or holidays, i could catch up anything at my leisure. Missed events gave a una tantum reward (like a weapon, once you have it, no need for more) that could later be re-obtained from baro. Now there is the umbra forma, that is not una tantum, it's a performance resource that is limited (to 1 x player, currently), stackable (more are coming), consumable (the more you have, the better), but its specific bus runs for 2 months only. Meaning that a player that starts playing warframe today for its first time cannot be in pair with other players regarding this item. Meaning that missing 2 months of game will let anyone behind other players, with no catch up possibility. IF this is the current reality, it's revolutioning the pace of the game from "i play whenever i want and i can stay at par" to "i need to play these specific 2 months if i want to stay at par". And i guess this is the main reason why NW is making a portion of players turn their nose: for the first time the game is separating players with an exclusive performace reward. Before everyone was walking, fast or slowly, your decision, now you need to catch the bus. I said "IF this is the current reality", because this is what i know with the current information that i have now. If, in my ignorance, DE already officially and clearly stated the opposite, that is to say, season 1 umbra forma is not lost forever, then please link the source.
  10. Please answer this: nightwave introduced a rare stackable consumable, the umbra forma, that is only farmable in a time limited grind of 2 months. Players who missed this opportunity are left irremediably behind from players who participated, with no catch-up mechanic. This goes in the opposite direction of any other non-aesthetic item present in game right now, which is to allow to farm it at each own pace, whenever we want, or to obtain it from a vendor. Is this the direction that Warframe will keep? or the very specific NW season 1 umbra forma will be available for who lost it?
  11. As far as i know, spawn mechanics of Oculysts on Lua>Plato are completely bugged/broken. It has been reported on the forums since a lot of time (september/october 2018?) and no sign of acknowledgment from DE. They simply don't spawn or spawn very rarely, preventing the appearance of Battalysts and Conculysts (the lattest are the ones you should look at for broken war parts - but keep in mind the 0.5% drop chance, a huge middle finger in your face from the developers). The best way to farm them now is Lua>Tycho. It's a survival, spawn mechanic there is not broken (checked now), Oculysts will spawn every 6-7 min, and at each new wave there is one more Battalyst/Conculyst, so more chances the further you go.
  12. Great! Next time communicate the intention for this kind of event at the start of the nightwave, not at the end, so we can properly avoid an unnecessary amount of farming in 5-min missions for months! (I was joking, i get that this whole wolf operation was a cheap dishonest gimmick to increase player participation without actually providing new content, nice move !)
  13. Can i point out a thing? Because what you said seems to me an incorrect generalization: maybe this portion of players doesn't want to play that specific part of the game that is objectively mind-numbing, uninspired, unoriginal and never changing. Like ESO for example. Or where everything is so scripted that already at the 3rd time you feel the repetition headache. Like Exploiter orb. How can you blame them, when the other ephemeras are behind diversified opportunities (arbitrations > different missions, stalker > different missions)? It's not a question of pace, it's a question of true disappointment for some game modes that are objectively bad, with respect to the potential of diversification that the game can offer. So, please, dont' say that they don't want to play the game at all. Agree, that's legitimate. If you offer a game that is actually a game. Because with the cases that i mentioned before (ESO, Exploiter orb) it seems that DE is catering to workers in a assembly line, not players. I hope this too. And by "hard to get" i mean behind a gate of genuine difficulty (something we already have), based on skill and tactic. And by "they stay hard to get" i mean behind diversified and unpredictable difficulties that require adapting. Surely not behind pure RNG.
  14. Unlike mobile defense, players will be able to activate multiple artifact defense terminals at a time You basically recycled excavation mission: multiple mobile defenses activated at once from enemy drops. Players will still sit there an do anything else than kill whatever comes close. And you have the nerve to call it "new game mode"...
  15. I understood what you were trying to say. I also understood what Steve said way back in February. That's why I aimed for 10 weeks from February 27th, until I got additional information showing that that first week apparently wasn't being included whenever DE talked about what week they were on. Kind of hard to get more "official" than the horse's own mouth. I did. You're still wrong. Did I say that you did? I said that people have been unreasonably demanding that they be allowed to buy the rewards and pay2win from the very start of the event. The fact that everything comes back around is a good thing, but the event isn't even ended. Demanding that they tell us from the start that it will show up in Baro's inventory on 20th May 2021 isn't particularly reasonable. And from the comments on the forum many of the people who complained about the season ending, finished well in advance of the end of the season. Many of them finished with close to a month to spare, and still complained about burnout when they could easily have gone at a more leisurely pace and skipped many of the challenges they didn't feel like doing. Many "endgame" players seem to be only too happy to complain about the vast majority of the content in the game not being "endgame enough" while skipping the content because of "a lack of acceptable rewards" For some the only thing that they don't seem to skip is making those very funny posts about how endgame they are and how they have nothing to do. Wow, it's incredible how hard you try to circumvent the problems without acknowledging them, way enough to understand that it's useless to talk with you. Anyway, this is a feedback thread to DE, not to guzmantt1977, i was silly enought to reply the first time (and this time).
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