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  1. Rank 30: 250 shield 400 health 450 armor 20% tau resistance Passive - each time you get hit or hit an enemy you get 1 token. Every 10 tokens stacked, a field that moves with you is generated, which increases health and armor by 20% and and tau resistance by 20% at first stack (10 token per stack) (maximum 100 tokens, 40 seconds per token) (360º degrees, 30 meters influenced by power range, takes all allies within range) First ability - enters a glitched mode to be able to accumulate tokens at the cost of 75% of your energy; each hit given to the enemies will have you stack 10 more tokens. (Duration 15 seconds, infinite range) Second ability - sacrifice 15 tokens (it does not require energy) to receive 50 energy and give 10 energy to your allies (50 meters) (scales on power strenght and power efficiency) Third skill - use 40 tokens (it does not require energy) to create an area that heals the health of all allies inside (80 per second, duration 15/20 seconds, range 50 meters scalable on range) Fourth Ability - Summons sentients based on the raw numbers of tokens owned (25 tokens per sentient). (Duration 40 seconds, cost 100 energy) They will offer you support with different skills: Uracyst - hits enemies with a sentient beam creating radiation zones around them (20 meters, 10 seconds, 20 damage per second). (500 shield, 1500 health, 500 armor, affected by buffs) Eltilyst - defends the sentient allies by staying in their midst and hitting anyone within reach with an electric wave (5 meters per sentient, duration 5 seconds, damage 1200 per electric arc * each enemy hit) (800 shield, 600 health, 200 armor, affected by buffs) Giuklyst - for each enemy afflicted by radiation (within 15 meters) the armor of the allies in range increases (50 per enemy, non-scalable) (Infinite duration, 50 meters) (0 of shield, 800 of health, 2000 of armor, influenced only by his own Buff) Efterlyst - all allies within the radius of the ability (10 meters) have 90% protection from magnetic damage and their effects are canceled, also for every 25 tokens all allies obtain 10% resistance to status. (Range 30 meters, infinite duration, non-scalable) (600 shield, 1000 health, 400 armor, buffable) Recasting the ability summons back the fallen sentients and restore their health and their skill's duration. Holding down the skill key all remaining allied sentients are killed and 30 tokens per sentient (100 energy) are recovered. I leave all the unwritten values to you to balance the warframe
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