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  1. I was bored {Stuck at home due to pandemic) So I thought I would make a funny meme Hydroid puddle build. It was funny. Then I found that when in Puddle mode there are some doors in the derelict that Hydroid can fall through when in puddle mode. I took a screenshot of one instance and recorded a gif of anotherand thought about sending the screeny to support and posting the ticket number into the hole thread but this only occurs when in ultimate puddle form so I am not sure if it would be appropriate to do so. Due to my boredom and also just for the sake of being thorough and following through. I traveled all across the Sol system in search of door frames to leak through. I tested, Earth, Sealab, Arctic Base, Ice Caves, Cloud City, Mars, Galleon, Corpus Ship, Void, Lua, derelict, Orb Vallis, and Kuva Fortress. This bug only occurred on certain doors in the derelict which was surprising. I thought the doors in the void and on Lua would have had the same issue but they did not seem to. Also, this did not happen on 100% of doors. It was inconsistent making it tough to track down what the problem is exactly. This didn't happen on any of the tall boy round doors. It happened twice in a single mission on the wide doors, and once in the same mission on a normal sized door.
  2. IT'S GONE! If I can't go in there and be AFK all day while I work I might die. We must get it back.
  3. The main frame of choice I use will vary based on what I feel like but I always go back to Volt. Volt was my starter. My first Prime and most used. I want him to be more of a glass cannon. I want his 1 chaining to more targets and doing more damage. It would be cool if his 1 augment would allow for you to cast on an ally and replenish energy as opposed to increasing electric damage. For his 2 I would like to see his 2 augment apply electric procs by default without the augment and change that augment to something else. I want the 3 to either last longer or increase damage of weapons fired through it. Some cool effects applied to the shield when shooting through it would be a nice touch. The 4 is fine as is. Higher shields and less health would be nice.
  4. There is a Nikana Zaw that I have that will do millions worth of red crit slash damage on a heavy attack. You can see it's build in an Ash Prime Youtube video by "Relentless Zen" one weapon that is easier to get is Rakta Dark Dagger. It can't dish out millions of damage in a single swing but it can guarantied radiation proc, restore shields and grant overshields on striking a rad proc'ed enemy. It has an augment that will guarantee viral procs on everything inside of 25 meters and restore your energy. It's amazing. Those are my two most used weapons. If you want a weapon that is easier to get, my favorite backups include the Guandao and Twin Krokhur. Guandao is no plague Kripath or Orthos Prime But I love it all the same. It can dish out damage and looks cool. Twin Krokhur are deceptive. They don't look like much but they do damage. But really though these are just my favorites. Its like everyone else is saying. Most melees are good now. Just don't use cronus.
  5. More Forma would always be welcome. My stash is almost depleted.
  6. We have an infested themed frame and a couple of frames that have kind of a corpus vibe going on. Why not a big ugly grineer themed frame. Heavy armor slow sprint speed like Grendel and with very simplistic abilities. Ability 1 Grenades sort of like Vauban's but more crude and basic fragmenting grenades that do blast damage and blast enemies around like the Sonicor. Ability 2) Wrist mounted Flamer? Ability 3) You know Venari? Well how about giving this dude one of those gross looking Grineer Kubrows as an exalted pet. Ability 4) Jet pack to float around with Missile launchers that pop out and you fly around and rocket blast enemies into Oblivion. Passive something pertaining to pets because his 3 would be an Ugly Kubrow. No Shields. Health and Armor only. A LOT of armor. Auxiliary helmet could be a Clem Helmet.
  7. Gotcha. So a fall of the map sort of deal. Shut of thought of that. Thank you. I still feel like this is an oversight and there should be an actual button to exit when you want but whatevs.
  8. This has been bugging me for a while. I often scamper around the open world maps with no melee weapon but before the melee overhaul I could exit the archwing whenever I wanted. Now to exit archwing you need to switch to melee and then heavy attack. But If I do not have a melee weapon equipped to level up something fast and then enter archwing I then get stuck in archwing without a way to exit. Am I overlooking something? sometimes depending on the objective of the bounty the enemy doesn't even try and shoot me down and just ignores me. There has to be some new way of exiting archwing that I don't know about right?
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