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  1. Can confirm - i had one chance of re-hacking it when it was hacked in a specific order. I think client needs to hack first - then host. As shown in the video that @sam686 posted, he was the client and the friend/random was the host. Can i also ask why the hell this hasn't been noted by DE immediately or worked on fast? This is literally a progression stopper with a very - very specific set of actions needed to even complete phase 3 now instead of being able to re-attempt the hack over and over. I literally cannot get my friend through Phase 3 now because there was a small damn window of time he was able to attempt this and it was squandered. We used up the time to get a few random relics and rank up gear, but at the end we couldn't get it to work. He can't get his gravimag, nor can he even take down the first orb due to this.
  2. Like title said - due to the inability to rehack corpus consoles (potentially), Phase 3 is literally impossible. The console cannot be rehacked and I (nor a friend I'm assisting) cannot hack the console to trigger B. Please fix this QUICK - before many others hit this progression stopper. https://puu.sh/EGu4E/3376cfb929.mp4
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