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  1. can we do away with randomized stats on equipment?
  2. IDK about you but complaining about things that desperately need fixing in a hotfix thread sounds pretty on topic.
  3. It's not a brain dead response though. What you're complaining about is a fundamental part of playing online games with random people, and is especially the case in a game like warframe where there is a variety of different tools to do a lot of different things. There are warframes that CC, nuke, heal, buff, increase loot, debuff enemies, make weapons stronger, etc, etc, etc. If you want your experience to be the same every time, you're going to have to either play solo or recruit specific builds to play with.
  4. but this is inherent to playing this game in pick up groups? Your experience is going to vary. If you want to only play a certain way you have to recruit for groups or play solo? Otherwise there will always be players who can kill faster (or slower), run through levels more quickly, buff you differently, keep you always fully healed, etc?
  5. yeah i don't really understand what the original post means? 100% chance to have a 50% chance of dropping? What?
  6. You do know there's no such thing as hogging kills in this game right? Affinity and drops are shared and aren't only given to the player with the killing blow. This makes no sense at all.
  7. it requires a lot of vertical space too. i don't think it's a bug. it makes perfect sense it's a massive structure. Any fix would have to be a complete redesign of the structure. Just put it at the end of a corridor away from the rest of your rooms so that nothing's above or below it?
  8. can we bring back keeping momentum in archwing? It was nice to be able to just drift along while looking around for lures or whatever. It would also be nice to have a break key to instantly stop like it is now, but drifting was useful too!!
  9. yeah irritating is an understatement. It's almost game breaking to suddenly lose your BR/WW/gladiator stacks for no reason
  10. Can we get a change to the new blink? Maybe reduce CD to 1 second or let us hold 5 charges? Also we need a better key than dodge roll for it since it's clunky to use when using sprint while flying.
  11. Can we get an option for hold melee to heavy attack? It's really irritating to lose combo count accidentally all the time while trying to perform only regular melee attacks.
  12. I don't think i've see anyone beside that guy say they want channeling back? Kind of an exaggeration to say it's something the player base wants
  13. yeah it would be nice if range affected it 😞
  14. Why is itzal's new 1 not affected by ability range?
  15. Do you mean the gladiator set? It wasn't nerfed at all. Why are you comparing a crit set effect to a status on combo count mod? It's a lot stronger than it used to be, and it's really strong now.
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