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  1. On the Orb Vallis, I was trying to capture a horrasque with Ivara (using her sleep arrow). I was able to hit it before it even popped its head out. When I went to collect it, however, my warframe (plus all of its armor pieces, weapons, and its sentinel) disappeared. Even after the capture went through, that specific area remained an invisibility zone. Moreover, I could not place a waypoint inside the area when standing outside of it, nor could I place one anywhere when standing inside of it. Anything I shot into it didn't register, nor did anything I shot out of it (including Ivara's arrows).
  2. Son tokens are worth five times more standing than the other tokens
  3. Oh my. Operator, were you injured in your previous mission? I will see to it that they burn in hell that your suit is mended as soon as possible.
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