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  1. look what its not 30 ppl who spam first of all and second.We are here to prove that u can't kidding and dont give a cent for this community at the end we pay and support this game in some way me personally spend money on this game and so on because i like it but this doesnt mean when i feel some how scammed by this drops to not post my opinion and not want my rewards.They promised and we want this promise to be completed not just droped half way!
  2. keep going schmoozer to talk more and soon the karma will get ur AZZ and when u come back to cry we will know what kind of pos u are !It's easy to defend DE but in this case its their fault has i said before
  3. This is real struggle for the LOTUS EPHEMERA.WE love lotus and want our lotus ephemera too ❤️.Keep going Tennos never give up
  4. Welp look it's massive rage not only a few people DE must fix this not evaded
  5. Don't give up let's prove how strong is that community no matter what at the end its their fault not our !
  6. We want it cuz we deserve it and we spend time and effort on this nothing in this world is free !You sacrifice something to achieve something else.If you get me 🙂
  7. That's for this u dont care cuz u got what u want but we didnt so we are here to protest and show that we are not someone from the void we are really community players who want their rewards for time that we spend on watching this stream a whole day for some and whole night for other!
  8. They running their braindead Vault program and dont give cent for us and our missed rewards.Is this how DE team work?
  9. [DE]Kenneth Hey there DIDAKISS, We understand your frustration regarding this issue. Unfortunately as it's already been stated, support agents are not able to retro-actively add Twitch rewards after the drops promotion has ended. I'm sorry but there isn't anything additional we can do at our end other than provide you with those trouble shooting steps. As it's already been mentioned, we are actively working at minimizing issues for this extremely complex promotion; but this will take quite a bit of time. We hope that future promotions will go more smoothly for you. Thanks for your support and for your patience, we appreciate it. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME it is well said after second ticket Nvm
  10. [DE]Kenneth Hey there DIDAKISS, Thank you for contacting us and please note that we really do appreciate your patience. With time-sensitive, complex promotions like this; we do understand that it doesn't take much for something to cause a user to miss out on the rewards and we are constantly working at improving this system with Twitch/Mixer/Steam in order to simplify the process and to solidify the connection to prevent users from missing out. We can officially confirm that all drops have been sent out to all eligible accounts. If you find yourself missing the Nekros Prime and/or the Lotus Ephemera drop, we can assist you in ensuring your connection is solid for future promotions; but unfortunately we are not able to add this item to your account. It is possible a disconnect may have occurred due to overloaded twitch/mixer/steam servers, which could have lead users to not receive any of the drops. Unfortunately there isn't anything we can do regarding this once it's happened. Now, while support cannot add any Twitch Drop items to player accounts manually, we can help you confirm the Twitch link is working on both ends for future drops. If you have trouble receiving Twitch drops please UN-link your Twitch and Warframe accounts from BOTH ENDS. It is very important you disconnect both sides, not just one side. THIS IS THE JOKE WHICH I RECIEVED ;3
  11. First of all look what did u say the problem is not fixed once you get your stuff.it might be fix for you but not for US all other who invested their time to watch all this and got nothing after all!
  12. Fix your head bro!What you are saying ? are you okey with the brain cuz if the problem were solved no body would spam here u know ?
  13. You will sing other song when u dont have your promised stuff.So don't put words in our mounths and don't be such a schmoozer(sweet talker) ❤️😉
  14. Yeah sure that for this when i watch other games i recieve my drops but when i watch warframe not and this is my first experience with warframe until this time i always got my rewards
  15. What is the point of creating and giving something for free when only part of the community gets it when most of the community fulfill your requirements?Now you are running a script that only makes the problem bigger.We have people who got only Ephemera but not Nekros and you are giving them the opurtinity to get Nekros but what about the others?Many of us didnt recieve both your twitch drops.WE not only watch your twitch and mixer stream all the time and we have connected our warframe accounts to their platforms but we spend time and efforts to support your game with all we can.You promised us something and now you say you cant give.After all IT'S NOT OUR FAULT, IT'S YOURS!It is because your drop system absolute trash.Which baffles me most is that you are willing to gift 250 000$ for Space trip but you can't invest in your drop system.THAT'S RIDICULOUS.It would be funny if it wasnt so tragic.Giving us the promised rewards wont cost you anything.I don't understand why something so small is made a big problem and you are making the community angry?For those of us who fulfilled your requirments give us the rewards you promised it's so simply.Learn to solve the problem not to evade it, because you are making the community hate you instead of liking you.You are talking about big projects but you can't fix the basic things.
  16. im still waiting my Lotus ephemera and Nekros prime but more i want Ephemera
  17. Is this the way how you treat your loyal fans? It is interesting how you do your best when is about taking money from us gamers.But when is about giving free bonuses/rewards for your loyal fans you experience difficulties.It's seems washing your hands with cheap tricks and excuses.I am not talking about my self only but the community as whole.It a appears that many other people from this community recieved nothing or only 1 of the drops. Let me give you an example.If your boss promise your team to give you 40% bonus over your monthly wage, and all of you give your maximum to get the bonus -you work hard,you pay attention and in the end of that month only few of your team recieve the bonus.Your boss tells you how great u are but excuses that its the system and not his fault. SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ?HM Don't forget this life is cycle and everything is back in one or another way. 😉
  18. Thank you DE for giving me nothing and wasted my time to watch the whole stream(it was really interisting)but at the end of the day is look's like a big scam cuz the most of the people didn't reciec one or both of rewards.Really Thank you for doing your best when we are talking about paid stuff and not the free one 🙂
  19. 7 days after stream and i didnt recieve my drops :C.First day after stream i send ticket to support and they told me that i need to wait 1 week and if i not recieve my drops to send another ticket.I did it and i hope everyone who hasnt recieved his twitch drops to recieve after this "Friendly criteria script"
  20. Agree with that 😮 New Customization option it will be perfect and fix everything about that Scarf problem
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