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  1. Thanks for all the hard work DE. After that huge update some hotfixes were expected. Also, We have tons of Radiant/ Brilliant eidolon shards piling up. Would be great to use those resources. Like converting them into something different. eg. Kuva/ Endo.
  2. Thanks for the fixes. I am still a little concerned about the melee 3.0 though. what if the game turns out to be like this: ( Indi is the Grineer here) 😛 Also, Still waiting for the Zenistar Disc aura getting blocked by the smallest geometry and Volt shields problem.
  3. Thanks DE for the awesome Delux skin. Also wanted to address, The Zenistar Disc aura issue. Since the Melee nerf Zenistar disc aura is blocked by the smallest geometry in the game. and then I found out even Volt shields block it. would there be a fix for it? The screenshot isn't so clear but I wanted to show that those heavy gunners are immune to the aura dmg because the Volt shields are blocking it.
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