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  1. 10-N0

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.1

    Thanks for the fixes. I am still a little concerned about the melee 3.0 though. what if the game turns out to be like this: ( Indi is the Grineer here) 😛 Also, Still waiting for the Zenistar Disc aura getting blocked by the smallest geometry and Volt shields problem.
  2. 10-N0

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.3

    Thanks DE for the awesome Delux skin. Also wanted to address, The Zenistar Disc aura issue. Since the Melee nerf Zenistar disc aura is blocked by the smallest geometry in the game. and then I found out even Volt shields block it. would there be a fix for it? The screenshot isn't so clear but I wanted to show that those heavy gunners are immune to the aura dmg because the Volt shields are blocking it.
  3. One shot tridolon. Selling for 3000 plat. Not trading for other rivens atm.
  4. Lanka: B/O: 3k. Opticor: B/O- 3.5k B/O: 1.8k Lato: B/O- 550p Tigris: B/O- 2k Arca Plasmor: B/O: 2.5k Pyrana: B/O: 900 Cernos: B/O: 800 Vasto: B/O: 600p Sicarus: B/O: 500p BOAR: B/O: 1500p Attica: B/O: 600p Sybaris: B/O: 800p Twin krohkur: B/O: 700p Argonak: B/O: 350p Tiberon: B/O- 700p Not trading for other rivens atm. Only plat (unless you offer something truly exceptional) P.S. not all the mods are fully ranked.
  5. I was trying to check out some builds and trying to figure out if the Zenistar disc aura dmg is boosted by Volts shields. Surprisingly, the shields completely stops the Disc aura to deal any damage. We knew melee nerf was inevitable but the only thing that makes this weapon so useful, the Disc aura damage, is stopped by even the smallest geometry shapes in the game. and now even Volt shields, which was supposed to boost the Crit damage. Zenistar is AFAIK the most affected melee weapon since the nerf. perhpas DE will look into it.
  6. Lanka: B/O: 3.5k. Opticor: B/O- 4k B/O: 2k Lato: B/O- 750p Tigris: B/O- 3k Cernos: B/O: 1000 Vasto: B/O: 600p Sicarus: B/O: 550p BOAR: B/O: 1500p Attica: B/O: 700p Sybaris: B/O: 1000p Twin krohkur: B/O: 800p Argonak: B/O: 500p Tiberon: B/O- 1000p B/O- 1200p Not trading for other rivens atm. Only plat. P.S. not all the mods are fully ranked.
  7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B/O: 4k. Aslo have: Opticor: B/O- 950p Cernos: B/O: 1200 Vasto: B/O: 700p Sicarus: B/O: 700p BOAR: B/O: 1600p Attica: B/O: 900p Castanas: B/O: 500p Sybaris: B/O: 1000p Twin krohkur: B/O: 800p Argonak: B/O: 500p All prices are negotiable, not trading for other rivens atm.
  8. 10-N0

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.7

    Here you are 🙂
  9. Just wanted to bring it to your attention DE, many of us who have farmed for Focus and basically unlocked all the nodes in all focus schools are left with tons of shards that are not really of any use. Perhaps allow us to trade it for something else? I know these have nothing to do with KUVA or ENDO but exchanging the shards for something else would be really helpful. If any other tenno has a better idea, please share. :).
  10. Rivens to sell <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/QwwvC2S"><a href="//imgur.com/QwwvC2S">riven 4</a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  11. 10-N0

    Mods section in Dojo

    have the same issue https://imgur.com/a/EyyBcsB
  12. 10-N0

    Update 23: Mods, Forma, and Destruction of Builds

    Boys, This quest is called "THE SACRIFICE" for a reason.
  13. Arca Plasmor Satiata. Price: 4000p. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soma Critatis: 1700p --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opticor Crita Satitio: 1600p --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ignis Sati Ignicron: 1000p ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baza sci acriata: 750p -------------------------------------------------------------------- Arca plasmor sati fevacon: 1200p PM me here or in Game. IGN: 10-N0
  14. 10-N0

    Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.3.2

    This is how most of the bounty stages go: 1. Take Limbo 2. Press 2 3. Press 4 and...