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  1. Those changes sucks.. Sorry.. Its the true.. Diluting the drop table with stupid mods and arcanes.. Well goodbye arbies
  2. I came here for the same thing , is already a visual bug? i didnt noticed how many points had before the mission
  3. Thx for updating ♥ please add a method to find groups for exploiter orb
  4. Thanks, but please: Allow to skip the intro of the heist once you completed it the first time, i dont care about little duck losing her card game over and over again The profit taker "status indicator" sometimes its wrong. It says kill me with fire and fire doesnt do anything but.. I dont know.. Electric does.. Aaaand i think lowering a little the spawn of corpus in the last heist will be more viable and fun to kill the profit taker
  5. Please allow to skip the intro of the heists once you have done the first time , i dont care if little duck gonna miss that card game over and over again!!!!! PLEASE!!!!
  6. The Warframe App for Cellphone is Broken , i cant manage my foundry , tried relogin and nothing.. well .. rip cell app
  7. I dont know if its a bug. But mining now dont show how many of the stuff im geting. Example: i got travoride but only appears the image of it, not the quantity (example: 20x travoride) Its a bug? Or a ui change? Or what?
  8. Thank you thank you i was missing so much using my Nidus ♥ Thx for the update
  9. Just only want my nidus larva come back :( please
  10. Nidus 2 broken and useless (throw enemys to a New universe), some people say the same its happening with khora 4th hability and same as hydroid Mining dont show how many stuff you are getting from the rocks.
  11. Mining now doesnt show you the quantity and name of the material youre mining "example, after shows 10x travoride, 10x devar" now it says nothing. You only see a picture of what you take, i can take a screenshot later, so annoying not knowing the quantity of how much you mined
  12. Thank you D.E for all the fixes.. I dont know if its the place to give an opinion.. But the mission of excavation in Fortuna have (as always) a low respawn of the energy cell carriers.. Please please please augment the number of mobs carrying the energy cells for excavators , same for normal missions.. All missions in fortuna are really fun and dynamic but that mission makes some people go to extraction to not deal with that mission.. Aaaand i remember.. When im mining in fortuna some of the "circle spots" seems to appear underground of the zone im mining and i cant finish mining that zone. Again , Thank you D.E for all the fixes and the Fortuna update was really good , im really wanting to kill that giant spiders
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