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  1. In my headcanon, its something to do with the Orokin. You see, Orokin dont live on "planet". They live above - "The Golden Skymen would come and take our children away" - Sands of Inaros transcript. Wheres above of Mars? Deimos. Lua also - where in the War Within we visit peak of Everest, where Orokin comes down to choose their new body. Not to mention in the tale of Grendel, which take place in Io - though theres normies there as well. So either it got bombed to pieces by Tennos who think not worth finding Orokin there - cause its too small, or its one of the earlier target of
  2. You wont achieve fully max focus. Unless you rank up Madurai's Void Radiance.
  3. Also new in-game-music from deadlock protocol and deimos
  4. Like person above said. She shoot with her finger. The bullet source, handle/grip and hammer are embedded into her arm. Which is what I understand when Im making this awhile back:
  5. Cant happen. Unless the endgame content itself changes periodically. All mmo out there follow this formula; new dungeon/raid every couple of months bringing with them new tier of item level to aim for - meaning the farm to the endgame itself is always fresh and did not expire after certain time. The downside is the item that you have currently will become obselete after certain of time, but still - thats the progression. Both of these did not happen in Warframe - a game where you collect and amass stuff. Even if they introduce an activity as "endgame" whatever comes out of it (be it
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