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  1. I don't like the twitch rewards because I don't use twitch, I've watched like two or three streams on any platform ever, and stapling a reward to it still isn't making me watch. If it's really something I want, like say the pistol they put out (haven't even used it yet), then I just put it on when I go to work or something. I would prefer to not play their little marketing game at all.
  2. Day XXX of asking why the word War is censored in a game named Warframe, with multiple quests, items, and lore entries using the word.
  3. When you appeal to common sense, you're basically just saying "This other person doesn't see things the same as me, I must imply that they are less knowledgeable than me in a way that is poorly defined and hard to argue with". You have no point to make, and your argument against what they had to say was non-existant. 🙂
  4. Oh no, generic AoE elemental damage + CC effect Fourth Ability is so unique and inseparable from my favorite warframe, not at all like generic single-target/low-aoe elemental damage + minor CC effect First Ability which is totally fine to share! While I believe many Warframes do have a fourth ability that doesn't make sense to take away from their kit, or weakens their personal identity if it were to be replicated on other warframes, there is also plenty of them (Mag, Oberon, Volt, Frost, Rhino, Loki, Saryn, etc.) where the functionality is only different on the level of "which damage typ
  5. ech The existing recoil mod isn't good enough? ech, ech ech. nasty, icky. there you go
  6. I mean, that's not really true. A lot of very memorable games DON'T try to appeal to the maximum number of people. You never hear people talking about how accessible morrowind, dark souls, tekken, rim world, or system shock is. Instead of going for maximum appeal, they play on the specialized features a more niche audience will appreciate more. It's a type of game design, not something that's always true. Even more credits/mods/resources? Eh, I mean I don't see why not, but I also don't see why that would make playing steel path any more enticing. I don't think any amount of that would ma
  7. Maybe DE will just start adding a bunch of enemies that don't take extra damage from crits. Oh, what, everyone would pee their pants collectively at that one?
  8. If I run a radiant relic in a solo mission, every relic is radiant? ehah
  9. It's really sad how so many weapons with fun status gimmicks get arbitrarily gutted once you fight certain higher 'tier' enemies. Like, I love the hystrix, it's fun, it's snappy, it's powerful, it has a funny little gimmick. Oh-oh, woops, no, nevermind, half of the tougher enemies in the game just ignore status procs completely, so there goes the whole point of that.
  10. If you dislike friendship doors, enable solo matchmaking, then only one person is required to open them. 🙂
  11. For a beginner, there is... so many credits-only items to pace out the space between built items, and it takes so much time to level the items they do have. Unless YOU are pushing them to blast through items faster than a new player normally would, there's a lot to do before one feels the 'wall'. And even then, as a new player every new warframe/weapon you get feels too weak to use at your current stage of progression, I always ended up going back to lower levels when I had a new thing to level up, and it took forever, which was fine because that whole time I still had mods and resources to gr
  12. I'm confused, what's your point in mentioning the nukor. Like, if I wanted another status on an enemy it would be faster to just swing again with my melee instead of weapon swapping. Melee weapons are just an advanced mess overall, they can make use of so many multipliers at once that their damage gets wild on top of the fact that they have no ammo, and even the combo-consumption on heavy attacks can be majorly mitigated. Even the Skana can pump some stupid numbers as long as you have the mods, similar starter guns can't hope to compare let alone better ones.
  13. Yeah, walking outside and doing the chicken dance isn't hard either. At least that would be a bit of exercise. I don't use twitch at all and I likely never will.
  14. Eh... I'd still just use regular forma from relics/crafting?
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