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  1. @westfortrollins check if your issue match this other open thread regarding Hildryn's bug and if so, let's keep all related bugs in a single thread hoping this way someone from DE can keep track of it easier. P. S: Maybe we can start a Hildryn's megathread with topic "Why DE doesn't love Hildryn " and put all our love in there :) BR
  2. Hi all, Did you tried with no mods/aura installed? I'm not in fron of pc right now, but I'll also test it later. I think I've read somewhere something about some aura, yours or from one teammate, removing Hildryn's overshields. BR
  3. Hi all. I'll leave this post here just in case this happens to someone else, and as a friendly reminder for everyone to check their exp/affinity gain. First of all, I've been playing WF for 4+ years now, MR28, with 2k hours spend playing the game. Also my wife and daughter play the game, so I have someone to compare with :) The issue appeared right after HoD update (29.0) and I've been obtaining from 2 to 10 times less exp/affinity than before the patch. I've tested carefully on controlled runs with my wife, and I've won much lesser exp than her, and what I'd obtained be
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