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  1. Please note I play Warframe with a wired (USB) Xbox One controller. Any references made to controller are encountered with this specific setup. I have added screenshots of my keybindings at the bottom of this post in a spoiler tag. Refer to that if needed. Most glaring issues I encountered so far: Using a controller in the pilot seat completely ignores settings. It seems to take raw input and ignores sensitivity. Worst of all there is no deadzone meaning it is impossible to aim accurately. Need this fixed ASAP because piloting is impossible for me in this form. Today it worked correctly the first time after launching the game, but after exiting the pilot seat once it broke. Cannot reproduce correct behavior since then. Side turrets seem to work correctly so far. Using the railjack action "power menu" (bound to up on the D-pad) locks the player into the pilot seat and prevents any further actions. 100% reproduction rate. Can be worked around by pressing escape on keyboard to open and close the pause menu after which you press escape again to exit the seat. After that you controller is stuck in an invisible power select menu and the default bindings (A, B, X and Y) cause you to activate powers until this menu is somehow closed. Note I do not use the power menu in normal gameplay and have it unbound. I use the D-pad for warframe powers 1-4 and left-stick press for operator mode. Would like to see similar bind options for railjack as well, but I have no clue what this action is supposed to do since it does not work. Railjack autocenters itself when manually rolling using railjack actions "Bank Left" and "Bank Right". 100% reproduction rate. This occurs unless you are nearly completely upside-down, after which it will simply leave you in that position. In its current state the game works against my inputs and completely messes up my movement when rolling. I expected a toggle option for this in the settings, but I cannot find any. Back/Select-button is unbindable in the railjack controller bindings. The action is set to nothing instead of the default "N/A" which means you cannot click the action to change it. This results in an unusable button for railjack. The start button is set to N/A and gives a prompt saying it cannot be changed. If the back button has a similar limitation, I expect this to be consistent, which it is not currently. My general controller bindings: My Railjack controller bindings: My Ability Menu bindings (currently not in use, but might be related to a bug I mentioned):
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