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  1. The problem with controller bindings right now is related to the key binding restrictions of the old system. Melee Channel is only allowed to be bound to Fire, Zoom and Melee Block (yes I know blocking is gone but this is what the prompt says when attempting to bind to another button). As far as I know, channeling should be set to alt fire which will not conflict (assuming it takes priority over the actual alt fire of a weapon). Simply changing the block option from this restriction to alt fire (or removing it altogether) should alleviate this issue provided people rebind their controls afterwards. Another small note: The same issue has been in the game since fortuna's launch with the fishing/hunting UI. This UI is operated using right bumper (RB). But other actions (melee in my case) will override this menu, rendering it unusable on controller and thus technically impossible to hunt animals (unless you use your mouse and keyboard).
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