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  1. I might not be able to make it to the stream but I'll ask anyway: With Warframe being an ever-evolving game, made up of many different old and new systems... What would you consider the most important thing you've learned over the years when working on new things that interact with older systems? If this is too broad of a question then consider this example for some context: With Archwing being a relatively old system, what were the things you guys learned from evolving it over time with changes? For example the (experimental) movement overhaul, Titania's Razorwing and undoubtedly any changes coming with Railjack. Did you wish things were done differently from the start like perhaps the different value scaling (distances and models being scaled differently compared to regular modes), or are you perfectly fine with the way things progressed over time? Feel free to use any other example, but this was the first that came to mind for me. As someone with interest in Game Development, I am rather curious about these learning experiences, so apologies if this seems like an odd question. Feel free to skip it if it does not fit your AMA rules.
  2. Yeah I know that is possible, it's just not something I consider fun to do every single time. I'd like to just head into a mission with whatever I've got (assuming multi-forma'd gear and a riven or 2) and atleast have an enjoyable experience for the first 1 or 2 reward cycles. Grineer just isn't close to that at all. I know I can easily kill stuff with finishers and covert lethality, trinity's link augment and going full tank melee-mode, octavia in general, high status weapons, 100% status shotguns, saryn's spores... the list goes on. The problem here is that I somehow feel extremely limited in my possible "effective" playstyles against grineer or just armored targets in general. I know these builds can take me into long endurance runs if done correctly, but that's just not how I like to play. I tend to go for around an hour maximum just because of time constraints or lack of reason to continue. If I were to take top-tier builds on weapons and frames that do not have some inherent armor-strip advantage, grineer feel like this extremely sluggish and frustrating enemy to fight. I can stay alive just fine, but they soak up way too many shots. I'd just like this to be a little more equalized between factions. Sure grineer can be tankier than others, but the difference currently is just rediculous to the point where I skip every single grineer arbitration just because I don't feel like dealing with that s***. TL:DR; Optimized armor-stripping builds are fine for long-term, but at the very least the first 10 minutes shouldn't feel significantly worse than all other factions to fight against just because their scaling is through the roof. What I meant here is that I just want armor scaling dialed down and more equalized across the board, but still relevant for specialized builds and more endurance-orientated runs. To such a degree that an effective elemental combo (corrosive/radiation) can make the grineer similar to other factions at the start, but slowly start out-tanking them in the long term... which is when you'll need armor-stripping. EDIT: Yes I realized I responded like a month later, but I never noticed the notification until now somehow.
  3. So basically this means "Grineer are off limits" to me since I never run full squads with Corrosive Projections... Great...
  4. The problem with controller bindings right now is related to the key binding restrictions of the old system. Melee Channel is only allowed to be bound to Fire, Zoom and Melee Block (yes I know blocking is gone but this is what the prompt says when attempting to bind to another button). As far as I know, channeling should be set to alt fire which will not conflict (assuming it takes priority over the actual alt fire of a weapon). Simply changing the block option from this restriction to alt fire (or removing it altogether) should alleviate this issue provided people rebind their controls afterwards. Another small note: The same issue has been in the game since fortuna's launch with the fishing/hunting UI. This UI is operated using right bumper (RB). But other actions (melee in my case) will override this menu, rendering it unusable on controller and thus technically impossible to hunt animals (unless you use your mouse and keyboard).
  5. Please kindly ask the person working on the Zephyr Deluxe how things are going and if he/she has any idea as to when he/she will finish it? I know it's a passion project and all but it's been so long since we heard something about it.
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