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  1. in 1/2 year in my opinion. why? because there is nothing to do and contents are just terrible and enemies are too easy to kill and this is annoying. they can't maintain the game with casual player income only and for now Warframe it's casual game for casual players.
  2. warframe has more contents than destiny right now but they are all in alpha mode more or less. 1) railjack: after 1 year we can fight the grineer only... where are all the others? Soon™ i suppose. 2) liches: ^ 3) sortie: im sorry but after 2 years with only anasa i give up. it's too hard to rework right? 4) endgame and challenges: what the #*!% is that? :D 5) eidolons: useless things with tons of bugs 6) deimos: an eternal defense with no fun at all 7) where are the raids? Soon™ i suppose. 8) nerf: it's better nerf 10 weapons than reworks the others with
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