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  1. NAKAK I love the nights on Cetus. They are full of lights and color. The hunters are here, illuminating with their presence and excitement. I was feeling so happy full of life, until one night… there where nothingness, sadness. I asked Konzu to tell me what had happened and he told me the story of The Orokin Margulis, The Sentient Natah and the story of The Sacrificing Lotus. Then suddenly I knew my purpose in that story, I had to create a mask, mask different from everything I had already created, a mask to cure the Tenno heart. Of course you can imagine that everyone on Cetus liked my idea and willingly helped me with everything they could, after all it was for our beloved Tenno. Quill Onkko ask some of the Tenno to bring to him peaces of the old sentient remnants, from the plains, suppose for 'new amp' he was working on. The old man Suumbaat collect orokin fragments form all ostrons. Fisher Hai-Lok refined beautifully some of the Cuthol tentacles she had and Hok, he of course helped me to assemble all together, he is truly very skillful. I carved and painted, sewed and bend until it was finally finished. I don’t know what mask was that, I called it the LOTUS WISP. Was it a SYMBOL, that now they are strong enough and they are the ones that need to take care of each other. The role of the Lotus, that Others before them embraced, was their own to carry now? Was it ACCEPTANCE, that their love accept and understand what She's in Her core, but that won't change their devotion and hopes? Or was it a BEACON to illuminate and remind Her, that where we come from, does not defined us, only our actions does. To use that mask,next time they meet to remind her of who She really is… The answer lies in the Tenno hearts, I just wanted to give something from me to our saviors!
  2. Hello everybody! Are you ready for some creepy nights and haunted dreams? Did you prepare your witches and ghostly skins? Well that is what I have prepaired for you! I hope I can spook you a bit with my entry and you will enjoy it 😈😈
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