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  1. You cannot believe how scare she is... ANYWAY! Let's keep things not in the personal matters and to my idiotic worlds just so I can just shut this thread. How do you delete this anyway? Because it looks like you guys are just mad about the click bait title which I do not intend it to be and having me mention a "suggestion" to remove warframe vs warframe pvp and change it into an operator pvp and be hurt about it and think that I am Steve Sin Clair and declared that I should do it. And about the bath tub... I am just telling a metaphor on "maybe" having a lot of players to play conclave, not some superbingly long anthem hours of waiting time and unmatched pvp matches. And this is my third post in the forums and my first post in the conclave part of the forums and I received a lot of sarcastic, angry etc. reviews... -.- Ok...pvp is bad for warframe. I get it now. Now tell me how I can delete this post.
  2. Note to self: Conclave is filled with a humorous sarcastic community like my GF.... Do not present any Ideas that I came up with on the said subject. Especially about cookies.
  3. I complained about my internet to make you see my issue on the matter of why i cannot play it as a means to at least help me to tell me your experience since I only saw what I can see in youtube and not discriminate me. Again, this is thanks to your "thoughtful" consideration of how negative you are in this subject matter instead of helping the conclave to be "noticed" because it seems that everyone has a fetish with big updates. Well...almost everyone... I repeat: I only see what I can see in youtube. The videos might be years old due to it because that's how many videos I can inly find on the said subject. I meant to say that DE might just let Warframe v.s. Warframe still open but let Operator vs Operator locked. Seriously, why did you not even understand that? Because, apparently, this guy's questioning ME all of the sudden when I just listed on DE's options on what will they do. I'm not Steve.
  4. Yes, I never played conclave, but the correct term would be I CANNOT play conclave due to my crappy net that I can only get thanks to my salary. (internet bills my ass). And I was watching youtube videos on people spending their time with friends most of the time and rarely with anyone else, waiting for three hours just to have a random noob or a pro conclaver to play with because there are lesser people playing conclave that the devs never tried to fix it in a gigantic way and left the matchmaking unbalanced so people with skills to minimal or none at all, kill each other. So, I thought to myself, if the Operators are like obtaining a new character, then why not use them to advertise conclave. As a training session for their muscle anthropy in the story and growing their focus over time. And before your peanut sized brain explode(pardon), Everything in this post is just a suggestion. DE might see this and say, oh, hey! this is a good Idea for warframe's pvp! Let's remove the warframe vs warframe bexause it's buggy! Or: Let's not remove the warframe pvp, let it open for all, and let's input this idea into pvp in another section, and call it, Teshin's Dax Boot camp or something. Or: They'll lock warframe pvp until we unlocked tenno pvp and add more reason as to why we need our warframes to fight. Or: Completely ignore this, rendering your flames nothing but cinders, while I have a fruitless endeavor on telling DE to give conclave a big add on so all of the pvp players have something to pvp while they fix warframe vs warframe pvp AND also have people in the pvp game mode flourish like a full bath tub and a rhino warframe going in that FULL bathtub to clean his helminth infested body. Also, it means waiting for a miracle that your "Notice me sempai" slogan will work.
  5. You do know that you're comparing what I "SUGGESTED" and you on "WHAT IS IN THE GAME IN THE CURRENT TIME" Like.... what in the world is wrong with you.... So? What if I suggest them to get Focus Points from conclave, rather than just from eidolons? And by gaining more focus points the more people get attracted to conclave... and seriously, we could go with 30 to 40 Focus Points PER WIN AND NOT PER KILL when you unlock 4 Focus schools for all that i care, I did not input any amount to the specific subject, yet you accused me of all things to give the eidolon farmers have all of their time wasted when they can just go play conclave. And what in the world do I even know the squishiness of things there when I Did not even played "conclave" And being a ninja is to become sneaky and stealthy, watch Gajin goomba and tell me if it's ninja to run around in wild open spaces to close and cramped up places to jump glide kill in a fast and not silent of ways? Also, Goomba clarified that ash is the true ninja in warframe, but in real life, ninjas only uses their tools to escape, camoflage, and other forms of evasion. Not to mention, ash's fourth ability is what makes him the real deal(Real ninja) in my opinion due to ninjas going in for instant kills or slow death kills when using ash's shuriken. And yeah, you're right abut an mr 4 beating an mr 27 if that said mr 27 did not have conclave mods, trying conclave and is a total garbage at aiming and shooting while doing all of the crazy jumps and repeated the MR Tests a lot of times. Dude, you know what.... I don't even know if I wanted to argue with you or not... it's not like we're the developers of the game. It's been years since they've done noticable changes in the conclave without even looking at it properly. -_- Edit: Meh, I hate dem players saying warframe pvp sucks....
  6. First of all: Why would you think of making people have a lot of focus points just by farming, gets more focus points in pvp? It's a PVE oriented game and you keep on talking as if there is no form of matchmaking that I suggested in there. Second: This is just adding more ways to gain focus because apparently, gathering focus by eidolonish means is just a hassle and would force people to go in the PvP Zone. Third: I don't know if there's other ways to obtain Archains, but sure, go ahead and make their grind all the more useless because they farmed their Archains. On second thought, DE Could have archain pvp rewards. Fourth: Almost everyone does not like to touch the conclaves, do you know why? Oh! It's too crazy! or probably just buggy or something. Probably buggy. Fifth: You do know that this is the forums so DE could have an Idea for content right? So removing warframes in a PvP that is just too crazy and would take about a whole mission just to kill an average player with an average grip of the controls. Not to mention, it's just a suggestion. Edit: Crap, wrong quoted reply....
  7. First: I am just asking for the conclave to be more for operators, and what if they can go full on immunity mode when you have operator amps that has a homing laser beam at your face? And who says that Focus schools are outright OP? Oh, wait. They are, then how about DE do this: "Match Making by How Much Focus They Spent And Have and get partnered up with everyone close in your Focus Points. I.E: 1000-1500 FP to set an equal footing. Plus, farming those tridolons for those shiny glowy hand held fan to farm are easy with the proper team." That makes sense if they want to add a reason on a story of how the Conclave came to because the TENNO Trained, why did I say that? Focus 'school' says hello. Also, Why do I want the conclave locked? Well, it "IS JUST A SUGGESTION" But, seriously.... why would you even want to play straight into pvp where players that have mastered the movement system just fly by you and you instantly die while learning the warframe controls due to it's fast pace action with pauses are NOT allowed due to them gets easily killed. Meanwhile, Operators are in a pretty good ground to PvP, because, you can learn how to use your operator without an amp and maybe give a couple of focus points till you can play the operator as you progress, and the the Vid Blast of the operators is necessary if someone was void dashing at you. Like a counter and It's not like, they have infinite void energy. Making it a grind of sorts and get uncle teshins shiny fancy Nikana skini. Probably add a daily kill count or a reward each round of focus points and the amount gradually increase as you accumulate more and more, and even moreso with more unlocked Focus and you hurt dead Gaara, Mirage, Bimbo and every other frames who got bisected, smashed, Expload, Rift ripped, and others.... (Geeze, too much flame here, I'm outie! nah. Nvm. Guess this is the conclave section.) And DE matchmaking just says; fuk it, let's pair up an mr24 against an mr4 because no one wants to play conclave much and I'll just shove them both in the ring. If only I had more people joining....
  8. Oh.... I guess I should have clarified it a bit more. Well, as of we all know, currently is that the conclave is like a dry mud ball, slowly crumbling back into dirt and it's thanks to it's balancing. So, I propose that DE should make Conclave an Operator exclusive only mode due to the Operator's speed jump and powers, they're not acrobatic, they're not mad ninjas who jumps around hoping to score a hit on each other like Two high spec Gundams thar can go up to I dunno maybe 20,000kmph in terms of speed, while the Operators on the other hand, is a bit more controlled. Thanks the Zaws and Kitguns being a thing, it's still possible for DE to add swords for our "operators" (If they do intend to... but I am hoping). The conclave is hard for new players going into warframe without any experience on the controls whatsoever, and it's mostly empty so why not lock it till they finished TWW so that they have experience on playing and would be fun to play with, not just running excaliburs mags and volts trying to futily stab one another until a random, properly geared player ram his jat kittag in the middle of them, Hammer slamming the ground and stunning them back and killing them while they're down. See my point?
  9. Please don't tell me that i'm still in weapons section because if I remember correctly, I pressed the Conclave section....
  10. -Click bait title? The title just says hello. -Or was it the Conclave For operators title which I wanted to discuss with you all instead of warframes? -I feel like my face is making the blinking eyes meme on how in the world this community works, when I just wanted to start a discussion about maybe changing what kind of playable characters could be inputted in the conclave. -Who stole my Grakatas?
  11. So, why is everyone talking about Conclave For Warframes? And why not Operators when they rework them? Because that's the only viable option in my head and not have this....mess right now. I posted a thread for Operator Beam Sword Amps for sneaky squeaky kills in operator mode, but when I think about conclave... I thought... Operators can't really die, so why not just wait till they update our operators and make them Useful than just be a buff giver? Also, before you ask, no I did not played conclave not just because it's empty, but because I have potato PC and I can't afford a shiny op PC. (And it's currently broken....)
  12. Ok, I know that this is just minor, and useless or even everything in between but..uh.... The Kunai Throwing animations is a bit uh... unnerving and it has been bugging me ever since I picked that MK 1. Seriously? Just a "Booping motion" And also the animation itaelf, animating the kunai's fire. what were all of those rings for? Ok, Here's my idea, l think that they just need to make the warframes put all of their exactly ten fingers in those kunai tails and just flick their wrists while opening their fingers one by one, and as for mods that lets you hold more magazine mods, DE can just go and put their fingers on there. The first one is below the Knuckle area, the second is at the second bone joint thinggy for the more magazine mods.
  13. So, you don't like Excalibur having a Nuke? It is also Lore friendly because there is no way that the tenno can handle a gigantic sentient. Besides, no one's using the Heavy Attacks that much anyway. (Gundam 00 Season 2) So, calm down, it's just Excal needs this so it can differentiate from the tenno. Because warframes are made to harness the void energies and by providing the tenno a similar way to do it like excal, Excal SHOULD have this.
  14. You forgot the Foldable Grips where we can use it for maximum efficiency with void dash but low damage if not void dashing, or simply not in void mode, it's like the yolo of all the grips, and you can either go and fold and unfold them during battle by Void cloaking or dashing for inconvenience. Also, we need the secondary gun atatchment for killing some vomvalyst when out of range. Then, everything's now fixed.
  15. Hehehe... all Jedi... hehehe... I'll go full Elite sword in halo
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