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  1. sadly those where made with a bot, that play midi files to shawzin.
  2. of enemy max armour, other way would be useless. revive machenics as phoenix you should try to implement. The furnace mechanics is fine, but I think as a phoenix, when the furnace is full, if you die, you revive, an loose all the heat, also procs with 100% status chance fire on surrondings enemies. general idea 7/10.(I could not do better, but it's not perfect)
  3. you know that you can solo up to lvl 400+ survival with hydroid alone right?
  4. "Ember" this doesn't go with the theme of the warframe, it's like to ask "Frost" to have multiple elements, instead o ice. she is a ember, a flame, with the appearence based on a "phoenix". "Chroma" goes with the name, he is the master of elements.
  5. It's the passive, excal umbra is sentient and he don't use the exalted blade while moving by his own.
  6. Sorry, I love the sound design in warframe, some sounds are unique, but... ...Those are my points: the sound of a plastic beachball in a ball with a total different material is strange. if it's a plastic beachball enveloped in fabric, maybe try record a beach ball inside a soft sweatshirt and you'll get a better, more beliavable sound. the balls sound desinflated, it should have a higher pitch sound. because of the fabric a voley beachball sound would be more beliavable. maybe a soaked ball sound if on the beach because of the fabric, but, a diferrent sound on the ship, well there's no water there.
  7. I remember when I bought it whas bugged then it was fixed for a week then bugged again.
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