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  1. Only fixs, thank god, we need more of this and less "new content", adressing bugs and issues for a period of time should be your focus for now, thanks for this.
  2. now I know why you're dying with him.
  3. fixed, that's what I mean. also english it's not my native language, could you be a grammar nazi and point out any mistake?
  4. sorry it's a manhua with an op necromancer, he works very simmilar to nekros, but with a better execution.
  5. See "Solo Leveling" for guidance. First Ability Tweak- "Arise": Nekros punch the soul of the body of an enemy and add it to the summoning pool and can be resummoned at any time, many times you want by the fourth ability, . helps you chose wich enemy you want to summon, like you target only bombards, ancient healers, etc. Summoning pool, 1234567, when the 8th summon is chosen the 1st one will be overwrited, 9th chosen, 2nd overwrited and so on. Second Ability tweak- Fear: enemy lose 50% damage and receive 50% more damage, instead of just running away it become paralized for a X amount of time before running for his life. Third ability: stay as it's. Fourth Ability tweak: nekros shadow now do True Damage(ignores armour and shield), the rest of the stats remains the same.
  6. Particle Ram 1500 damage per second literally, sometimes the enemy ships stay less than one second inside of it and don't receive damage, the solution should be to split the damage in 6 thicks per second of 250 damage or 15 thicks per second of 100 damage. the particle ram blind you a lot, it's better not even use it because of that, or at least let the energy colour be customizable. Energy color customization this was always a thing with every warframe ability and weapon, so, why my particle ram is orange, my lazer is blue, my missile is purple, my shots are green? Wear and tear it doesn't work inside of the railjack, my railjack is beautifull and clean outside a mess inside.
  7. unlike gram prime base exalted damage scales from power strenght.
  8. 100% agree with you, finaly someone who plays the warframe and know the theme and her flaws and pointed minor tweaks to improve a lot the warframe. not like people who tries to change the warframe from water to wine.
  9. Please change the scale of critical chances for rivens as well.
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