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  1. At the very least K-Drives should still apply Enemy and Loot detection mods like Arch-Wing does. I was so excited thinking I could farm Cetus Wisps on it.....until it turned out that wasn't the case. (By the way, old information, haven't properly K-drived for about 6 months. Let me know if I'm wrong and they changed this.)
  2. ....Wait, am I missing something? How is Mirage's "Sleight of Hand" a Nuke ability? Is there something I don't know here, like Nukong?
  3. Same. I hope they do something with the concept though with Railjack, but instead of just the occasional Derelict zones that spawn as a bonus objective in a mission, it'd be great if they randomly appeared on the Star Chart as a Node to investigate once a mission is over, like a "While you were in conflict, the scanners picked up a nearby location. Might be worth checking out, Tenno." A whole Railjack area that's dedicated to the a Derelict, instead of just one little broken and floating building bit.
  4. This. Also, from the fact that the "Secret Faction" of the Open World area revolves entirely around Spoiler, it's been theorized that either the Open World segment of Deimos will be locked off until Newer Players complete the War Within, or you'll just be locked out of the Faction's area, and won't get the "Distress Call" mentioned in the opening segment until after you complete the War Within (Putting the "Secret" in the "Secret Faction", as Steve referred to it as.) EDIT: Evidence of the later likely being the case: On the map shown the Hub Area's node is locked BEHIND the Free Roams, in terms of star chart progression.
  5. *Pops out of 6+ hour Frame Farm* "H-huh? What was that?" EDIT: In all seriousness though, I have been enjoying farming a few areas again to get the Duplicates. THAT SAID, I am also dreading farming Nidus again, as they're almost the last one I have to do. =w="
  6. I noticed that this year's Tennocon felt more....solid than the years before and I was trying to figure out why it felt so strong until I realized "Everything they've shown is here, and now. Nothing is a vague, fantastical promise, stitched together with hopes and dreams. Nothing is a blueprint Concept showing how it all MIGHT work." Everything they showed carried the "I am already here, and I am ready.....if it weren't for some large scale server concerns" weight, and made me feel like this thing or this mode could very well be in my hands within a few weeks. EDIT: The Main Event, I mean. Art Panel still has its "Whoooo~ What's this~ Vague sketches and concepts to tantalize your minds~" moments.
  7. Oh. My. God. "DE needs to STOP introducing new resources, and let us use our Billions of Alloy Plates, and Trillion Nanospores on something!!!" -Every Veteran Ever *DE allows us to use the Resources we have, ALL of them, instead of having to farm some new Open World Resource to get a new one* "What's with this RESOURCE SINK!!!! Why is DE making us DEPLETE our Hard-Earned Stockpiles!!!" *Sad DE sounds.*
  8. I understand, and if it....helps, I haven't gotten mine yet either. Though, I tend to not get these big prizes until the next day when these events happen.
  9. There is a backlog of prizes to be handed out. DE stated it several times before, and during the Stream. Be patient. You will eventually get your Hydroid Prime once the system reaches you. However, if you do not get it within....I'm gonna go with 3 Days (Nothing official, just how I feel), I'd then contact Support about it.
  10. Wow dude. Just wow. I don't know how you wake up in the morning, or how you get by in life with an attitude like this. Hey Mods. Me and this fella clearly aren't contributing anything anymore at this point but insults for one another. Could you clean up the posts and make it look like they just asked their question, I and others provided the answer, and that was the end of that?
  11. Ah, yes. But you see. The thing about that is......I am Lazy. (But yeah, I agree with the assumption that we aren't getting our Forma and such back.)
  12. You asked question, and wanted clarification on things already covered and explained in Stream. I explained the new system through as few words as possible according to what was told to us by DE in the Stream. You were not satisfied with my minimal worded explanation, and stated "I heard none of those stipulations mentioned during the stream" I linked you the parts where things were explained in Stream. You did not show any signs you paid attention to this listed information, and responded to another commenter who explained literally everything DE did in the stream "I get the logic behind that assumption I really do. The stream would leave many to assume Howe it could work", and then go on to basically demand a full Run Down from the DEVS THEMSELVES on the entire list of Warframes and their Power "Donations". So yes, Karen, you have come off as a.) Not listening to what others explain to you, b.) Entitled due to both the part of not listening when others give you the very answers you asked for, and for c.) Demanding your answers come from the "Manager" and no other.
  13. Sorry. They claimed the Stream basically didn't explain anything, I gave them links to the points in the stream where they literally explained Everything, and then they tossed my comment aside and pretended not to see it to again claim that DE "was incredibly vague" when all they wanted was the full Load out of Warframe and Power "Donations" from DE themselves and wouldn't take any other facts on the matter until then.
  14. Dude. They explained it clearly in the Stream, and I even provided you the links to each point that they do. Get over yourself and your entitlement to see the manager, Karen. Also, as for your "What's all the Details?!" How about "You'll get them ON RELEASE!"
  15. Finding the exact moment in stream to link to you. BRB. Starts explanation here: https://youtu.be/epF7IzRHSDA?t=20690 "Limitation" Explanation starts here: https://youtu.be/epF7IzRHSDA?t=20784 Giving Power to another Warframe Explanation starts here: https://youtu.be/epF7IzRHSDA?t=20884
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