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  1. Rule Number 1 with Loki: "Don't ask DE to look into Loki or Loki Abilities"
  2. Hey, you're the one replacing his 1st Ability instead of his 2nd. This is kinda on you.
  3. Cool. You obviously don't get it, and are just letting your "Feelings" on the matter shape the reality you deem true. Players are Playing and Engaging with the New Content. Players are buying and Trading Plat for Mods. Those are Facts, and DE has the charts and graphs to prove it. Just because you are frustrated and think EVERYONE is on the same level as you (Or in this case, below it) doesn't mean they are. Hey, remember when NOBODY was playing Scarlet Spear because it was such a bad event and nobody wanted to play it? Oh wait, no. Players were constantly grinding through it,
  4. Raise of hands, Who else thought Lohk (Final Archive) was going to be Mr. Entrati discovering "Oops, I've got an Oro now! I'm an Immortal! Fate, you cruel b*tch~!!".
  5. Cool. Meanwhile large hoards of Players ARE constantly playing Deimos Isolation Vaults/Farming, spending hours upon hours in-game just trying to get their Mods. Your feelings don't change DE's numbers, and the numbers say everything's A-O-Kay. (Despite, you know, Players absolutely hating the grind they're doing.) Also cool. YOU'RE not wasting plat. You know who IS wasting plat? The Players who don't want to bother with (or the Players who are absolutely done with), the previously mentioned frustrating grind. Players who hate it the most and looking for an easy way out are literally fueli
  6. Congrats. You've just given the very reason they need NOT to change the Mod Drops/Purchasebility. Player Engagement. Check. Continued Player Engagement after "Zone Clear". Check. Plat Market Boom. Check. This is all literally going "Perfectly" according to the Player Play-Time, Engagement, and Purchases Charts. *Insert Chart Experts from Nostalgia Critic*
  7. Not to mention the obvious solution to this decoration problem would still be criticized by the Community: "I can decorate my Railjack, but I can't put things down in, like, 80% of the space available? What the hell! What's the point!"
  8. They can't press 4 to win on those, or mash [e], so I'm pretty sure that's not a viable solution for them. X'D (Not to mention you have to Grind Tenno stuff and Amp stuff first to be able to do it, and as they've already made clear, they don't want to farm anything that doesn't involve kill Kill KILL!)
  9. You must HATE Lore Fragments then. X'D I mean, you can't kill enemies to get all of them in game, and you have to *GASP!* Scan hidden statues or figurines. These must be Complaint number one in your book, due to DE not just giving you them through mindless, "Press 4 to Win" slaughter. Imagine that, needing to put some amount of minimal effort into something in Warframe to get it.
  10. Question: Have you tried using it with a Haven Hildryn in your squad to see if your ability/augment procs with their set-up condition? Or are you just going straight to "DE gib me two of her abilities so her synergy Augment works for me" complaints?
  11. I love that actual summary and the sense it makes, followed by the True DE Logic at the end there. XD
  12. *Siiiiiigh* Necramechs = Massive Power and Massive Inconvenience There. I've summarized literally everyone's review of the thing.
  13. DE is testing "Soft locks" on daily standing. This is one of them. This is not as bad as a solid wall. Annoying, god yes, but still not as bad as "Comes back tomorrow, Tenno! Tee hee!!", especially when you just need to put 100 more standing in it to hit that next level/unlock.
  14. Because Operator = Limited. DE have stated they never wanted Operators to replace Warframes, just to act as a Sidekick function to them. An Additional power, not a Replacement. Knowing how much they HATE giving the Player-base any additional when it comes to Vacuum, they probably assumed giving that to Operators would be some kind of nail in the coffin for many Warframes. (Same reason they don't give Operators Side-arms or Melees yet, despite admitting they have discussed the possibility.
  15. Not so much "Rushing" as putting Family Standing and Rank-up over other toys and loot. Wait, no, I put Mech construction and Alt mech gun before them, but now I'm focusing on them again. Basically, I just want to see if there's a "Secret Unlock" for getting to Rank 5. Do they reveal some hidden fact about themselves? Do they offer a new gun/loot for Rank 5? I'm basically aiming for a Mystery Box that may or may not exist, instead of taking the cool new weapon/loot we have available now. (Disappointment inbound?)
  16. Can confirm my Akomati Prime with Riven, which does 106% Critchance, all Yellow, with sometimes an Orange, is doing All Orange, with sometimes a Red Crits on her Clones while testing in Simulacrum.
  17. I was wondering this, and was pondering if such was the case, which does the drop table provided apply too? Presumably the first one, yes? If so, it is faster to farm for Streamline by just repeating the first over and over? I'm with OP on this one, and REALLY need to see what the full in-depth drop chance charts/numbers look like.
  18. Siphoning life force is just a fancy "void term" for "It has a Charge per kill Mechanic to build up an Alt-Fire". You'll find the same wording on the Mausolon, I believe. But yeah, I was confused by it too at first. They need to have less confusing flavor text for these things, especially if they do the same thing as other weapons previous to them.
  19. DE is aware of it, DE has mentioned they're aware of it in Devstream (Or was it Home-Time?), and DE is doing what they can to fix it. The most unfortunate thing about all this is that they couldn't fix it before the weekend. So far I've been able to rank it up by Spawning it in, standing near it with Frame, pressing "5" while standing next to it, and if I spawn into it without going Spoiler mode I proceed with the affinity farming at the Spaceport in the Orb Vallis. Afterwards, while staying in the mech the entire time, I then travel all the way back to the Elevator for Fortuna, and only
  20. That "1" is just a "This exist" thing, likely left over from a Dev-build situation. It is multi-spawn, but you can't just re-summon over and over. I think it has a charge time on it.
  21. Do not farm the far West Tracking point, that starts near the edge, but suddenly moves its Tracks yellow circle towards the inland. That thing ALWAYS spawns in the Infested wall/growth and just wastes your time. DX
  22. I've got a ton of extra parts and I REFUSE to sell them in any way until DE makes the "True Farm" for them more bearable and fair. It's disgusting that I have the ability to trade these things for plat at all when I farmed the previous version of it, and the current one takes literally hours just to get one part.
  23. By how DE works, they can't yet. Firstly, those who lucked out in the "Early Days" and the "Elite Farmers/Collectors" must have a near monopoly on the Mod's market and prices for about a year to three years. After that, DE introduces them into Loid's shop for 1k Standing each, tanking the "Player market", and also sell them in the plat market in bundles for 30p. (EDIT: The current joke here is "Acolyte Mods" and them being in the Deimos Bounties now, but it can be applied to other things, like the Arcanes and such.)
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