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  1. Yes. You got a mod, but the game rewarded a resource that isn't even available on the Planet. =w="
  2. It's broken. Literally broken. Please look at the linked post to see how the game literally thinks the mods are Orokin Cells (Which I picked up plenty of mysteriously while farming for 5 hours) and isn't rewarding Players the proper reward.
  3. The New Mods: Kavat's Grace Gale Kick Anti-Grav Array Odomedic Do not correctly spawn at this time. For further evidence, see the post below: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1096610-secret-room-exclusive-mods-cant-drop/?tab=comments#comment-10779612 EDIT: More Evidence of Borked: https://gfycat.com/recklessdefinitehippopotamus-warframe (For further evidence, check Warframe.Market and see that not a SINGLE post for sale is up for any of the new mods previously mentioned.) Spread the word to prevent unnecessary Hours of Farm and to maybe get DE to move towards fixing it.
  4. We need to keep posting the PSA then, until DE fixes it, and stops wasting literally hours of players time who are farming specifically for it. GOD I hope Quite Shy or Tactical Potato posts something about the mods literally not appearing at all, and bring down the Holy Fire.
  5. Wait, is this for real? I kept getting Orokin Cells, but not ONCE in my 42 runs so far have I gotten a single mod.
  6. Gonna add my post here to the "Hours of Labor, No Rewards" Club. After 42 Runs, nothing. No mods at all. (Been running Nekros for about 3/4th of them.) You have to wonder, if this IS a bug, will DE give the mods to players who have done over 20+ Runs? My guess, Naaaaaaaaaaaaah. It'll just be a tiny little cliff-note in a hot-fix somewhere that they're in the game now ("Whoops, sorry~! Hours of your lives down the drain~! Tee Hee!!")
  7. Just gonna say, RIP all those people buying Rivens for these things for 30k right now. X'D It takes, what, 4 minutes of number crunching and research to tell they're not anything Exponentially good? If you want a Riven, go ahead and get one, but please...just wait a month or so when the entire Market has calmed down and realized these new toys aren't the new Ultra-Meta, and the prices go back to Semi-Normal.
  8. We haven't tried it yet. Middle of the work week. But we'll get together this weekend and see how things go. (And thanks for the heads-up/advice with the Demolyst. I'll look into it and see how it works out.)
  9. Meanwhile, I'm freaking over what me and my 3 person Ghost Clan is going to do. X'D (We're all active and really try-hard when we have to, but......I mean, we don't even make a Full Mission Squad. X'D XD)
  10. Hm? I thought we were getting a week off or something. (If not, then.......Dang. My burnout still hurts from the last one. =w=") Also, just ignoring OP's post. Ignorance is Ignorance, and Bad Jokes are Bad Jokes. Nothing else to say.
  11. Says every other Player and their Mom, and YET none of them can suggest this "Better Challenge" that both 1.) Doesn't take away or prevent Player Power or 2.) Fits into the genre of the Game. Face it, we're literal Titans in the game, and the only current "Challenges" are "This takes away your ability to be a monster Titan against this Enemy/Force so-Annnnd they're all angry again, great." ones. *Cough Cough Wolf Cough*
  12. Oh, don't think I don't know that already....the real question is, Does DE, and Will they "Balance" it in this fashion? (The answer they've given back before "Yes....but only after we nerf 3 other things on it to make up for this "Buff", and "Balance" it correctly")
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