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  1. Tangent-Valley

    Devstream 122: PVE/PVP RACE: Please add a Indiana Jones mode

    "New from DE! IkeaFrame, the Game-Mode! Place objects in the room as fast as possible, and beat your Opponent's Feng Shui score to win!!!"
  2. So I guess we're just going to ignore Rhino then....and Ivara....and Wukong....and literally every other Frame in the game that has some kind of "This style of character was in another game before so they're copying them!" theme to them.
  3. Tangent-Valley

    Pls revert the relic system

  4. Tangent-Valley

    Loc-Pins are useless

    Can't you see other Player's loc-pin markers? So in that case, you WANT to spawn into a Public Bounty with every square inch or your screen covered in Waypoints?
  5. Tangent-Valley

    Selling Akbolto Riven

    Not the correct place to post this in.
  6. So, just got out of a few Kuva Siphons since the last week of Updates. Looks like Simulor+Mirage is back.....so that's cool....Honestly, I feel like I was getting a little too attached to my Framerates, so it's nice of the Mirages to help me tone them down to single digits again. But joking aside, I didn't actually see a "significant" Framerate drop, but I ALSO didn't see the Simulor Orbs or their Zones either. What I did see was the classic "Press X to pick up item....in about 3 seconds after button press" lag that started as they were nearby, literally going hog-wild just trying to disconnect other players and crash the game (You know, when the Mirage jumps and dances around you, shooting wildly, even though there are no enemies nearby). Anyone else getting the "Can't see the blinding Simulor Zones" issue (if you can call that an issue), or anyone getting any other interesting lag mixes with the classic troll combo making its way back into the game?
  7. Tangent-Valley

    We need solar rail conflicts back (clan wars)

    Wasn't that "Void Onslaught" which turned into "Sanctuary Onslaught" though? I don't recall hearing anything about Rails (Of the Clan/PvP variety) since then.
  8. Tangent-Valley

    Digital Extremes' Smartest Decision So Far!

    It has. I'm trying to remember the old joke right now. Was it Forma, or Potatoes, anyone who remembers?
  9. Tangent-Valley

    Digital Extremes' Smartest Decision So Far!

    Quick! Someone pointed out something wasn't exactly the most PC way another could have committed an Action/Statement! Call them "Snowflakes" before they end us all!!!! (Also, humor aside, the fact that you even commented on their "Snowflake" statement means that you cared about it enough, which ironically makes you a "Snowflake" too.......and also myself as well for commenting on your comment. xD)
  10. Tangent-Valley

    Mesa Prime Access is Live!

    Well.....yeah. Community: "This Prime Accessories isn't good enough for the $50 price tag!" DE: "Alright, I suppose for the first time ever we will release an Alt Prime Helmet in the Accessories pack this time too." Community: "Prime Alt Helmet in the Prime Accessories Pack? HOW DARE YOU!!!" DE: *Just walks away to deal with more important things*
  11. Probably because Lua and Kuva Fortress are Lore Heavy, and Fissures are more Iffy when it comes to Lore. I don't know, only thing that makes sense to me right now.
  12. Tangent-Valley

    what are good stats on this riven mod?

    I'd say it's Solid, considering the weapon's higher base Crit Chance, but you can also do better. With Crit Damage you typically want Damage as well, be it pure Damage, or an Element like Toxin (Avoid Heat and Cold though, not very popular, typically, though Cold can be used for adding Viral to the weapon, and using Hunter Munitions to create Slash Procs from its Crits).
  13. Tangent-Valley

    Rewards for raids

    So, some One Time rewards that become "Loser Rewards" the moment you get the second one. Alright. But to be fair, I get what you're saying. Other games do similar things to this, with Legendary Weapon or Armor drops, but it might not be the same for Warframe. What they need is for it to drop a new, Ultra Rare Weapon type, and the weapons in those new types have there own slightly fluctuating Stat numbers. That way, even if you get, say, the "GooGun", there's always a chance you can get a Better "GooGun" if it drops in the Event again. (Also, make them not tradeable, so you can't "Pay to Win" with these Drops, but allow the unwanted ones to be melted down into a form of currency, the same way you can do with duplicate mods)
  14. Tangent-Valley

    Do you think a solar rails replacement is planned?

    The old system was....well, you just have to look back at other forum posts that ask this exact same thing. They were bad, in a multitude of unbalanced, and toxic ways (apparently). If DE wanted to bring it back, it'd need to be completely different from the way it was before. (I mean, players were literally screaming over other Clans supposedly crashing the other's servers just to get a head start and own the Rail, and other's raising the taxes so high on them there was no point trying to play the node until other Alliance or something too it over. Crazy toxic stuff was going on, it seems.)
  15. Tangent-Valley

    Gunblades, Mesa, and her Passive

    *Looks at Melee 3.0 on the Horizon* ".......For Now~" (But in all seriousness, DE. Please make sure Gunblades are awesome in the rework, please.)