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  1. I mean, the only way you're "Thirsty" is if you've been waiting at the dried Oasis waiting for it to fill with more water (content). If you've been doing as you've claimed, you've stepped away for a bit to do other things in the meantime, so as not to grow thirsty. I've personally been in and out on a regular basis, popping in to try and buy a specific Kubrow mix, do a Kuva Flood, try to sell a Riven or two for 10 minutes, then I've been playing the Elder Scrolls Online Events and ranking up my Necromancer. Haven't been "Thirsty" one bit thanks to this, even though I'm in Warframe Daily. (Also, constant Overtime at work right before the Slow period this coming December helps too.)
  2. They might be looking at their Steam Playtime number. Basic error to make, but still.
  3. Nightwave Intermission #2 should be landing in one week, according to Devstream info. It'll last its duration, then after it ends it'll be one more week until Nightwave Series #3 lands. Again, according to Devstream Info. Remember to factor in Hiccups and PS4/XBOX/Switch being weird with their processes. Nothing is 100% in life, "Best laid plans...", yadda yadda.
  4. Don't forget that DE is ALSO looking into the Popularity pool and the "Auto Script" for which Dispositions will take a hit, and are personally judging each case by case as well (As previously mentioned in a Riven ReDisposition post). Things like the Soma, which are hella popular, are getting buffs instead due to their over-all use coming from lower MR players and the Meme Popularity of the weapon, not to mention its multiple instances of DE Handouts to the Player-base as a whole. DE recognized that it's Usage stat was not a fair one, and started to buff it to bring it more inline with other Riven/Weapons, like the Grakata, Baza, etc. A lot of naysayers like to use the "Popularity Script" as a weapon against the Riven ReDispositions, claiming that it's all basically done by a machine with no checks, when it's not. Just thought I add this bit.
  5. He went back and "Ha Ha'd" each of your posts. What a guy. X'D Gave you a "Like" on them, as I do agree with your opinion on the matter, and the facts you've provided. (Still, a +1 point on your Forum Rep is counted no matter WHAT folks give you, so I guess in the end you still win in a way.) EDIT: Heh! Thanks for the +1! xD XD
  6. I like how they're using the most unbenign mod to "Argue" the point, even though we're all WELL aware Fire-Rates and Reload Speed Mods are likely to be in the Exilus pile (We saw the Reload one at least on Stream). Allow me to ask the question we all KNOW you're avoiding. "Wait...Adding Fire-Rate to an Exilus Slot to free up an additional Element or Damage slot for my Kohm is Power Creep? WAT?" To which the answer is: "Yes. Obviously."
  7. Will note: We can't do anything about that, sorry to hear, check with Support? (Don't be rude, understand Twitch drops are probably something they can't hand out at the support desk, they're people just like you, etc.) Will also note: Twitch drops don't work for me anymore if I watch the stream on my phone app, but will work if I watch it on my computer. (Basically, I can't play Warframe anymore while watching the Warframe Devstream.)
  8. I, for one, can't wait to purchase Veiled Rivens and Condition Overload/Maiming Strike for 2p each. (5p for x3 if I find someone desperate) /s
  9. That's because there's only Two, count em, two Tenno Fist Weapons in the game, and the Ankyros already got primed. XD This is less on DE breaking the mold and their Typical Styles, and more "DE failed to ever make anymore Fist Weapons ever, so they have to Release with what they've got". (Note: There's only Three Fist Weapons total, the third being the Grineer's Furax.)
  10. B-But.....then Loki will need to get a REAL Passive!!! D8 (Jokes aside, there's actually a pretty, uh, "Silently Vocal" part of the Community that want NOTHING related to Loki to be looked at or adjusted EVER. Like, the fear is, I believe, that if anything connected to him is looked into, HE'LL be looked into, and DE will wind up "Re-balancing" him in some way, AKA, Nerfs.)
  11. Place your Bets: Will the Masks show up within a months time (Has already been TWO weeks) after their initial addition into the game, or will they Not show up within the Month, making Players question why they were even included in the Mainline update if they basically didn't actually exist, more or less. At this point, I don't think DE is even aware of the fact Nakak only has two rotating stock slots (thanks to the three Thumper Floofs), and will continue to ignore the issue until Reb and/or Meg get irate that for some reason when they poke their heads into Cetus Nakak mysteriously never has the new masks in-stock, and then, and only then, will they finally address the terrible lack of actual rotating stock from her. EDIT: So, they took exactly one month, and then DE straight up gave the new Masks to the Player-base by forcefully making Nakak carry it for that day, adding in more Slots for Rotating Goods so that they're more likely to show up again in a reasonable time, AND finally fixing the Rotating Good's "Drop Chance" for the Daily Rotation so that the new masks AND the Grineer mask would show up more often in the future as well. All and all: DE messed up, and over compensated to make up for it......again. (Not that I'm complaining about them overly fixing multiple variables in a Broken thing)
  12. You've clearly gotten burned by one or two people, and given up. Negotiations ALWAYS happen, and you and your little comment won't suddenly change that reality.
  13. Side Note: If you've EVER put anything into Warframe.Market, then you know it's not as simple as "you just put the items there with the price you want and forget about their existence". You need to always keep an eye out on the Market and the Patchnotes. What's not Meta today could suddenly become insanely valuable tomorrow as Demand for it sykrockets, or what was an easy 120p sale (Looking at you, Eidolon Lens) becomes a "Must be at or lower to 80p" sale as DE updates the Lens's into the in-game Market for 80p. Setting and Forgetting it a failing strategy as a Sales Person in this game. Just saying. (Also, imagine the people complaining "WHAT?! X-Mod is super valuable now?! The Store System sold it to someone from my Inventory for only 5p before I had a chance to come home and alter the price!!! REEEEEEEEE!!!!" if your system did exist. Heh.)
  14. Forums 1.5 Years ago: "With the upcoming Sacrifice Quest about to release, lets do a poll! Will you Kill, or Not Kill your Operator?" The very idea of "We're going to get to kill the Lotus" spawned from the dankest Memes of the Community, and was in no way ever discussed by the actual Developers. You are currently making a fool of yourself, and when someone collects screen shots of your Forum Posts and Comments to put it into one big "LOL! Look at these Morons who thought we'd be killing the Lotus" video compilation, don't come crying back to the Forums that you're being made fun of for your herd mentality and lack of foresight on the issue.
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