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  1. Awesome idea and thoughtful of all levels especially the games veteran players! #gosera!
  2. THank you so much for appreciating The hardwork and passion we put into our Dojo! xWAR founding Warlord Yggdrasill ps4
  3. Clan name: YGGDRASILL Tier: Moon Platform: Ps4 Clan Role:Founding Warlord Feature Image The Throne of Odin http://imgur.com/RYSvROa We are Yggdrasill we are a Norse themed rank 10 five year old moon clan on PS4. Every room tells a story and has a deep meaning relating to our clan theme. Valhalla: Our mainroom is an architectural marvel and an amazing use of space a stony entry staircase to odins throne and floating staircase to resource vault and trade kiosk with panoramic view of alll the rooms features is the true meaning of “first impressions” Stairway to Valhalla http://imgur.com/lHYKS7S Valhalla mean hall http://imgur.com/uBslggV Top view of Valhalla and the tre “glasir”http://imgur.com/uSCuoDI Odins Throne http://imgur.com/RYSvROa Ice serpent floating platforms http://imgur.com/qpcccLC Lower view Valhalla http://imgur.com/lPvJF54 The Great Hall of Jormungandr the world serpent lays guard to our hidden leadership council meeting room and mead hall: A view of the World Serpent http://imgur.com/tve2Y2q Entry to the Yggdrasill leadership council mead hall http://imgur.com/Fu0DhRw a congregation of The Nine Worlds of Yggdrasill http://imgur.com/0q8D4CE Jormugandr looks on http://imgur.com/Pk2rtdR The Skidbladnir “wood blade” our own Viking raid ship! angle view http://imgur.com/piz7BdE side view http://imgur.com/CtYn1aj A view through the bifrost forest http://imgur.com/OHmxlu5 Yggdrasill The tree of Life the centre of life of The Nine Worlds! Our own living breathing emblem! And a nice atmosphere to trade inner and outer observatory The World Tree http://imgur.com/dKGypBD Southern observation masonry work http://imgur.com/JPusMKe Entry to The Nine Realms of Norse http://imgur.com/mzTxPV5 Yggdrasill trading http://imgur.com/Zw4WfdG “The Twilight of the Gods” Jormungandr appears from the depths to battle his rival Thor! The Goddess Freya battles The Fire Giant Surtr! And The Great Odin confronts The Great Wolf Fenrir and The Mischievous Loki! THIS IS THE BATTLE OF RAGNARÖK! http://imgur.com/VCLwYwZ The Goddess Freya http://imgur.com/1OnaLxd Jormungandr reappears! http://imgur.com/qsKkpX5 Surtr and Thor http://imgur.com/Dkjcnrp Loki and Fenrir http://imgur.com/TfjfOJ7 Odin http://imgur.com/69Bnphn Odin engages Fenrir and Loki http://imgur.com/QFVoxwO The Mischievous Loki http://imgur.com/zLf8amN Thank you so much for your time there is much much more to our Dojo please enjoy our passion and hard work OOF👏🏽👊🏽🤙🏾🔱
  4. Nope just looked at the feature photos as far as I’m concerned....
  5. Again highly upset...months of hardwork and we’ll keep working but we’re the vidntrys looked at? Or did you just view the featured photos?seriously...”make your dojo match your unique clan theme” ohwell......
  6. Clan name: Yggdrasill Clan tier: mountain Platform: PS4 Clan role: Jarl/Warlord/architect Feature image: We are Yggdrasill! We are a Viking/Norse themed year 5 rank 10 mountain clan on ps4 with a dojo and community to match! Our clan ranks are in a true and traditional Viking battle formation from thrall to jarl and high king! We welcome new members with our version of the Nordic thunderclap all online members typing OOF 👏🏾 In clan chat as new recruits are announced! Promoting comradary,activity,and fierce Viking loyalty to each other! our dojo has a unique Norse Theme with our main room “Valhalla” which features Odins throne,Nordic landscapes and our own living breathing giant emblem the Yggdrasill Norse world tree of life we have “jotunhiem” the land of the giants(with origin giant build) “great hall of Jormungandr” the world serpents lair with secret clan leadership council meeting room!”folkvangr” “hall of Vidar” “hall of ullr” terrascapes and “skidbladnir bifrost” our very own orokin Viking raid ship in a misty frost and rough water landscape! we pride ourselves on helping each other in our family community with some of the best players on the ps4 platform true warframe “endgame” at its finest enjoy our dojo we love and are passionate about and raid grineer and corpus like RAGNAR himself! OOF👏🏾 👊🏾
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