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  1. The objective has protection: the squad. It doesn't need a bubble from some asshat who is going toss it out there and then hide and do nothing else. Get out there and die! It's not like we have armor damage to worry about.
  2. Yes, Ordis. I *KNOW* that I have mail in my inbox. I will read it when *I* choose to, not when you shove it in my face upon re-entry to my orbiter. This is getting really frelling annoying. Stop opening mail that isn't yours, you nosey computer.
  3. I know, right? I wish those were all listed in the hint transmissions toggle.
  4. Here we go with another "I don't know what topic" question, so if there's a more appropriate place for this question, please move this there. Is there a setting that would prevent Ordis from automatically opening unread inbox messages? If not, does anyone besides me want this? We already have an unread-message-in-inbox indicator, so why does Ordis need to open it immediately upon returning to orbiter from mission/logging in? This and a couple other QoL toggles (such as turning off Lotus transmissions in missions we have played hundreds of times (i.e. hive missions where she pops up and babbles EVERY time get in the red radius)) would be nice.
  5. Hah I remember that when I first discovered Wyrmius and Flappy Zephyr 🙂 As for changes saving upon exiting arsenal, I was frequently in and out of my arsenal because I was checking foundry and relics in between weapons, so there again, why did I lose only the modding changes to the unranked weapons? Color changes remained altered, equipment slotted remained as I had left it, loadouts remained unaffected. Why did the power loss trigger ONLY the removal of the mods but left all other changes intact?
  6. Maybe what we need is a mod lock function that we can toggle with a double click.
  7. If that's the case, then shouldn't it have affected only the ones I changed in the last say fifteen minutes before I lost power?
  8. But why did the mod installation get affected but not the potatoes? Mind you, I am grateful that I didn't lose plat and potatoes. Just wondering what happened and how to "save" arsenal changes. Screen shots can help in case of accidental remove all or like here, but it's only a workaround. How frequently does the system update changes? What triggers (for lack of a better word) a save point? Other than exiting/completing an instance/mission/dojo/relay/cetus/poe/orb vallis/etc?
  9. I am not sure if there are any active topics on this or if I am even in the correct topic/forum/wtfever, so here goes: I just spent the last two hours modding a few unranked weapons I have had gathering dust in my arsenal. Cue thunderstorm and power goes out. When I log back in after power restored, it was as if I hadn't done anything except install potatoes. Has anyone else had this happen?
  10. Thankee-sai. I had the same question.
  11. There are periodic dojo decoration contests where we can post submissions.
  12. Thanks but no thanks. That info isn't real-time. In-game auction house much better.
  13. It always says % off of Market purchase for console players. *THIS* is what a plat purchase discount looks like - and it only comes to PC. https://gaming.youtube.com/watch?v=uQgDe1M7sII
  14. That's how it's always been 😞 I was hoping that those who have not fully unlocked navigation map would be blocked from even entering. Bloody taxi riders. *grumble*
  15. You mean FINALLY they're closing the taxi loophole?
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