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  1. That's considered UI? Good to know. I figured it was just QoL. Thankee-sai.
  2. Please tell me how to prevent Ordis from opening my inbox upon spawn-in to orbiter. We have notification icons. Why do we need a snooping, lying, impatient Cephalon opening our mail and punching us in the face with it? I prefer to read inbox info at my leisure. It's annoying and ridiculous - especially when you are in a squad. When you get back to orbiter after Mission Summary, you can't do anything until you cancel out of inbox, sometimes resulting in getting dragged along into a subsequent mission you didn't want to join, so you are either stuck playing that mission because you don't want the abort to count against you as a failed mission or you have to either drop squad after mission spawn-in or close/reopen warframe during mission loading screen.
  3. *scratching my head* you're worried about getting into trouble for responding to this post so you go ahead and respond to this post. 🤔 "I might get burned if I touch the hot stove." *touches the hot stove*
  4. Solo is fairly simple. Time consuming and at times a little like being a one-armed wallpaper hanger, but doable.
  5. So, any word on when players will have control of their personal railjacks returned to them, or is rj going to become another red-headed stepchild like conclave?
  6. Once you get your ship solidly modded, it's easy to solo. It just takes patience, which 90% of the players do not have. They want to rush in, rush through, rush on to the next without bothering to take into consideration that they are leaving valuable drops behind. Nor do they care if they're screwing the rest of the squad.
  7. The thing most of the players don't realize is that if they abort mission AFTER mission completion, they don't lose anything gained during the missions! It's only the left behind floating loot that they would lose. For the love of Pete, give us the end-of-mission vote where each individual has the option to stay or go to drydock. I and many other like-minded people want control over our ships.
  8. Not a bug. DE frelled us console players. As for flying solo, sure. Easily done. But it sucks being FORCED to play rj solo because trolls won't respect the squad's wishes.
  9. Too late. All the stealth killers are 10s across the board and laughing in the faces of all the captains and squads that carried them. They could care less about being booted from rj squads because now they can pirate our ships, thanks to DE's lovely decision to give navigation control to everyone. One mission, I had my rj safely parked while the squad went inside the sentient ship. Just a few moments later, I had to warp back to my ship and fix catastrophic breach because some fekkin' troll thought it was funny to sail it back into the fray then sit back and do nothing while I and the rest of the squad completed the mission. These things and more are happening to every captain who opens their squad to public. Nice way to encourage players to stop playing rj completely.
  10. Here in PS4 land, trolls think it's their solemn duty to make sure they refine mats before refilling the forge as well as hijacking our railjack to drydock/next missions. We each worked hard - solo - to build our personal railjacks only to be told that we can't have any control over them. That's exactly like building a car with our own sweat, supplies, and funds but we have to allow anyone who enters the car to drive it wherever, whenever and we have to sit there and be happy about it, because if we get angry and say something in voice or text, then WE'RE the salty a-holes. We are at the mercy of the trolls with the fastest fingers. This is driving many of us to stop playing with randoms all together.
  11. It's not about the "small amounts of resources ". It's really annoying having impatient jerks like you ending the mission and cheating the whole squad out of mods and parts that are still floating after the fight. Really annoying having NO control over who can access my navigation and pilot seat. Not fair to potentially be losing rare drops because some unwashed backside decides for the whole squad to dock up or start the next mission without even asking everyone if they want to stop or keep going.
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