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  1. That's considered UI? Good to know. I figured it was just QoL. Thankee-sai.
  2. Please tell me how to prevent Ordis from opening my inbox upon spawn-in to orbiter. We have notification icons. Why do we need a snooping, lying, impatient Cephalon opening our mail and punching us in the face with it? I prefer to read inbox info at my leisure. It's annoying and ridiculous - especially when you are in a squad. When you get back to orbiter after Mission Summary, you can't do anything until you cancel out of inbox, sometimes resulting in getting dragged along into a subsequent mission you didn't want to join, so you are either stuck playing that mission because you don't want the abort to count against you as a failed mission or you have to either drop squad after mission spawn-in or close/reopen warframe during mission loading screen.
  3. *scratching my head* you're worried about getting into trouble for responding to this post so you go ahead and respond to this post. 🤔 "I might get burned if I touch the hot stove." *touches the hot stove*
  4. Solo is fairly simple. Time consuming and at times a little like being a one-armed wallpaper hanger, but doable.
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