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  1. well it seems when you have a host migration at the last part killing the Hemocyte you lose all point standing for that mission the 3 of us finished the mission and we got a total of 525 standing ! even when we put in all the phylaxis and infested catalyst ?
  2. i went on the Ophelia mission on Uranus with oberon and Volnus cause i have a riven with 118% range and +54% attack speed and 117% slash so it come out to 2.51 attack speed and 280 % range on volnus. well i got into one of the combo's on crushing ruin you know where it does the helicopter thing with the weapon and went right into the water i was like dang it so i turned my archwing around got back on deck and then i saw volnus was swinging like crazy ! speed was doubled and range also ! i cleared the room in one swing ! and it stayed that way the rest of the mission. yeah might want to take peek at that sometime ? it was nice though !
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