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  1. This sounds like it would be a lot of fun if implemented.
  2. The change came about on May 4. At first I thought that it was a Star Wars joke, but now I am wondering if it for Deadlock Protocol as was mentioned above.
  3. Question about the Deadlock Protocol. How will the Corpus ship tile rework, which looks great, affect the Infested Corpus Ships on Eris or Europa?
  4. Hello, question for the team about the Corpus rework. Will the reworked Corpus ship layout and enemies affect Infested enemies such as the Leapers and Runners as well as the infested ship tileset?
  5. I agree with you. It is fun to run around never worry about running out of ammo.
  6. A couple of questions that could be addressed on this or a future stream. 1: Any word on Primary Kitguns and the new MOA? I remember something about those coming with Scarlet Spear, or has that been pushed back to Deadlock Protocol? 2: Could we get a how to for Disruption missions under the missions section of the Codex. You have something for every mission type, save that one. Lastly a random thought on New War, wouldn’t it be interesting if we lost the war and were saved by the Stalker?
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