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  1. How to reproduce this bug: 1. Go to cetus with a K-Drive. 2. Go to free-roam or missions. 3. Go to any pool of water that is deep enough so you get teleported. 4. Equip K-Drive and go on the pool of water. 5. press the interact key. 6. mash the interact key. You should see that you can interact with it even if it dropped underwater, I even managed to respawn with the K-Drive while attempting this. Be aware that it works like 50% of the time or something. https://youtu.be/uWQpv_Ki0YA :Demonstration of the bug.
  2. How to reproduce this bug: 1. Go to any hackable terminal. 2. Press 2 with limbo 3. Wait until there's a few second left until stasis decasts. 4. Interact with the hackable terminal. 5. When stasis has been decasted, interact with the hacking minigame, you can spam it too for maximum ear damage! and voilà, you've done the bug! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dBbuJJOoJE demonstration of the bug
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