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  1. Using plat to skip the cooldown is ok for me, in case that became an option, as it happens with weapons and stuff.
  2. Mr. Grow up All of what you said is known by everyone, as you can see in DE's announcements and so many posts in this forum The thing is, player base for itself aint the reason why DE removed trials and kept PVP the reason why might be what you said or not (cuz pvp indeed needs fixes when updates arrives, mainly towards weapon firepower) but anyways, my point was exclusively about the PLAYER BASE argument, and not its CORRELATIONS, cause we can include dozens of correlations to whatever ppl say in here, and that wasnt my point MR. GROW UP... But still you have to find correlations to make your argument valid right? which means in the end you agree with me but still tries to make it look like you're giving me the right answer when what you saying is pretty much the same i'm saying, that if you consider player base exclusively you would remove PVP instead of Trials, but IF you consider the ammount of work spent in PVP and raids THEN you would remove raids right? See? Cuz i'm not drawing it out... Edit: lets play the correlations game: - Raids are way harder to access than PVP (considering you had no information about them in the whole game and had to figure it out by your self or through a friend how to access that) - Raids needed a lot more scheduling and necessities to be played, you need knownlegd, good warframes, good weapons, something a newcomer wouldnt have, but a newcomer could just click pvp menu and play it right? - Raids need someone with resources enough to build keys, which a begginer wouldnt have, not to play that constantly at least, i myself had to waste some days with farming for that... what PVP needs to be played? any farm? - You click to play pvp, and if you're luck you'll find 1 or 2 ppl to play with. Trials you need to create a group, find ppl to play with, wish for the best and if all turns out well and you didnt get too frustrated then you'd finish it. - Difficulty wise, should i even comment? Considering all that would drastically decrease trials player base, maybe PVP aind that far from trials...
  3. Where in this whole post you read me asking any of what you're answering? I started the post asking and ETA on trials rework, then someone said things i didnt ask about and i replied to that person that ONE of the reasons he meantioned about the trials removal make no sense and thats all... Where did i ask any of what you're saying or disagreed with that information? Your clearly not reading the whole post and yet your're giving answers based on what i didnt talked/asked about... And i have to waste my time trying to explain the facts but yet you give answers for what i'm not aksing/talking... O_o
  4. Are you still trying to justify your misread? Calling me M'dude trying to alliviate your ability to read wont help it, my sentence is pretty clear, and in case it wasnt i just clarified that by quoting your answer. I'm sorry for the caps in the reply but i thought it was needed to make it clear for some ppl that dont use to pay enough attention to what they read... Peace out
  5. I didnt say trials needed more or less fixing, i just said that ONE (out of so many) reason constantly used to remove trials is the player base, i'm not saying that trials need less effort to fix or anything, what i said is that THAT ONE REASON is absurd, which is pretty clear in my reply, now i hope you understood it, or will someone come here and say that PVP players have a bigger community than raiders? do you see how absurd it is? if you wanna to defend the reason why trials were removed just dont USE player base as ONE of the reasons, got it? Hope i made it clear
  6. Guys, its very clear that trials are dead, if you liked them its over, every thread i start about trials tons of ppl come here to say how bad and unfair they were etc etc etc... Warframe became a game for New players and VERY casual players as its probably meant to be... Trials were more aimed for veterans who wanted some real group interation challenge and to put some effort together (even thou trials would became really easy after you get along with it). Theres no space for this kind of player in warframe anymore, lets be honest and accept what warframe is and will probably be from now on... Unfortunatly (for me at least) Eidolon hunters won the fight, i just hope they can afford the prime access and plats purchases for DE to contunue to grow. At least i can now rest in peace for trying the best for the game i like the most, heh... I love you guys... =P
  7. I understand some ppl might not like it, but using as an excuse the amount o player base is absurd, using the same logic why pvp still exists? I new lots of clans dedicated almost exclusively to trials and ppl that loved to do and teach ppl how to do it, so im aware it wasnt a content for everyone, but it was a big deal for those dedicated to that.
  8. Well, i dont think nidus farm is such a big issue, you can always bring nekros/khora/hydroid and boost the antiserum drop. There are plenty of warframes worse to farm them nidus, some things in warframe are not given as easy as ppl might want and thats part of the rng farm warframe always aimed at.
  9. Instead of activating through a area marker, it could be activated through a panel or something clickable, even thou i dont think thats necessary for me it would help out someone else.
  10. Topic says by itself. School busses and trial lovers misses them, feels like the game is incomplete for us.
  11. Make nightmare excavation just light a regular excavation, it means it wont need 500 cryotic to be finished. Lets be honest, 500 cryotic for a nightmare excavation mission does not worth the time...
  12. Netoberg

    Harrow 3rd

    Make harrow 3rd works like chroma 3rd... Once you have it running you can just reactivate it without having to go through the whole process again... This would make him a lot better and useful....
  13. Yes, sanctuary elite and normal were counting as 2 separate nodes... i had 229/229 as well... didnt even need a fix to that imo... all you had to do was complete both sanctuary missions...
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