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  1. Yes, the title is exactly what the bug is. I just killed my first kuva lich (mostly because I hate the system, it isn't kingpin.) aaaaaand went to equip the weapon aaaaand if I could insert a pic here (because I'm deff not gonna go through the trouble of downloading programs just to link it. nope, too lazy.) of what i'm seeing I would. I'm playing as hildryn (mostly because she's a strictly better ember.) aand I go to equip the kuva archgun, and when I do hildryn's signature archgun pops between her legs like in that dev stream where Rebecca showed that bug with the same archgun. [EDIT: Image posted in the unofficial warframe discord server]
  2. because I just had some random do this, here's another thing I'm going to stress -- randoms SHOULD NOT be able to access the railjack's navigation if they are not the owner of it. I just had some dweeb start another mission while I was collecting resources!!! and it was a lot of resources to collect all there ready to be taken! valuable resources! and this #@$ head just up and starts a new mission!! I mean what in the actual f%#$ has to be going through your head in the first place to do that while the pilot is still gathering stuff!! SERIOUSLY!! Why do I keep getting morons in my squads is beyond me but there needs to be boundaries for these special individuals.
  3. can I please have people stop piloting my railjack and screwing up my mission runs. If you join a pub railjack mission as a crew member, play as a crew member. If you join a pub railjack mission and the pilot isn't piloting, don't assume that 6m credit farm vessel is suddenly yours. 10/10 the pilot is trying to recover the ship, whether its from enemies on board or having it sit in a safe spot for a moment to regen. I cannot stress this enough, STOP JOINING PUB RAILJACK MISSIONS AND HOPPING IN THE PILOT SEAT! People who do this are unbelievably useless. Same with people who just join and hop into your ordnance seat, when they could actually be contributing to the mission -- for example, actually gunning the side turrents for once. Another example, patching holes and using the forge (which apparently nobody knows about because they're too busy trying to pilot someone else's railjack or waste their ordnance round with their horrible aim.) to replenish the ammo used by your omni tool. Another thing that really bothers me, like I said above -- people waste your ordnance rounds. Fun fact, I didn't see a fix for bugging everyone out in the mission if you use that ordnance death laser thing WHILE someone is inside the enemy crewship, which 9/10 if you get a full squad going there's always going to be that one person who wants to go board enemy ships. So-- class, this means if you're unfortunate enough to have that one dweep that literally just sits in your ordnance seat and does absolutely nothing else -- ALL OF YOUR MISSION RUNS WILL BE BUGGED! You won't be able to extract the mission and collect rewards because there's that guy that was INSIDE the grineer crewship as it got nuked and he WILL BE flung below the "floor" of the mission. Yeah you can go ahead and just start another mission -- congrats you just bugged everyone out even more by doing so. The only way to get out of it is to abort the mission, loosing all progress. All thanks to that one person in the squad who joined a pub match as a crewmate, but doesn't want to play as a team. I don't care how high ranked your railjack abilities are, no random should be able to pilot the owner's railjack. Let alone just hop into your ordnance seat wasting rounds and bugging out missions. I don't understand HOW there isn't an option in settings to make the pilot seat and ordnance seat "public" or "private" -- there really should be.
  4. I'm gonna say this now, because this is the ONLY reason I will stop playing railjack all together. OTHER PEOPLE SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO PILOT *YOUR* RAILJACK OR SELECT MISSIONS!!! Too many times have people decided to not be useful, causing the pilot to get up and actually do the mission and the pilot -me- comes back to find someone piloting MY railjack instead of being a USEFUL crew member! KEYWORD!!! CREW!!! MEMBER!!!!!!! Before I had made my railjack ridiculously tanky, too many people would not secure the ship -- causing me to get up and do so -- and then I would come back and the clem is driving the railjack from behind a good cover spot where we could recover. Regardless of what gunnery level you have, you shouldn't be allowed to use other people's ordnance. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY!! YOU SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED TO ACCESS THE NAVIGATION TO SELECT MISSIONS!! YOU HAVE TO GO BACK TO DOJO TO MAKE MORE STUFF!! DOING THIS FORCES ALL MEMBERS INTO ANOTHER MISSION!! I know this is meant for parties but there are just some things people SHOULDN'T BE ALLOWED to do PERIOD
  5. just to touch on that -- the "block stance" he's referring to, is the combo you do (if your stance mod has it) while holding down the RMB. Not all stances have this combo (i.e. that one really really bad whip stance mod.... well they both are bad, but one of them actually have a block combo atleast.) EDIT: Coiling viper is the stance
  6. I should note that I rarely play this game and i'm on day 751. I know my melee. All of you saying to hold F.... you have no idea that is the most obvious thing to do -- I actually don't know any other way to switch to melee with this rework. I'm almost certain that is the ONLY way, outside of doing a slide attack -- which, funny how they finally brought back the acolyte mod event, when the acolyte mods are absolute dog shyt. except argon scope though, they didn't touch that atleast -- anyways holding your right mouse button draws your primary and aims with it. I don't know what people are talking about with manual blocking, because you don't manually block -- you aim with your primary. And to re-confirm -- yes this is when you are switched into melee -facepalm-.
  7. Quick and Simple -- Electromagnetic shielding for the ack & brunt. It is still as it was before the melee rework, meaning it only works while blocking. Issue is, you can't block anymore. Blocking attacks is automatic. Meaning, this mod is useless because you DON'T block anymore. 3 fixes that I thought of: 1. Allow sword and shields to block by holding the right mouse button again. 2. With this mod on the ack & brunt, it is always activated and not tethered to whether or not if you're blocking. By doing this, it should also only be activated if the wielder has shields or health or energy and draining either one of those stats by 1.5 per second, per ally within its radius (max rank is 12m). 3. Have an activation button tethered to the middle mouse button, replacing the weapon's heavy attack. SUGGESTIONS: 1. Design new visuals for the mod. A glowing electric themed aura (essentially a separate ephemera or w/e its called) around the warframe. 2. while the mod is equipped on the weapon, a grineer themed attachment on the front of the shield should be displayed as well. 3. Like in the above statement, the mod simply does not work as is. With that said I REMEMBER there being lines connecting the wielder to nearby allys, similar to trinity's link ability. That needs to be replaced or redone. I suggest having drones spawn from the wielder's shield to nearby allies within the mod's radius (max rank is 12m.) to justify them being protected by the wielder with some form of logic. Drones are grineer themed. Final Comments: Obviously all of these marks are to be grineer themed. The mod is for a grineer weapon. That is all.
  8. now you just gotta fix the acolyte melee mods such as maiming strike,blood rush, weeping wounds, etc. to not be absolute dog sh-- I mean garba-- I mean terrible. They're rare mods that can only be obtained whenever you decide to add in the event -- which is whenever your community is in a content drought for too long (which is often) and your active player numbers drop to the point where even the in-game community is dead.
  9. Railjack as is will always fail without a proper tutorial or introduction. On top of the ridiculous wait time and resource cost, the fact there's no tutorial or an actual introduction is an amateur mistake. Right now I know absolutely nothing about the game mode. After building my railjack I am just tossed into this new content just to fail missions repeatedly at no fault of my own. The game mode is just not explained. There's no reason as to why the community waited this long and to have to go through all of that ridiculous farming, to not so much as get, at bare minimum, a quick tutorial telling the player "this is what you need to do this or that" "this is how get it". I mean, there's a free flight mission where you just fly around -- why isn't the tutorial or introduction there?? You do absolutely nothing in that mission just fly around. This is truly a sad thing. You add in a game mode more complex than the orb mother or teralyst or sanctuary onslaught, and don't bother to have tutorial. And then there's cephalon cy -- I feel like cephalon cy is the warframe equivalent of R2-D2. He states the ship is on fire, we know the ship is on fire. Doesn't tell us what we need to do until the mission fails. Cool. Next run -- I try to use the new tool after the hulls been breached the millionth time and it won't let me cuz some resource is missing. Cool. Where do I get the resource? What do I need to do to pass the mission period because the big enemy ship takes no damage. Why aren't there any objective markers to begin with? My point is, outside of just simple stuff (to others who are obviously blindly in love with DE), there is a lot of the most basic necessities missing to make any game successful and not feel like a waste of time. Now, I don't know about anyone else but I've played warframe for a really long time. With that being said, I absolutely do not mind going through a lengthy tutorial on everything railjack IN-GAME! Warframe is notorious for having absolutely nothing in-game explained, thus the reason why they depend on their community so much. No game developer should have to depend on the veterans of their community purely so they don't have to add in tutorials. I've said this for years on top of many other things I've said for years. I understand that they're the ones developing the game, (unlike a whole lot of the community), but at.the.same.time -- this is just a core necessity for the game mode -- heck the game as a whole -- to be successful. Think of it this way -- and for god's sake no one take this seriously, it's an example -- You put in a job application to a place you want to work at. You get hired. Your new wardens aren't just going to throw you in the "field" and not teach you literally everything you need to know. It doesn't get anymore complicated than that. You are taught first. Railjack right now is just orientation. And right now its looking like a few GBs of waisted space on my 1080 HD. [EDIT: 1/22/2020 - Has anyone else noticed that you can't call down your railjack and enter it while in the open worlds (plains of eidolon/ orb vallis)? That was the main teaser for railjack and it's now a feature completely missing.... great update, really worthe that AAA title now lol]
  10. still no option to rush the railjack's construction. still forcing people spend hours farming just to forcibly wait an additional 12 hours. I don't want to spend the next half year building this thing -- literally i'm expecting it to take me 6 months to build this. Bare in mind I am the clan leader of my clan and the only person in my clan (and before anyone asks -- no I will not leave my clan to join another. I made my own for personal reasons and I have had this clan since before poe was released -- roughly a month or 2 before it was released actually.). Now, I'm also on the 4th or 5th part and I was told that there's a total of 6 parts. The reason I'm stating this is because IF there are six parts, then that means that I'm almost done, but also I'm completely done with farming materials for railjack at this point. I absolutely positively don't want to even check out the rest of the content at this point and I won't. Material costs are too high, being forced to wait longer than 5 minutes (12 hours), the lack of feeling as if the railjack is actually important (which it really isn't, I'm looking at it as if its another onslaught gamemode or another false "kingpin". I almost said there's no lore to the railjack, but that would be a false statement. By the time you get done with your second part with the railjack, for me personally, you will give zero sh!ts about what cephalon cy has to say and skip everything to go ahead and start farming again. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't redownload warframe thinking we were going to get all of this for free. I actually redownloaded it expecting to buy a railjack out the box and actually play the content. But, I mean, I don't mind having to farm materials either. But what I do mind is wasting entire days farming for the same stuff just to be forced to wait an additional 12 hours. I would much rather it not be so stupidly tedious, like it is now, and get it out the way so I can actually check out the content -- that isn't Law of retribution might I add -- that DE has been wasting their time hyping up since forever when they could've been re-implementing Law of retribution. In other words, I would much rather play the content -- but instead I'm doing exactly what I use to do before I had uninstalled warframe. Log in,stare at region chat, don't bother typing anything because the warframe community is not exactly the friendliest, I may laugh at something -- but 9/10 I will end up getting creeped out by someone who thinks warframe is p0#nhub, and then log off and play a first person shooter instead. That's the problem for me, personally, here with this new game mode. tyvm, bye
  11. still can't rush the railjack's construction with plat at the very least. So you ARE forcing us to wait 12 hours between forced farming sessions -- multiple times
  12. My feedback after returning to warframe from roughly being away half a year: - The new Excalibur skin came out great, now its time for us to all pray that they follow the Khora rose skin to the letter. -The Quellor should have been a sniper rifle, who's primary fire is a 3 - round burst and the alt fire stays the same as is. The reason I say this -- sniper rifle shot combo multipliers = scaling when aiming. -Quellor's ammunition cost for the alt fire is too high. I feel like the total ammunition pool should be increased slightly to maybe 1120-1200 to compensate. -The new pistol skin should have been a new weapon. I was expecting it to be the tenno's version of the stubba or quarts. -When building the railjack you SHOULD be allowed to rush it with plat like anything else in the dojo. No one has EVER enjoyed having to wait longer than 5 minutes tops for something to finish building. -The changes to archwings are garbage. I had ONLY used the itzal waay before POE was first released. And now Itzal is garbage and its literally my only archwing besides the starter one that you get. To put this into perspective, The one ability NO ONE uses when playing Valkyr is her rip line. Why in god's name would you replace Itzal's blink with her rip line? Fun? It's not fun is it's garbage and not being used. It's a useless machenic, especially for the itzal. Nerf the itzal because people use blink to get around faster? So, make those people suffer and not want to play the game over one ability. -Everything that has to deal with railjack needs a detailed description IN-GAME. Such as where to get materials needed for the railjack's construction as well as their location AND what enemies drop them. At the very least, have them in the codex automatically fully scanned so that information is already there -- that and because you can't really scan them. -Spin to win mods still havn't been fixed. ALL of the mods you get from acolytes that are melee related are still nerfed. That means, melee is nerfed. And anyone that wants to argue with me on this -- I will ask you the same question that 3 other people before you couldn't answer. If melee isn't nerfed then where are my red crits? Cuuuuz they're not here anymore even with a 10x combo counter. And yes the color actually matters due to the amount of damage you're putting out. Its an indicator. And with that 10x combo counter I'm still not doing as much damage as I use to. I can't even switch to status because those mods are nerfed to hell and back as well.
  13. melee as a whole has gotten really bad. I mean for me personally, I think so not just cuz of the forced charged attacks but because they nerfed blood rush, maiming strike, and uhh...weeping wounds. I can't even get red crits anymore, let alone -- I barely get orange crits. Ontop of that, I can't even convert my melee weapons to status cuz they nerfed weeping wounds and what not. Then they nerfed the zenistar's gimmic, I mean come on -- who tf uses the zenistar as a melee? well everyone who wants to keep that dream alive now obviously. But it was never used as a melee weapon. You use to just switch to it, throw the disc and then go defend/attack another area. Sure you could camp in a corner in a survival-- but that made it a really good reason to log on for like 300 or 400 days in a row. Now? I'm mad tempted to sell it for credits. And I know I can't get it back, but I don't care. I could keep it incase they decide to fix it, but how long will that take? Like, a lot of people just ended up leaving the game cuz of this -- hell me included, I'm only in the forums cuz railjack just released -- or well the space ship place. After I get off of here, takin my ---- right back fallout 4 and skyrim until the next content update. I've endured too much, gonna let these new excal mains take over
  14. Don't need to tell me, I use to main Valkyr before I had gotten mesa back in my warframe youngin' days lol. You're goin fast, you're focused, you're pouncing on the grakata boys with ya stick of truth -- then BOOM!. you spend like 3 days charging up a heavy attack. back then, that crap would've costed you a revive in long endurance runs if you even brought a spin to win weapon instead of the previously use to be good zenistar.
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