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  1. you know that's not raids right? that's just additional game content -- a new game mode, like sanctuary onslaught. If you really think.... empyrean is going to be raids, do you think that will bring back the 60 plus population percentage who left warframe, and still til this day have not returned, when raids got token out the game over bugs that were easy to bypass and for some god forsaken reason impossible to fix? No. It won't. And it's not just the kind of content empyrean is, there's rewards and the value of those rewards -- for instance when arcanes got moved to the teralyst the arcane market got nuked to hell and back. Also there's difficulty, replayability, things like time as well (is this worthe my time, not just in the case of "oh this takes to long to get a reward" or " oh this rewards are garbage" either.). And let's drop back to difficulty -- me and you both know that they were using unmodded weapons on like lv 20 enemies during that tennocon demo. The enemies are gonna be easy to kill. Why? because when the content drops, DE is gonna want everyone in on it -- play it, report bugs, give feedback -- and the last thing they want to hear is "the enemies are too tough". And they can't make it veteran exclusive either, otherwise we're gonna have another fortuna instance where Josh here who just made his account 3 minutes ago for the first time, thinks he's entitled to the MR 15 Euphona prime so he can go fight the orb mother cuz it was on an Ad video he saw on a website in the dark part of the internet. He goes in and gets one shotted and leaves a bad review because he thinks MR 0 is veteran material...……. ……..but he ain't ever ev'n hurd of uh forma bro..... So empyrean, for it to replace raids -- for anything to replace raids -- it has too high of a standard that that particular kind of content just cannot meet, to bring back old veterans and to keep the little true veterans left in the game who's just chillin and waiting to see what the new raids are gonna be like. but if the new raids aren't up to such a standard... bye bye vets.... but to answer the other guy's question -- me personally, I stopped caring about when raids were coming back after we hit a 2 year mark of empty promises. warframe right now really doesn't have anything that's replayable. I mean sure you can go and log on every day and only do sanctuary onslaught if that's your thing. Or the new nightwaves which gives you stuff you really won't ever need in your entire life considering the difficulty of our current content. But, right now there's really nothing keeping people in game -- people like vets. New players on the other hand they still have the whole star chart, they still gotta figure out what a "V" polarity is -- vets? just kick back and pop one open... stare at region chat reading how a certain frame may or may not be a trap... and wait to look at tennogen or deluxe skins..... the weird part about it is -- warframe is in a worst state than it was 2 years ago despite all these new and cool additions in the game -- they're just not all that appealing for the older players.
  2. Changes to riven dispositions... oooh great. right when I was enjoying having a 132% crit chance on my argonak (I think, that's the correct number) and 141% crit chance on my rattleguts (which made it more powerful than my tombfinger with maxed primed mods) Welp…. besides zhuge prime, which was my favorite weapon yeaaars back when I was a new player -- I have no reason to update and I am terrified to do so and log on and look at my riven mods. well, shet ..... wake me up when September ends I guess. where's khora's deluxe skin by the way? and did the ivara deluxe skin get trashed cuz the one they showed at tennocon looked like hot garbage compared to the one I saw from a dev stream recap vid. you know the one where she had like uh....hip sash and pointy feet. like, no offense, but the one from tennocon looks good (if you like wearing clown boots) buuuuuut i'm not buying it... no way dude you gotta be out of your mind to replace the other concept with that. no god no -- this always happens to ivara when it comes to fashion frame. something god tier is shown then it gets replaced by dog sh%t
  3. I feel like I'm looking at steve the same way I look at tod howard now. -P.S. It's just a joke you thin skinned milk drinkers.
  4. Will there be any changes to hildryn's 4th ability to allow her to freely fly when she reaches 12m above ground? Currently she can go only as high as 11m, at 12m it pushes you downwards. Ideally at 12m her ring that crowd controls enemies + DOT would disappear, giving her the ability to freely fly similarly to the flight machenics of Titania's razorwing? I would be satisfied if this becomes an augment for hildryn at this point. VERY disappointing to find out she can hover -- but can only go as high as 11m?? And yes I understand, there's a ring she puts out that shrinks as her altitude increases -- reason why I stated the previous augment/machenic idea. And it is almost punishing to use her 4th ability as well. - Can we get the ability to dash (shift key) while using her fourth ability? - can we get the ability to use our primaries and/or secondaries while using her 4th ability? (having to use balefire is what makes it so punishing since there are now 3-4 factors rapidly draining her shields). Note - her 4th costs shields to cast, her 4th drains shields to maintain, her 4th further drains additional shields per enemy in the ring, in content such as hydron you're forced to use bale fire to kill enemies quickly to save your shields as you're cc'ing which inturns takes more shields, then ontop of all that enemies are shooting you from outside the ring with either impact procs (grineer) which does additional damage to shields or magnetic procs (special corpus units in the vallis,sorties, etc.) - Can we get the ability to perform a melee directional ground slam right out of hildryn's fourth as the enemies are also getting slamed by the fourth ability being deactivated? - Can we get hildryn's original passive slapped onto her new one? (shield gating to me has always been -- "the ability to partially or entirely bypass an enemies shields" as it stands now she just gets 2 seconds of invulnerability,which needs to be lengthened to maybe 4-5 seconds to compensate for the shield recharge delay time, which isn't really shield gating imo.)
  5. All of this is sounding great buut no update next week? :V
  6. oh one last thing I want to mention -- Khora was the one who was tied into melee 3.0 because originally her 3rd ability was going to switch her damage types out between puntuce,impact, and slash. They wanted to figure out how to tone down slash while also making puncture and (especially) impact better or just as good. Which is why she got delayed and rushed at the same time for I think 6 months then got nerfed and buffed and buffed some more as well as your usual bug fixes. that is all
  7. 1. the masamune wasn't tied into melee 3.0, it was literally revenant's original signature weapon before it was changed to phantasma. (why do you think the masamune had revenant's style to it -- the whole ghostly sentient look? and if you had watched that dev stream when they had first showed it off -- THEY LITERALLY SAID IT THEMSELVES "THIS IS COMING WITH REVENANT" where it at then?) 2. the fact that you havn't heard nor seen the ghoul chainsaws nor the whole debate on making it a weapon wieldable by tenno nor the dev stream where the guy literally said "we're working on it" -- speaks volumes. 3. after the ghoul chainsaw quote I skipped everything else you had typed since I assumed it would be as ignorant as the previous two points. 4. this isn't a big update. its a new warframe/warframe bundle. a new quest for the warframe. and melee 2.9. GRANTED --- after waiting this long for it, I'm willing to bet that they're going to try and toss in the whole wolf of Saturn thing and Jupiter tyle set's rework into this update and maybe the next tennogen round -- because -- my god this game is dry af right now, and it needs a big update at this point. 5. "you want big updates with lots of stuff, then your going to have to wait longer. you want fast releases the your going to have to put up with lots of buggy messes and coding issues. you can't have both." -- first off, yes you can get a fast release of new content with absolutely 0 bugs. try playing literally any other game besides warframe that fits (popular/good games obviously). Secondly, never in the history of warframe has DE ever released an update that was bug free no matter how long we were forced to wait. So please, don't even try to defend them on that aspect, its just laughable. A for effort to DE though, they're getting a little bit better at the scripting. Oh, btw -- I scrolled up for a moment to actually try to read what you said and .. i'm sorry how long have you played warframe to actually think warframes didn't have a release window? I've already explained the whole release windows thing -- i'm not going to read the rest of this, please refer back to point 3 as to why lol
  8. the tenno masamune that was suppose to be released with revenant (people keep calling it a two - handed katana, which literally, that's what a masamune is). AND everyone was super hyped for it since it was coming with its own stance.... I like how they didn't even mention this weapon since a rather large majority of the community was hoping for a new weapon type in game. the giant grineer digging robots that were suppose to be in poe that got scrapped. the chainsaw melee from ghouls that were said do-able and constantly asked for hydroid,zephyr, mesa prime trailers are obviously not going to happen. Khora took like 6 months (still don't know how you rush and delay something at the same time) 2018 -- every update was for tennogen for the same warframes over and over just about. 2019 -- all but 3 warframe partners completely left warframe for anthem and apex. MEANWHILE, OUR LAST UPDATE WAS LITERALLY DECEMBER 18TH, 2018. to be honest, we've should've already gotten hildryn last month. and then this month should've been equinox prime, next month wisp, after that ivara prime, and so on. But that's IF warframe was still dedicated to this release "windows" of theirs -- they've fallen off. Hildryn is about to be 2 months delayed come march 1st. and in between those release dates somewhere -- all the "events" and "content" they promised on their little whiteboard. *looks around* where they at? oh war on grineer, corpus, and infested? *If you're a newer player the rewards from them are arguably "ok"* a primed variant of a warframe that has no synergy anymore, get ready to use one ability over and over. Oh, you only get 10 of each relic, don't forget about rngesus where it normally takes at max 20 rads for that one primed part you want. Although I remember needing literally 54 rads for mirage prime when she first came out. boosters? who actually needs boosters? affinity, resource, credit boosters? oh right, newer players. ember and frost prime unvaulting. ….is ember prime even worthe 40p rn? Literally, if I had a set I would just give her away for free to some poor and unfortunate soul who for some reason wants her.
  9. this was posted last Wednesday on the 13th... we've been waiting on the next frame since last month. its nice you wanted to delay her release to release her with a quest (granted most of us are going to buy her and not do the quest) and release her with the melee changes. but uhh… its...its kinda been a minute since the last actual update.. I mean.. she looked done since she was last shown. the melee changes looked done since they were last shown (considering that its literally just getting rid of quick attack and inputting quick switching as well as directional ground slams which granted a warframe already has that -- zephyr, hoping that they'll be more to it at this point like a reticle change or reticle customization or something). Other than that, the only thing I can think of is new dialogues and a bounty in fortuna… for hildryn's quest... can we atleast get a new workshop post or something to update us on the progress of the next actual update? I don't about anybody else but, I just log on do like 2 kuva missions, then sit around for like 5 minutes hoping for red text for an actual update then log off. I don't even need the kuva.
  10. When are we getting an actual update? I'm sorry, I know patience is a big thing, but we're out here bored😧
  11. soooo basically nothing to do until the 22nd or march 1st basically... no new frame... no re-released event... no prime unvaulting that's actually worthe farming....
  12. SO to clarify, hildryn isn't coming this week....? or is the melee phase 1 or are both not coming? because I would very much prefer if we could get hildryn this week :v
  13. is the hildryn update today? I'm ready to buy her bundle :v
  14. where that garuda tennogen at though
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