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  1. So a looong time ago I made a post about future weapons that I hope to see in warframe. And... I want to kind a... update that a bit with a more refined touch and uh... share my ideas. I do hope they are token into consideration, or looked at to start some creative juices, whether its with the community or digital extremes for future content. So first is a Corpus sub machine gun. What makes this weapon special is that, with each headshot you gain an additional 15% fire rate (up until you reach 75% which requires 5 shots or 120% which requires 8 shots, still hadn't decided on that), additi
  2. The Perla Pistol skin sound is not playing when firing a sidearm with the skin on, it instead plays that sidearms sound. Example. (When firing the Pandero with the Perla Pistol skin, it plays the regular Pandero firing sound instead of the Perla Pistol skin sound) Also when using the Perla Pistol skin on the Pandero, when firing the sidearm the "magazine cylinder" of the Perla Pistol skin moves to the front of the barrel where the Pandero's normal magazine should be. Also, when firing a sidearm on any other weapon other than the Pandero, the Perla Pistol skin's "magazine cylind
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